NBA Betting Sites

NBA Betting SitesThe National Basketball Association in North America is one of the largest basketball leagues in the world. It comprises 30 basketball teams – 29 from the US and 1 from Canada. With over 20 million people watching the competitions in North America alone, this is one of the most popular sports leagues in existence. In 2017 alone, 20.7 million viewers from the US tuned in to watch the series finals.

With such a high viewership also comes a great interest in betting on which team will triumph. In response to its popularity, there are plenty of high-quality sports betting websites that allow you to place bets on the available matches. In this article, we will cover all important aspects of NBA betting sites, along with the bet types punters can go for. Additionally, we have prepared a list of some of the leading sports betting platforms that facilitate betting on the NBA.

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How to Pick When it comes down to actually picking a particular website, you will find that there is a wide variety of sportsbooks to choose from. Naturally, when presented with this much choice, punters may find themselves confused, especially if they are unaware of the features that make for the smooth and fun-filled betting experience.

The Variety of Betting Options

Betting Options One of the distinguishing characteristics of the worthwhile NBA betting sites is that they provide punters with as many betting opportunities as they might be looking for. The range of betting options gambling enthusiasts will be presented with matters not only for seasoned punters but for total novices as well, and for this reason, the worthwhile betting sites tend to give their best to meet the demands of all their users. This does not only apply to betting on the NBA, as operators are in the habit of providing a wide variety of options, no matter the preferred sport.

Available Bet Types

Available Bet Types When it comes to betting on basketball, and the NBA, in particular, it is essential to make sure that, in addition to the standard range of bet types, punters will also be allowed to go for prop and future bets. The latter way of wagering on the NBA is exceptionally appealing for gambling enthusiasts because finding value is much more likely.

Punters who are enthusiastic about pre-season betting action should keep in mind that the available betting options differ substantially from one NBA betting site to another.

In-Game Betting

In-Game Betting In-game betting is a feature many fans of betting on the NBA look for, and in view of this, an ever-growing number of bookies add it to their agenda. Thanks to this feature, gambling aficionados can place bets even when the match they are interested in unfolds, which justifies its popularity.

Statistics and Results

Statistics Many punters think that the availability of statistics and results is a must for the good NBA betting sites, and as a result, the number of betting sites that offer these continues to mount. It is easy to see why punters tend to ascribe such a great significance to the availability of statistics and results as thanks to this information, they can bet on the NBA or any other league they prefer in a walk.

NBA-related Bonuses

Bonus In order for punters to ensure that the NBA betting site of their choice is up to scratch, they should also check out the agenda of the operator for bonus deals that are designed with basketball fans in mind. Some bookmakers tend to introduce limited-time special deals that will undoubtedly keep NBA fans on the edge of their seats, and because of this, it is advisable to look at the line-up of special offers to see what they will be in for.

NBA Odds Types

NBA Odds TypesIt goes without saying that before you actually start placing bets, you should be able to understand what you are looking at. As is often the case, sportsbooks do a poor job in explaining how odds work, let alone what the different odds types convey. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the three most popular odds types with more than enough explanation to get you started.

Fractional Odds

fractional odds Fractional odds are quite popular among the UK and Irish sportsbook operators. They are presented with a slash or a hyphen, for example, 5/1 or 5-1 and spoken as “five to one”. Since they are quite simple to grasp, they have become the preferred odds type for many punters and can be found at any sportsbook online.

Basically, when you place a bet with 5/1 odds, you will win €5 for every €1 that you wager. More specifically, you wager €100 on a 5/1 bet. If you win, you will receive €500 in profit, as well as the original sum of your bet, in this case, €100. In the end, you will have €600 in your bankroll.

Decimal Odds

decimal odds Decimal odds are often seen on the European continent, as well as in some former British colonies, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. A bet with decimal odds will look something like this:

Pacers: 2.00
Cavaliers: 1.50

Just from looking at the numbers, you can tell which team is expected to win. Moreover, these numbers also tell us how much of a profit you can make for every unit of currency wagered. For example, a wager of €5 at 2.00 decimal odds, the bet will give you a total return of €10. Unlike fractional odds, decimal odds include your original stake in the total return. So for the bet placed above, you will receive a total of €5 of profit, with €5 being your original stake.

American Odds

american odds American odds are quite different from the other two types since you will not have to do any multiplications. Instead, they come in two distinct forms. The team favored to win will be indicated by a minus (-), while the underdog will be accompanied by a plus (+). Basically, it looks something like this:

Pacers: +300
Cavaliers: -110

The Pacers bet indicated how much money you will win if you stake $100, whereas the Cavaliers bet shows how much you would have to wager to win $100. Moreover, these numbers indicate the profit alone. So if you stake $100 on the Pacers, you will win $300, bringing your total bankroll to $400.

How To Start Betting on the NBA

How To Start Betting on the NBA Before punters go for wagering on the NBA or any other league they might be intrigued by, they should take their time to learn the ropes about it. In order for gambling aficionados to make their betting session profitable, they should know how to identify value and make correct picks.

Naturally, to achieve this, the first thing they need to do is learn the ins and outs of the sport itself. Once they have acquired the knowledge, which is needed to fully understand what is going on on the playing field, basketball fans should catch on to the way odds work.

As we explained earlier, there are three main odds displays that include fractional, decimal, and American odds, and most bookies tend to offer all of these. That said, there are also NBA betting sites where gambling aficionados can switch to other odds formats, including Malaysian or Hong Kong, for example. No matter which of these formats basketball fans will decide to switch to, they should make sure that they fully understand what numbers are telling them.

While speaking about odds, we should also mention that while betting on basketball, gambling aficionados need to understand perfectly what vig is and the impact it has on their profit. In simple terms, the vigorish or vig is the commission bookies charge when sports bettors wager on their favorite sport or competition.

It goes without saying that if gambling enthusiasts want to enjoy a fruitful NBA betting session, they should also gain knowledge on the bet types they can decide between. While wagering on basketball, punters will undoubtedly stand the chance to build their bankroll, but this will not be possible if they do not know how to bet on the NBA or any other basketball league they might be interested in.

The NBA is among the leagues that attract massive viewership and betting action, and this is so mainly of the intensity every shot brings. The NBA schedule is indeed a busy one, and based on the bet types they prefer making, punters should always examine it closely.

Aside from the schedule, it is a must for gambling aficionados to know how well the teams perform, whether there are players with injuries, and pay attention to all other such factors that might have a significant impact on the way the match-up might pan out. In order to increase their chances to make the correct pick, punters are advised to always keep up with the latest NBA betting news, no matter whether they are recreational or sharp bettors.

Choosing the medium through which punters will place their bets is also of crucial importance as depending on whether they prefer to place their bets using their computer or their smart device, they will need to look for different facets. Today, the majority of the NBA betting platforms are accessible on handheld devices, but punters should check how betting on the go is made possible. To accommodate mobile users, some NBA betting platforms offer downloadable apps while others stick to browser-based ones.

Most Common Types of NBA Bets

When you register at an online sportsbook, you will likely want to know what kind of bets you will find. Below, you will find the most common bets that you will be able to place on NBA matches.

Spread Bets

nba spread

On a spread bet you will be able to select one team of two and by how many points they can be expected to win the game.

When placing a spread bet, you will be able to select one team of two and decide by how many points they can be expected to win the game.

Spread bets are the more popular type that you will find on any given gambling website. Punters will be asked to place an amount of money on how a particular team will perform. For example, a spread bet will look something like this:

Boston Celtics: +1.5
Philadelphia 76ers: -1.5

This might look confusing at first glance, but once you understand how it works, you will never have troubles with it ever again. According to this sheet, the 76ers are favored to win by 1.5 points or, in other words, that the Celtics are expected to lose by 1.5 points. To win this bet the 76ers have to win by at least 2 points or more, regardless of whether it is 6, 20, or 100 points. However, if they win by 1 point or less, then, you lose the bet.

Since the Celtics are expected to lose, and in order for your bet to be settled as a winning one, the team needs to lose the game by one point. Even if they win the game, you will still win the bet.

As punters might already know, basketball is among the high-scoring sports, and because of this, bookies even up the chances of teams to winning using a line or a spread. It is a simple concept to understand, and punters should quickly become familiar with how it works since this is the most common bet at sportsbooks. An essential thing to take into account is that the lions’ share of the NBA matches falls within the 0.5% points of spread.

Moneyline Bets

nba moneyline

Basically, this is a bet on which team will win.

Basically, this is a bet on which team will win, which turns it into the most basic and straightforward market NBA bettors will be presented with.

Moneyline bets are somewhat simpler to understand, and are preferred by experienced and total novices at NBA betting. If you placed a wager on the winning team, your wager will bring you a payout. However, since there is almost always a clear favorite, the betting operators cannot change the spread like in the bet explained above, simply because there is none. Instead, they alter the winning ratio for each team.

Gambling aficionados should keep in mind that the teams’ probability of winnings is what dictates the decision of the bookmaker in terms of the moneyline odds they will introduce. Another thing to note is that while betting on the NBA, punters will notice that the participating teams are rarely evenly matched, and the value of the odds will reflect this difference.

The difference between the value of the odds will be more marked when lower-level teams pit their wits against the top-tier ones.

The more a team is expected to win, the less money you stand to make. While the more a team is expected to lose, the more favorable the payout ratios will be.

A moneyline bet looks something like this:

Boston Celtics: 2.05
Philadelphia 76ers: 1.83

Over and Under Bets

nba over under

This bet type asks you to guess whether the combined score of both teams will over or under a certain number.

This bet type asks you to guess whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a certain number.

Over and under bets are also widely available at online sportsbooks, and are also referred to as totals. When placing this bet, it does not matter which team will win or lose, just how many points they will score. This wager is particularly appealing for punters who know how the teams in question play regularly. If you expect to see more defensive and conservative plays, you may just as well place a bet on under, whereas more aggressive gameplay will warrant a wager on over. In terms of payout, gambling enthusiasts should not forget about the commission, which is included in both sides of the total bet.

Before they go for placing over/under bets on the NBA, gambling aficionados should note that this is one of the highest-scoring leagues, and because of this, they should be prepared to see prices that exceed the 200 mark.

Proposition Bets

nba proposition

Proposition bets can cover a wide array of situations and you can determine yourself what you wish to bet on.

Proposition bets can cover a wide array of situations, and you can determine yourself what you wish to bet on.

Proposition bets are different from other wagers in the sense that they do not force you to choose between two particular outcomes, as they involve wagering on team’s or players’ performance. Rather you will get to decide what you want to bet on and on which match it can happen. For example, if you are certain that a player will score X number of 3-pointers in a game, then you might want to place a proposition bet covering that scenario. Similarly, you may place a wager that a particular team will score a certain amount of points. The only limit to what you can bet on is whether or not the sportsbook is equipped to calculate the odds and accept the bet.

Proposition bets make for excellent side bets and can often net you a decent sum of money should you prove right. However, they often come with high improbability, so we do not recommend that you place too much money on them, as anything can happen.

Future Bets

nba futures

Futures bets are also highly popular among the sports betting community, with punters being asked to predict the outcome of an event well before it takes place.

Future bets are also highly popular among the sports betting community, with punters being asked to predict the outcome of an event, which will take place further in the future. In other words, these are long-running NBA bets that do not focus on the one-time performance of a player or a team but their overall result instead.

Future bets can be quite profitable and they tend to remain on the safe side of the risk spectrum since team performance can quite easily be measured nowadays. Generally, the sooner you place the bet, the better odds you will be given.

Avid basketball bettors should remember that placing future bets is possible well before the beginning of the season, and the prices will be adjusted throughout the course of the league in order to reflect injuries and the results of the matches that are already played out.

Futures bets often involve betting on a certain team winning their division, their conference or even the championship. Of course, you will have many more events to pick from at any given sportsbook, and you should check them out for more details.

Quarter and First Half

Quarter and First Half As we said already, while wagering on the NBA, punters will be presented with a slew of betting opportunities, and many of them prefer to bet on the first quarter and the first half line. In the event that they prefer to bet on the first quarter, gambling aficionados need to pick the team, which is more likely to cover the spread during the first 12 minutes of the match.

When bets on the first half are concerned, punters will need to make the same prediction, but their pick will extend to the first half of the match, and not the first quarter.

Having these betting opportunities within reach is essential for many fans of basketball betting as they enjoy the idea to keep up with their team of choice and see whether they will play behind or will manage to build a lead from the early stages of the match.

Halftime Results

Halftime Results The halftime lines are also particularly appealing for many bettors who are heavily into wagering on the NBA because they can turn out to be quite profitable. It is important to note that these lines are only available during the halftimes, and they reflect the way the first half has unfolded, thus presenting a fresh spread for the rest of the match-up. In simple terms, the second half of the match can be seen as a completely new game.

Parlay Bets

Parlay Bets Going for this way of wagering on the NBA means that punters will have the opportunity to combine several legs into a single bet. In this way, they will stand the chance to bag a healthier payout. Teaser bets are almost identical with parlay bets, and the only difference between the two ways of betting on the NBA is that when punters opt for teaser bets, the bookie will increase the odds of winning, but the payout they will be in line for will be decreased.

NBA Betting Tips

Baseball Betting Tips As likely as not, there are many gambling enthusiasts that are impatient to dive into the world of betting on the NBA, but before they come up for this, they should give these tips a once-over.

Look for The Best Odds

Odds Considering that nearly all web-based bookies keep fans of the NBA covered, punters should not start placing bets at the first betting platform they stumble upon. Once gambling enthusiasts have chosen the match they will bet on, they should check the prices for that event at several betting sites in order to ensure that they will be able to get the most out of the money they will risk.

Line shopping is by no means as time-consuming as it might sound, but doing or not doing so will affect the bankroll of punters over the long term. Things are made exceptionally easy for punters these days, and if they want to save themselves the hassle of comparing the prices bookmakers offer for one and the same event, they can simply use one of the odds comparing tools.


Injuries It goes without saying that injuries can have a crucial impact on the performance of the teams and their success in the long-term in particular, and because of this, it is a must for punters who take wagering on the NBA seriously to always delve into this matter.

In spite of the fact that punters are more inclined to pay closer attention to the injuries of the top players, they should not overlook the injuries of other players as well. Additionally, punters are not recommended to examine the current form of the team and the players but check how they have performed during the last few matches as well.

Keep up with The Live Movement

Keep up with The Live Movement Punters who take wagering on basketball and the NBA seriously are perfectly aware that oftentimes, being successful does not involve betting on the team, which will win but keeping up with the way prices change.

To make the most out of their basketball betting session, punters should not only pay close attention to the opening odds but persist in monitoring how they change along the way.

Pay Closer Attention to the Schedule

Pay attentionIn spite of the fact that no leading players might be missing, the schedule is indeed among the prime factors for the performance of the teams. Sometimes, the teams might need to play several matches within a rather short time window, meaning that they might not be in their best shape or the other way around. The scheduling advantages are indeed something to look for as they can bring punters decent profit.

How to Choose an NBA Betting Site

How to Choose an NBA Betting Site As likely as not, punters will not be able to list the best NBA betting sites in a walk because of the slew of features they should examine with a fine-tooth comb. They should take their time to go through important aspects of the betting session in order to ensure that they will have a whale of a time while wagering at reliable and trustworthy sports betting platforms.

Betting Sites That Offer a Secure NBA Betting Experience

Protection Seeing that the betting platform you have picked offers lines for the NBA is not enough to determine whether the operator deserves your attention. Instead, gambling aficionados need to look closely at the licensing details of the sportsbook, its reputation, as well as the security means that are in place. Doing all these is not at the least a waste of a time, as punters will rely heavily on the operator, will expose their sensitive information, and will deliver their funds into the charge of the operator. Because of this, it is a must to use the services of trustable NBA betting sites with proven track records.

Bonus Deals

Bonus In order to deem an NBA betting site a worthwhile option, punters should scrutinize the line-up of special deals the bookie offers, especially if they enjoy the idea of getting extra cash every now and then.

Betting on the NBA will come with certain rewards, and punters should be satisfied that the available special deals offer good value. In order to say this for sure, sports bettors need to look into the bonus size, the limit on the amount they can collect after their participation in the promotion, the rollover requirements, the upper limit on the bets they can place, the size of the wagering requirements, as well as the time they will have to clear the turnover requirements.

Avid fans of basketball betting should remember that oftentimes, bookies set out the least odds at which bets can be placed, as well as the bet types they can go for while using the bonus funds.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit The selection of banking methods also makes the difference, and this is undoubtedly one of the things that make some NBA betting sites clearly better than others. The sports betting sites that outperform their rivals in terms of payments tend to provide punters with lots of deposit and withdrawal options, thus guaranteeing that finding the payment processor they prefer using will be a struggle at all.

These days, there are many operators that go beyond the standard range of deposit and cashout methods, and allow their users to handle their payments even through cryptocurrencies. Once they make sure that the operators provide the payment flexibility they insist on, gambling enthusiasts should look at the processing times of the deposit and cashouts and check whether payments to and from their NBA betting site of choice will cost them something.

NBA Betting Odds and Lines

Odds ad lines Punters who are particularly interested in betting on the NBA should make sure that they will be offered an adequate variety of options under the NBA subcategory. Gambling aficionados should check whether the bookie provides coverage for all events from the league and if there is a wide-enough range of bet types for them to choose from.

Even if punters are only interested in betting on the NBA, they should not forget to inspect the other covered sports and leagues as this is one of the best ways to measure up the performance of the bookmaker. Additionally, punters should check whether live NBA odds are offered if they are not only interested in pre-match betting.

Mobile NBA Betting

Mobile NBA Betting While betting on the NBA, many punters are more partial to placing their bets using their tablets or smartphones, and bookies give their best to meet their requirements. To do this, operators go for downloadable apps for Android and iOS or web-based ones that are compatible with both operating systems. With most NBA betting apps, it will be a matter of a few moments until punters place their bet even if they are first-timers.

Customer Care

Customer Care Another way to measure up the performance of the preferred NBA betting site is to give its help desk a try. In fact, this is among the pitfalls punters might come across while placing their bets over the Internet, and because of this, they should always look at the working hours, the supported languages, and above all, the channels of communication they can make use of.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses It is common in the online gambling industry that the NBA betting sites offer their own specific promotions and bonuses to entice players to join. This practice has been around for decades now and it is unlikely to change as the extra rewards are one of the best ways to win punters over. Sportsbooks also follow this approach, and gambling aficionados will be able to benefit from a variety of offers when they join a website and along the line. Below, you will find the most common promotion types that NBA betting sites offer.

Free Bets

free bets Free Bets are mostly self-explanatory – you are given the chance to place a bet at no cost to yourself. These are an excellent way to see how the chosen sportsbook performs once punters register for an account. In the best-case scenario, you win some extra cash, while in the worst, you lose the bet but your bankroll is still intact.

Of course, it does not come without any strings attached. The sportsbook will outline the specific terms of the promotion. You will likely have to place a bet at certain odds and any winnings from the wager will be subject to a turnover requirement. What this means is that you will have to place a certain amount in bets before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

Bet Refunds

bet refunds Another popular promotion type is the refunding of lost bets. Basically, the sportsbook will allow you to reclaim part of a lost bet, thus helping you mitigate the loss. However, much like with the free bets we mentioned above, you will be required to abide by certain rules and conditions.

The refunded sum will likely come with a turnover requirement and you will have to meet it within a specific time frame. While some may overlook these conditions, you should consider that the sportsbook is giving you the chance to recoup part of the lost sum, which in itself is hardly a bad thing.

Deposit Bonus

deposit bonus Deposit bonuses are not as high profile in the sports betting scene as in the online casino industry, but they can still provide you with great value if you choose to take advantage of them. The way they work is quite simple, and whenever you top up your balance, the sportsbook will match your deposit up to a certain sum, granting you extra cash to play with.

The bonus money will have to be wagered a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw it, and you will have to use it on bets with certain odds. This is a great way to win some extra cash from the off of your NBA betting session and along the way.

Banking Options

Banking Options As is the case with any online service, you cannot use physical cash to deposit to your online betting site of choice. Instead, you will have to make use of one of the many payment methods virtual bookies accept payments through. In an attempt to stay relevant and hold the attention of punters, bookies tend to offer different deposit and withdrawal methods that make the transfer of funds smooth and stress-free. Additionally, operators are set out to ensure that payments to and from the NBA betting sites will not cost punters a dime and will not take too much time.

While most payment methods generally accomplish the same task, there are some stark differences between them and some may be less suited to you than others. Below, we will cover the more popular types and mention several of the more used services as far as online gambling is concerned.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Credit cards are one of the most common payment methods punters use to fund their sportsbook bankroll. This deposit method offers a lot of convenience allowing you to immediately top up your balance and start placing bets on your favorite NBA teams.

Credit cards are extremely easy to use and highly accessible since practically almost every bookie offers them. Deposits made via this payment method clear within a few seconds, while withdrawals take up to 5 business days. Generally, sportsbooks accept Visa and Mastercard, but there are also NBA betting sites where Maestro and Diners Club are also available.


ewallet Another payment method gambling enthusiasts can utilize are e-wallets. This type of payment solution allows you to store and transact money on the Internet, without losing sleep about the safety of your funds. Punters have become accustomed to using digital wallets while betting on sports due to their innate convenience and ease of use. Deposits made with an eWallet go through in a matter of seconds, while withdrawals can be processed in just a few hours.

The withdrawal speeds of digital wallets are considered to be the fastest in the online gambling industry and that is one reason why punters prefer them over most other payment methods. The most popular e-wallets in the online gambling community are Skrill and Neteller, but PayPal and ecoPayz are also well-preferred options.

Online Banking

online banking Online banking is also a well-preferred option, and many NBA betting websites have started to support this payment method. While using this payment method, punters will be guaranteed high levels of security, as well as quick transactions. Deposits generally clear immediately, but withdrawals can take up to several business days to process. Where online banking falls short is in the cost of the service.

Punters will notice that sometimes, online banking-based services have higher fees in comparison to other payment solutions that are cheaper or completely free. Popular online banking services include Trustly, Instadebit, and iDebit, among others.

Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards Prepaid cards are another excellent way to top up your sportsbook balance. Prepaid vouchers are a perfect fit for those who do not want to submit their credit card information or are not ready to commit to a particular service. Using a prepaid card comes with a lot of advantages, and there are numerous reasons why punters prefer using them. First of all, anonymity is guaranteed as you will never be asked to reveal any of your banking or personal information when paying with a prepaid voucher.

Additionally, you need to know that deposits made with a prepaid card are processed in seconds. However, due to their very nature, prepaid cards cannot be used to withdraw winnings. Those who wish to cash out their winnings will have to resort to a different payment method, such as a bank transfer. Paysafecard has become a well-preferred prepaid voucher for NBA Bettors, but Neosurf is a good alternative.

Best NBA Betting Sites

Betting SitesNBA betting sites provide punters with a slew of opportunities not only when it comes to wagering on basketball but other sports and competitions as well. Normally, betting on the action is possible on the go and on punters’ computers, and most of the time, while betting on sports, they will be in line for different bonus incentives. Yet, each bookie is different and has its strengths and weaknesses. To ensure that punters will not struggle while being on the lookout for an NBA betting site that satisfies their wants, we have prepared a list of ten of the most frequented platforms that deserve the attention of basketball fans.


22Bet One of the betting platforms that will tick all the right boxes for fans of NBA betting is 22Bet. When they power up the site of the bookie, punters can decide between an overwhelming variety of languages, but its comprehensive portfolio is undeniably the characteristic punters will find most appealing.

Basketball fans are bound to enjoy their stay, considering how extensively covered their favorite sport is. Punters can keep track of all NBA events, and they might also be eager to bet on the cyber version of the league. In fact, 22Bet is home to one of the most impressive selections of virtual sports gambling aficionados will stand the chance to see while betting online.

The coverage of the other sports the bookie offers lines for should not be underrated either, and if punters wish to take a break from wagering on the NBA, they might prefer to jump to the football, tennis, volleyball, cricket, or American football sections. Best of all, the operator has seen to it that pre-match and in-game betting will be as effortless as it can possibly be, all the more so if gambling enthusiasts make use of the results and statistics.

Punters can take their phone and place a bet on basketball matches or on any game they prefer, thanks to the downloadable or in-browser apps the bookie boasts.


MansionBet MansionBet is also on the list of NBA betting sites that are likely to match up with the expectations of basketball fans. As soon as they power up the website of the bookmaker, gambling enthusiasts will notice that NBA is among the highlights at the sportsbook, along with American football, esports, ice hockey, tennis, football, and MMA, among others.

When they opt for betting on the NBA, punters are unlikely to frown on the market variety they will be presented with as there are enough options to meet the requirements of the most demanding basketball fans. Besides, statistics are available for all matches that are available under the NBA subcategory. If they decide to go for live betting, punters will see that lines are available for a number of sports, basketball included.

While wagering on sports at MansionBet, punters can decide between fractional, American, and decimal odds and multiple languages in which they will view everything on the betting platform.

Punters’ betting session can become all the more thrilling and exciting, and the available bonus incentives are the key to achieving this. MansionBet does not underperform also in terms of the features basketball fans can make use of, and the cash-out and bet-builder are the two most enjoyed options by mobile users and gambling enthusiasts who prefer to place their bets on their PCs.


Betway Betway is one of the most recognizable brand names when it comes to online betting, and as such, it is only natural that the operator has not left basketball outside of its agenda. The bookie does not miss to offer lines for all NBA matches, and the best thing is that basketball fans will benefit from statistics, the cash-out feature, and opt for live betting. NBA bettors can go for wagering on the league right off, thanks to the quick links the bookie has prepared.

As for the other sports that have made their way into the portfolio of Betway, gambling enthusiasts will be presented with over 30 options. Lines are offered for everything from politics and winter sports to football, tennis, and baseball, which turns the betting platform into a go-to option for many punters.

Betway is a bookie with years of experience, and its reliability is proven by the positive reviews from its users, as well as the seals of approval from several licensing authorities. Accessing the bookie is possible in multiple languages, and this holds true, no matter if NBA fans are more into placing their bets while being out and about or while being at home.


888sport Another bookie, which enjoys extensive brand recognition and which is celebrated for the extensive NBA betting lines it offers is 888sports. The platform was created back in 2008, and today, it prides itself over its user base, which exceeds 1 million people from all corners of the globe.

The bookie has what it takes to get the approval of avid basketball fans as the NBA is present on its agenda. Along with it, punters will see lines for NCAA, the Basketball Championship League, EuroLeague, Balkan League, and ULEB Eurocup, among others. The market variety undeniably hits the spot, so is the range of in-game betting options.

Basketball fans who are itching to get some bonus cash while betting online can seize this opportunity, thanks to the line-up of special deals 888sport updates at all times. The sports promotions are gettable not only by punters who have accessed the sportsbook on their computer but also by those who are using the downloadable or browser-based apps.

As it befits the good NBA betting sites, 888sport is fully prepared to make punters’ payments quick and worry-free. The bookie works with a number of established payment processors, including digital wallets and debit cards, and best of everything, cashouts are executed in a timely manner.

Lastly, the stamps of approval granted by the UKGC, Maltese Gaming Authority, and the Government of Gibraltar, among others, go to prove that 888sports is a trustable NBA betting site.


Unibet Another betting site punters should consider joining if they are itching to bet on the NBA is Unibet. It is among the brand names gambling might recognize right off, which is only natural considering that the bookie was founded back in 1997.

The operator knows how to stay relevant, and the bookie undoubtedly makes waves with its all-inclusive sports catalog. Obviously, basketball is among the most sought-after sports among members of the bookie, and the overwhelming event coverage goes to show this beyond doubt. Fortunately for avid NBA fans, the league is present on the agenda of the bookie, and the variety of bet types they can decide between is wide-enough to ensure that there will be something to meet the wants of every gambling aficionado.

Punters who prefer to stick to betting on the NBA can watch live streams, go for in-game betting, and explore the comprehensive results and statistics sections. The line-up of basketball leagues punters will be provided lines for is not limited exclusively to the NBA as at Unibet, they will also find lines for NCAA, EuroCup, EuroLeague, FIBA Champions League, FIBA Europe Cup, and the domestic basketball leagues in more than a dozen countries.

The formats in which Unibet users can see the NBA lines include American, decimal, and fractional.


20Bet Another bookmaker, which does not fall short of the expectations of punters in terms of the coverage the NBA gets is 20Bet. Although the platform houses a broad number of casino games, judging from its extensive portfolio, 20Bet is undeniably heavily focused on the preferences of punters.

Members of the bookie might be happy to see that the NBA is on the list of the top championships of the bookmaker, along with several football leagues. Basketball, and the NBA, in particular, are among the options punters will see in the live betting category. The NBA is by no means the only league basketball fans might wish to have a flutter on as 20Bet offers lines for the United League, EuroCup, Champions League, the EuroLeague, and Europe Cup, among others.

With most of these events, punters will be offered the chance to get detailed statistics about the last match between the teams and the next one. NBA bettors will have a choice from a diverse range of payment solutions, and if they prefer, they can also wrap up their payments using cryptocurrencies.

The bookie has given thought to mobile users, and the dedicated apps for iOS and Android-based devices allow members of 20Bet to bet on the NBA and on multiple other sports or play casino games whenever they feel like spicing up their betting session.


Karamba If punters are on the lookout for a betting site where they will have a lot of sports to wager on, Karamba is among the platforms that might answer their preferences. The platform is a go-to stop for NBA bettors also if they want to place their bets in a regulated and safe environment as the operator has obtained licenses from the Maltese Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The betting platform has been online since 2005, and today, it is frequented by NBA fans because no match from the league is left outside the bookmaker’s agenda. The market variety is another aspect in which Karamba delivers, as most of the time, gambling enthusiasts will be presented with dozens of options to decide between. The betting platform is not all about wagering on the NBA, and basketball fans will have the opportunity to wager on a number of international and domestic leagues.

Punters who do not wish to focus only on wagering on the NBA will have a bunch of other options to select from, including football, tennis, American football, handball, Aussie rules, and rugby, among others.

To make NBA bettors look forward to their betting session, the operator has prepared a comprehensive list of bonus deals, as well as multiple useful betting features. The bookie has everything set also when it comes to betting on portable devices as users of iOS and Android-based devices can use downloadable and web-based apps.


Betsson Another sports betting site, which might be in keeping with the needs and preferences of NBA bettors is Betsson. The betting site will not only cut the mustard for punters but for players as well as its casino is not short of thrilling games.

Betsson resonates exceptionally well with basketball fans, and there is a good reason why as the bookmaker offers lines for all leagues they might wish to keep up with, the NBA included. Members of the bookie can wager on international competitions, as well as the home basketball leagues in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia, to name a few. Punters are unlikely to complain about the market coverage as the options are not in the least in short supply.

Before they start placing bets on any of these leagues, basketball fans might wish to examine the live scores and statistics pages or the page where the events that will start soon are listed. Becoming a member of Betsson allows gambling aficionados to turn to their use a number of betting features, including bet builder and cash out.

Punters can stay on top of their NBA bets even when they are on the go because aside from the browser-based app, accessing the betting platform on their tablet or smartphone is also possible through two downloadable apps.


10bet 10bet is a bookie, which has a thumping selection of sports, where the NBA is heavily accounted for. Gambling enthusiasts who lean towards betting on basketball are sure to enjoy their stay because of the massive coverage of such events the operator is set out to maintain. The NBA takes the lead when it comes to the leagues members of 10bet prefer wagering on but basketball fans might wish to take a look at the lines for the NCAA, EuroLeague, and the EuroCup, among others.

The bookmaker has ensured that all fan-favorite sports will be included into its catalog, and gambling enthusiasts can have a flutter on rugby, ice hockey football, boxing, American football, darts, cricket, esports, and horse racing, among others. As it turns out, the operator is committed to providing all bet types punters might want to go for, and aside from simply picking the winner of the match, they can also go for over/under, half time, full time, spread full time, and winning margin, among others.

It is also possible for basketball fans and fans of other sports to place live bets, examine the detailed statistics and live results, and adjust the odds display using fractional, decimal, or American odds.

Members of 10bet will see that they can execute their payments in a walk, no matter if they will go for card payments, the accepted prepaid cards, digital wallets, or online banking-based services.


MyBookie MyBookie is an NBA betting platform, which has been in the limelight since its establishment back in 2014. It is a sports betting platform many punters put their trust in and frequent because of the assortment of betting opportunities they will have lavished upon them. NBA bettors can do well out of their betting session, and the intriguing bet types the operator offers will undoubtedly grab their attention.

There are NBA specials, rookie of the year, defensive player of the year, as well as prop bets, and totals, among others. Before they take up with the bet placement, members of MyBookie are recommended to adjust the odds format using American, decimal, or fractional display.

Basketball fans are certain to enjoy their stay at MyBookie because, along with lines for the NBA, they will be presented with odds for some of the most followed leagues around the globe. Fortunately, basketball and the NBA are not missing from the list of the live betting options members of the sportsbook will get to enjoy.

NBA bettors are unlikely to grow bored while being at MyBookie as the available special offers and the contests will undeniably spice up their stay. Lastly, if the help center does not contain the information avid sports bettors need, they should contact the support hosts over the phone, via email, or using the live chat functionality.

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