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Bet SlipThe Bet Slip is the basic aspect of betting and as such it should be understood perfectly. However, this is not always the case. There are so many punters that get very angry only because they did not fully realise how to fill in correctly their bet slip.

It is much easier when people place bets offline. In order to make a bet, you need to have an actual conversation with a real bookmaker. If you don’t know how to fill the bet slip, you could always ask the bookmaker and they will help you set things right. Land-based bookmakers have a solid reputation for honesty, so even if a punter loses the bet, the bookies ensure that one fully understands the reasons for their loss.

Nowadays, online bookmakers are more popular and even more convenient, since you do not have to leave your home. You can choose from a wider selection of international and domestic sports events at competitive odds. There are some disadvantages, though. There is no actual person, to walk you through the procedure of placing bets. Because of the great number of markets and many sports events, punters often make mistakes.

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The Bet Slip Explained

The Bet Slip ExplainedThe Bet Slip is the tool you use to place a bet. You can find it on the upper right hand side of the screen, where different markets are displayed. Of course, the betting process may vary a little from website to website, but most online bookmakers follow a general pattern.

There are a couple of betting types that you can choose from. You will see them at the top of the Bet Slip – Simple, Combined or System. When a punter decides which market they want to place a bet on, he/she must click on the corresponding box in order to select it.

A counter, which is located at the bottom of the screen, indicates how many picks you have made. If you’ve made one selection, you will see that the counter shows “1Picks”. You are able to make as many picks as you wish. In order to deselect a box you’ve already ticked, you simply need to click it one more time.

When you are pleased with the picks you have made, they must be added to the Bet Slip. Simply click on “Create a Coupon” or “Add to Ticket”. Right after clicking on the button, the Bet Slip will expand and you will be able to see the selections you have made.

The next step is to indicate how much you wish to wager on each selection. Below every market, added to the Bet Slip, you will see two boxes that you must fill in. At some online bookmakers they are called “To Win” and “Stake”, while at others – “To Win” and “Bet”.

If you want to wager, simply type the number in the Bet box. The corresponding To Win will immediately calculate the amount you can win. But if you want to see how much money you need to place in order to win a certain amount of cash, you can write a number in To Win first and the website will calculate the stake. At the bottom of the Bet Slip you will see the total of all bets and the potential winnings.

You need to remember that nothing is deducted or wagered from your financial account until you finalise the transaction. Before you confirm it, you can make whatever changes you wish. When you are completely sure and ready with your selection, you must finalise it. As mentioned above, there may be a few variations of this button – “Place a Bet”, “Bet Now”,“Confirm” or “Submit”.


TipsIt is very easy to find the total amount of your bets and how much it will be deducted from your financial account. You simply need to check out the Total Stake. This is one of the most useful options, if you wager on Multiple bets with a couple of unit stakes such as trixie or patent.

If you want to delete a section from the Bet Slip, you simply need to click one more time on the box. In order to delete all the picks and start from scratch, look for the button “Remove All” or “Delete All”. Once you have completed the wager, you must confirm it. The button name’s vary – “Place a Bet”, “Bet”, “Bet Now”,“Confirm” or “Submit”.

Moreover, if you want to review the bets you’ve placed, you can always look at your History. This section saves every single bet you’ve made.

The best tip is to give yourself time to get familiar with the options and the interface of the site, you place bets at. Online bookmakers are designed to be easy to use, but still you need some time to fully understand how they work. If you happen to have any problems, you can always reach the support team or check for tutorial, which will help you with filling in your Bet Slip.


online bettingIf you wish to place a single bet, you need to click on the button Single on the tip of the Bet Slip. The winnings you may collect are calculated by multiplying the bet’s amount by the odds. Here is an example of betting on the match France – Sweden. You have three options for the game: a win for France (odds of 1.60), draw (odds of 3.8) and a win for Sweden (odds at 6.00). Sweden has the best chances to win, so you would like to place a $5 bet for the team. You need to click on the odds that correspond and your pick will be displayed in the Bet Slip on the right side of the screen. After that you need to fill in the sum you would like to wager and you will automatically see the winnings you may generate, if you win the bet. So if Sweden’s team is successful, you would get $5 x 6.00 = $30.

If you wish to place combined bets, you simply need to click on several events, then select the corresponding box (Combined). You can win a lot of money, if your bet succeeds, because the odds will be multiplied. Let’s say that you decide to bet on these games Czech Republic vs Portugal, Germany vs Greece and England vs Ukraine. You predict that the match between the Czech Republic and Portugal will end in a draw (3.55 odds), then England will beat Ukraine (2.00 odds) and Greece will win against Germany (odds of 10.00 ). Therefore, the odds will be 3.55 x 2 x 10.00 = 71. Then, after you enter the amount of the wager, you will see how much money you would win, if you have predicted the outcome correctly. Placing $10 will result in a $710 win ($10 x 71).

System bets are more flexible, because you can combine different bets (three selections minimum) and even if some of the predicted outcomes are not successful, you can still win money. Placing a combined bet acquires to select several events and to click on the “System” box of the Bet Slip. The more games you combine, the more you will win if your selections are correct.

For example, let’s say you want to bet on the same games mentioned above – a draw between Portugal and the Czech Republic (3.55 odds), a win for Greece against Germany (10.00 odds) and a victory for England over Ukraine (2.00 odds). If you choose the 2/3 system and you place $5 on three combinations, the wager will be multiplied by 3 (the number of the combinations), i.e. 3 x 5 = $15.

If you have predicted correctly A and B, but C fails, you will win your stake, multiplied by the odds for A and B, i.e. $5 x 10.00 x 3.55 = $177.5. The second combination is when A and C win, but B does not. In this case, you will receive $35.50 (your stake x A’s odds x D’s odds). And the next possible outcome is when A is wrong, but B and C are predicted correctly. The profits you will receive are equal to $100 (the bet you placed x odds for B x odds for C). If luck is on your side and you predict correctly all of the three selections, you will win the total amount of the 3 winnings – 100 +35.5 + 177.5 = $313.

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