Boxing / MMA Betting Sites

Boxing / MMA Betting SitesFans of martial arts know that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) predates boxing, in fact, it is known that each culture had their own unique fighting style in ancient times. The arts were more preserved in Asian countries than in the West, so despite this fact, boxing has had more media coverage and is a more popular sport than any other form of martial arts. However, this is beginning to change as championships like Bellator and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are stealing the spotlight.

The styles involved in MMA are quite a few but they all stem from the oldest form of Muay, which later on evolved into Muay Thai. Kickboxing was developed on the basis of this martial art, with the difference in allowed strikes and gear used. Back in Thailand, where MMA matches were first held, underground matches with close to no rules are still held.

When it comes to betting, though, boxing predates MMA as it started when the sport itself gained popularity around the 16th century. It was included in online betting sites quite quickly while MMA betting online is still new.

Nowadays, boxing and MMA can be seen among the categories covered by a wide range of sportsbooks. The sports offer intricate betting options that can raise the thrill levels and offer very generous potential payouts. Boxing and MMA betting has several specific characteristics that punters must be well-aware of if they want to enjoy successful and fun wagering sessions.

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Features of Boxing/MMA Betting sites

Features of Boxing/MMA Betting sitesNaturally, online betting is gaining popularity amongst fans as it is far more convenient and offers a great variety of betting options, not to mention, a better chance to cut back on your losses. There are a few key features of these betting sites that we shall explain.

User-Friendliness and Market Diversity

User-Friendliness and Market DiversityWhether it is WBA, WBF, IBF, IBO or any other boxing event, you will in all likelihood find a website to bet on. World Championships, naturally, receive larger coverage by both media and online betting websites alike. Overall, boxing betting has been taken seriously by online bookers from the very beginning of the online sports betting industry. Nowadays, its fame has slightly faded but we definitely do not expect it to be knocked out of the online gambling industry any time soon.

It is important to note what we mentioned earlier – the MMA online betting community is still in development. With that said, most websites offer two MMA tournaments you can bet on – Bellator and UFC. During the last few years they have been growing in popularity all over the world, with brand new TV channels dedicated solely to MMA matches. The spark of adrenaline they offer and the diversity of moves the spectator is presented with may take this sport to the top.

The betting rules are quite alike for both sports, though, with the main two options being betting on whether someone will win or lose. Of course, you can also bet on a tie, knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, decision and technical decision.

You do not need to be an expert in order to make an educated bet with a quick look at the players’ stats – their height, weight, reach and most importantly, their fighting style, or the martial arts they are proficient in. It also does not hurt to look into the history of the fighters – whether they are slow winners or rely on a direct and quick strategy and so on. If you do not wish to delve that deeply, however, most sites offer their own odds that you can choose to rely on.

Live Betting and Live Streams

Live Betting and Live StreamsThere are some pretty great options when it comes to live betting on boxing or MMA matches. Some websites give you the chance to withdraw your bet at some point while the match itself is still going, so you can withdraw your winnings or your losses before the fight is over. Other websites are mostly fixed and all you can do is raise or lower your bid at certain points. Not to mention that this is a great way to watch your favorite boxing or MMA events right on your desktop.


StatisticsMost online betting websites that offer boxing or MMA betting have their own guides on how to pick your fighter. They are, however, usually generalized and not referring specifically to the players you wish to bet on so you will likely need to do some research or watch a few previous matches in order to place your bet wisely. That said, often sportsbooks that allow in-play betting will also offer statistics that are constantly updated, allowing punters to make a better decision for their live betting.

As we already said, there are a few basic stats you need to know before making an educated guess and this information is easily available on the internet.

Wider Device Compatibility

Wider Device CompatibilityThis is another great feature that online sports betting presents. Not only can you bet from the comfort of your home, but also on the go.

No more waiting around for bookies, standing in line to make a bet, being stuck in a shouting sweaty crowd – no, online betting is the future of sports betting, offering you the possibility to place a bet anywhere, anytime.

Boxing / MMA Odds

OddsAs boxing/MMA is a category that is covered by more sportsbooks online, it is often possible to see the odds of matches expressed in different formats. Generally speaking, there are three types of odds that can be seen most commonly used by bookies – decimal, fractional, and American. We will explain below what each format expresses and how you can calculate the possible return for your wagers. We should also mention that most sportsbooks allow punters to choose the format of the odds so you can often select to view odds in the most convenient way for you.

Fractional Odds

Fractional OddsYou can find a few types of odds formats when it comes to online boxing and MMA betting but the default one on websites that mainly cater to British and Irish punters usually is the fractions type.

Also known as UK odds, this type presents you with the format being 1/5 or 5/35, varying with each fight and fighter. This gives you an exact idea of how big your win would be, based on your bet. The easiest way to explain fractional odds is by the ration between the size of the stake on the left side and the potential return for that bet on the right side. Taking for example the odds of 1/5, we can determine that every €1 that is wagered on the fighter carrying these odds will win you €5, provided the bet is successful.

American Odds

American OddsAnother odds format you can find is the so-called American odds format. They are also known as Moneyline odds and are based on favorites and underdogs. The odds can be positive or negative.

American odds for betting on a favorite work by showing how much money you would have to risk in order to win €100. The way they work for betting on an underdog is that the positive number shows how much you could win if you risk €100. Let us assume that the favorite in a match has odds of -150, while the underdog has odds of +170. A bet on the favorite indicates that bettors must wager €150 if they wish to win €100 in a successful outcome for the favored fighter. Meanwhile, supporting the underdog with a €100 bet can bring you a profit of €170 if the underappreciated fighter ends up winning the match. Of course, punters can make much smaller bets but the €100-basis is the easiest way to understand American odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal OddsYou can also find decimal, Indo and Chinese odds formats. With decimal odds all you need to do is use the figure given to calculate your potential win with your hypothetical bet. Decimal odds are essentially equivalent to the decimal value of the fractional odds, plus one, so if the odds are 1.222 and you bet €10, then your win will be €12.22.

A lot of bettors find decimal odds the easiest ones to understand, as one could easily multiply their stake by the odds given for a fighter. This type of format is most popular in Europe but bettors from other parts of the world also prefer to use it for their boxing/MMA betting. It is possible to see sportsbooks simply showing the net profit for a €1 bet, instead of expressing the odds in the standard decimal format. This variation of decimal odds, however, is not that common.

Other Odds Formats

Odds Formats As bettors may come across various sportsbooks online, they may also see odds expressed in an Indo, Malaysian, or Chinese (Hong Kong) format. These types of odds, however, are not as common as the aforementioned ones. Indo odds also include positive and negative numbers while with the Chinese odds format you have the same numbers as the ones in decimal but with 1.0 down, so if the odds in decimal are 1.22, then in Chinese they will be 0.22.

Malaysian odds, just like fractional odds, express a ratio between the stake that is made and the potential return for this wager. These odds are expressed in decimals but also have either a “-” or a “+” sign in front of them. Positive Malay odds indicate the favorite in a match, while the negative odds are given to underdogs. Odds of +0.1 indicate that punters win 0.1 of a single unit’s amount for every unit they have wagered. Meanwhile, if the odds look anything like this -0.5 this means that a single unit will bring punters a win of two units, plus their original stake.

How to Start Betting on Boxing/MMA

How to StartResearch is key here as the odds your favorite online casino presents you with are not always enough. Of course, looking through them is important in order to know what your win may potentially be but you cannot rely solely on that. Every fighter has unique features and checking once is not enough either as they develop and evolve. It is an interesting fact that a large number of boxers have moved to the MMA industry and naturally, that affects their fighting style.

The basic stats we mentioned earlier – height, weight, reach, fighting style are all very important to look through but another important factor is how many fights they have won and lost. Not only that, but the manner in which they won or lost also matters. This way you can determine whether a fight will last more than one round. Of course, if both fighters have similar styles and techniques, all you can rely on is their stats.

The advantage of height has been noted by many as the most important one. However, it is far from a guarantee that a taller fighter will win. It is not that hard to use an opponent’s height against them, in fact, smaller fighters move faster and deliver more precise blows. But, of course, then comes the question of durability and this once again has to do with other factors.

Weight is another such advantage and can be used against someone. Naturally, if you have someone pinned to the ground or the side (if the match is taking place in a cage), weight plays a great role and will likely guarantee you a submission, or at least a win for the round. However, if you are knocked down, all the weight creates a stronger impact and therefore is more debilitating to a heavier player.

The reach of a player is extremely important. If one player’s reach does not cover their opponent’s, they are less likely to land key blows as their opponent can keep at a larger distance that will still allow them to strike. As with all other advantages, though, this one is relative too – if you lack technique and speed, you may still lose despite your natural advantage.

So, we get to technique and style – the key to all MMA and Boxing matches’ outcomes. Usually, when a fighter is presented, the camp they trained in is displayed. There may also be a list of the martial arts they are proficient in and this must all be taken into account. In order to do this, you must also be familiar with the key features of each fighting style and martial art at play. So, once again, it is down to research.

The most common influencing martial arts and fighting styles are boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, Karate, Taekwondo, and Capoeira. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to the martial arts fighters may have learned and been influenced by. But naturally, it is important to know the basics of at least these martial arts.

With boxing, for instance, there are additional styles and techniques you can delve into but the best way to figure out which one a given fighter is using is by watching them fight. It quickly becomes apparent and once you have seen their main combinations and key moves, you will know what that fighter’s chances of winning are.

Muay Thai is a more violent type of martial art, with the fighter utilizing all their limbs and some combinations and strikes which are illegal to use in some tournaments. So depending on the rules of the tournament you are betting on, you can decide whether possessing this skill is an advantage or not.

Kickboxing is derived from Muay Thai and is basically a milder version of the original martial art, with more limited strikes and combinations that are deemed fair and legal by pretty much all federations. However, if a player is proficient only in kickboxing and their opponent has a history of martial arts behind them, you may wish to bet on the more experienced fighter.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. So if a fighter with this martial art to their name has their opponent on the ground and in a lock, they are pretty much guaranteed a victory. All that is left for you to determine is whether the opponent will be knocked out or will submit.

Judo’s main elements involve throwing and taking down your opponent, which in and of itself can result in a knockout. If it does not, however, Judo fighters are known for their ability to pin their opponents down and get them in a joint lock or a choke, forcing them into submission.

A fighter with a background in wrestling will rely heavily on their weight and height, using mainly grappling techniques. The sport is mostly reliant on physical strength but then there is entertainment wrestling which involves all sorts of unbelievable techniques. Anyone who has seen WWE will know what we are referencing here. Of course, fighters are not allowed to pull any such stunts in most boxing or MMA matches, but it is still an advantage of sorts.

Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom under the influence of the Chinese martial art Fujian White Crane. A karateka (a karate practitioner) has the skills of a kickboxer and many more. The additional techniques karatekas have include spear-hands, palm-heel strikes and even knife-hands. In addition, vital-point strikes are another technique used by karatekas, but the aforementioned is unlikely to be performed in a MMA match.

Taekwondo involves mostly kicks – head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. It is a Korean martial art that emphasizes on speed and agility and is based on the Theory of Power, which states that speed is more important than mass for a strike to be strong.

Capoeira is a key element of Brazilian culture so it is no mere martial art, it was deemed an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. So, what makes it so special? Well, it not only involves strikes and all sorts of fighting techniques but also involves dancing. The art requires great agility, speed, strength and endurance. An opponent trained in the art of Capoeira will use every advantage to its utmost extent.

As you know, there are a lot of martial arts all over the world, sometimes with different variations over different cultures, so it may not be possible to be well-acquainted with all of them, but these should at least help you get a basic idea of what chances a given fighter has.

Boxing/MMA Bet Types

Common Types of Boxing/MMA BetsThe simplest and most common types are picking one of the two fighters as a winner or picking the option that the match ends in a draw. However, there are various other types of bets depending on which online betting website you choose.


Moneyline This bet depends on many factors as we mentioned earlier and additionally fighters suffer injuries throughout the fights and even if initially the odds of a fighter were good, after an injury they will be less likely to win. The injury does not need to be critical as some fighters rely more heavily on kicks, for instance, and if their leg is injured they would need to readjust their style and that may set them back.

boxing outcome

The method of victory is another bet type shared by both sports but there are differences in the exact methods you can bet on.

Moneyline is the most straightforward bet type that is typically very suitable for less experienced bettors. With this wager, you are simply placing your money on the fighter you believe will win the fight. In addition to picking a side, you will also have the option to bet on the match resulting in a draw. This outcome, however, is rare in boxing/MMA so most punters prefer to bet on the fighter they believe has the chance to win the fight.

Method of Victory

Methods of Victory For boxing, you can bet on a win by stoppage or by points. For MMA matches you can bet on a win by knockout, technical knockout, submission or points.

boxing round betting

With boxing, however, there are special bets that can be placed sometimes, for example, sometimes boxers claim that they will win by a certain method in a precise round and you may bet on whether that is true or not.

You can also sometimes bet on whether or not there will be a knockdown in a specific round; whether both fighters will go down in a fight; or the opposite, where both fighters remain on their feet throughout.

Method of victory is one of the more exciting bets in boxing and MMA, giving punters the chance to bet on the exact way a fight will be won. In this case, you do not need to predict who will end up victorious but you will rather focus on the technique that will lead to a win. The methods of victory may slightly differ depending on whether you are betting on boxing or MMA, with boxing often offering more options for the result of a match. That said, you can easily find the specifics of every method of victory and choose the one you believe will bring you a profit in your next boxing/MMA betting session.

Total Rounds

Rounds If you enjoy making more intricate betting choices, you can often make use of bets like total rounds. This betting market is offered by most sportsbooks, offering punters to place their money on the number of rounds they believe the fight will last. This totals type of bet can often be seen as Over/Under at the boxing/MMA section of a sportsbook. Simply put, bettors place their money that a fight will either last more (Over) or less (Under) than a predetermined number of rounds.

If we take for example total rounds bet with odds of 10.0, betting on the Under option means you believe the fight will end before the 10th round. Meanwhile, the Over side indicates the fight lasting more than 10 rounds. In the case of the fight lasting exactly 10 rounds, this type of bet ends up in a push and punters receive their bets back.

Round Betting

Round Even though this bet sounds similar to total rounds, it is a different type of betting market one could explore while betting on boxing or MMA fights. This bet type enables punters to make their predictions on specific rounds, with bets made on the sole winner of the respective round. In this case, the winner of the entire match is irrelevant as punters are simply making moneyline bets on the rounds they choose to bet on. Those who enjoy more thrilling betting adventures can make their boxing/MMA wagering even more exciting by making a new bet on every round of a fight. Successful consecutive bets can bring punters quite the generous payouts.

On-Points Betting

on-points betting If you are familiar with the point spread bet type that is often available on other sports, boxing and MMA offer on-points betting. In boxing and MMA, there is a 10-point based system, awarding the stronger fighter with 10 points at the end of the round, while the opponent receives 9 points. Whenever a fighter is knocked down, he/she gets one point deducted from his/her score. If the round is considered a tie, both of the fighters receive 10 points. Meanwhile, if both of the fighters competing against each other get knocked down, their points are being recalculated due to the two knockouts canceling each other out.

Whenever it is determined that a fighter has done a foul intentionally, some points are deducted from his/her score. An unintentional foul may also lead to some points being deducted. Thanks to on-points betting, bettors can place their stakes on the possible champion and the difference in the points between the winner and his/her opponent.

Live Betting

Live BettingWith Live Betting there are even more possibilities. Most websites offer only pre-fight bets, but the ones that offer the live betting option give you a much better chance at betting on a winner. Throughout the progression of a fight you can see whether a fighter seems to be winning or not, who is getting the upper hand, who is scoring more points and that is usually also reflected in the odds of the fighters.

Boxing/MMA Betting Tips

Tips on How to Find the Best Boxing/MMA Betting SitesAs we mentioned, the online betting industry for MMA events is still growing, but that does not mean that you have no choice when it comes to finding the right booker for you. There are still plenty of websites to choose from but naturally, you should look for the best of the best. The way to find them is by comparison.

Pick the Best Odds

Pick the Best OddsThe bets you can place on different fights usually vary from website to website and so you can pick the one with the odds you like best. If you are certain that a fighter will win a certain fight, then you should find the best possible payout for your bet. You should, of course, keep in mind that this will increase your losses in case you are wrong, so always bet responsively.

Line shopping is always a great strategy to find the best value for your boxing/MMA bets. This method requires comparing the odds for the same fight across several bookmakers. If you do your research, you can also come across websites that will do the comparison for you and will show you the best boxing/MMA odds across a number of online sportsbooks.

Opt for Sportsbooks Offering Diversity

DiversitySomething else to look for in a sports betting website is variety. You can check which tournaments and championships are covered by a given website and also if they are covered live. Not a lot of websites offer live betting events when it comes to boxing and MMA.

In any case, if you are experienced in sports betting, you might prefer making more advanced bets. This is why you are advised to pick sportsbooks that offer a wide range of betting markets. This will allow you to diversify your betting experience and potentially increase your profit by making riskier bets on boxing/MMA.

Do Proper Research for the Upcoming Fight

ResearchEven if you are simply betting for fun, it is always advised to do some research to help you make your betting choice. Even the most straightforward moneyline bet can be very rewarding if you have calculated the real winning potential of the two fighters competing against each other. When it comes to special bets like the method of victory or totals, it is even more crucial to study the previous performances of the two fighters.

By getting accustomed to the way the two competitors typically fight, you have a better chance of making successful special bets. Checking the health of the fighters, their training period prior to the fight, and other important factors will allow you to make your betting choices easier.

Weight Classes and Level Changes

Weight Classes and Level Changes Two factors that you should definitely consider when you are betting on boxing or MMA fights are weight classes and level changes of fighters. If a fighter has just advanced to a heavier weight class, he/she might have difficulties with showing as strong a performance as in his/her previous division. This may indicate that a fighter who has advanced to a heavier class might not withstand the attacks for many rounds. This is an important factor to consider if you are making round totals bets.

Level changes may help you make betting decisions easiest, especially for some more intricate boxing/MMA bets. If a fighter is more aggressive, causing more KOs in the first rounds of a fight, this may indicate that he/she will have a difficult time maintaining the same stamina for the later rounds. In most cases, such fighters opt for less aggressive attacks towards the later rounds. If you have noticed such a dynamic in the fighting style of a fighter, betting on a clash finishing towards later rounds might be a winning strategy.

How to Choose Boxing/MMA Betting Site

How to Choose Boxing/MMA Betting SiteWe have touched upon the importance of choosing the right sportsbook for your boxing/MMA betting a few times. That said, some punters might still have a tough time determining which betting website to join when they want to bet on popular professional fights. To help you recognize when a sportsbook is capable of offering a great betting experience, we have listed several things to look for when choosing a boxing/MMA betting website.

Opt for Licensed and Trustworthy Sportsbooks

Licensed SportsbooksWhenever you are betting on boxing matches or MMA fights, you should always be sure that you are wagering your money on a trustworthy website. One of the most important things to check before you choose a sportsbook is the brand’s operator and the licenses it has obtained.

To be sure that you will be offered a fair and safe betting experience, we recommend opting for a sportsbook licensed by some of the strictest authorities in the betting industry. These include the Malta Gaming Authority, the Government of Gibraltar, and the UK Gambling Commission to name a few.

Choose a Bookmaker That Offers Diversity in Betting Options

Choose a BookmakerAs we mentioned earlier, there are quite a few betting options, in addition to the moneyline, that boxing and MMA fans might enjoy. This is why you should choose bookmakers that support different betting markets to enable a fun and fruitful betting experience for various bettors.

While boxing and MMA have become more popular among bettors, there are still betting sites that do not cover this category. Make sure that the sportsbook you have settled for will allow you to bet on the fights you are eagerly expecting. In addition to that, you should compare the odds at several bookmakers to ensure that you have settled down for the bet with the best possible value.

Promotional Incentives

Promotional IncentivesBettors who wish to enjoy the best value for their boxing/MMA wagers should also consider the types of promotions that sportsbooks offer. As many betting sites tend to offer their new and returning members various incentives, often it can be very useful to howredeem a bonus that can improve your chances for fruitful outcomes.

You are advised to check the types of promotions that you can redeem as a member of certain sportsbooks. You should also carefully read the terms and conditions that apply to such incentives as they will allow you to determine whether you can benefit from such promotions or you are better off without them.

Supported Payment Solutions

Supported Payment SolutionsYou can also base your choice of boxing/MMA betting site on the payment methods it supports. You should always be sure that you will be able to handle both your deposits and withdrawals in a fast, secure, and hassle-free manner. Most proper sportsbooks will allow their patrons to handle their bankrolls via credit/debit cards, e-wallets, instant banking solutions, prepaid cards, and other fintech solutions that allow easy and secure payments.

You are advised to check the processing time frames of the sportsbook and any potential fees that you might be charged for your transactions to or from the betting website. Knowing that you can rely on a convenient and budget-friendly solution can definitely make your boxing/MMA betting experience much more pleasant.

Best Boxing/MMA Betting Sites

Best Boxing/MMA Betting SitesWe have already let you in on the ways to select a good boxing/MMA betting website. To make your choice easier, however, we have also listed several sportsbooks that can offer a great betting experience to those who enjoy boxing and MMA fights. These bookies are trustworthy and can add great value to your recreational betting endeavors at any time.


BetwayBettors who are looking for a trustworthy sportsbook where they can place their bets on boxing or MMA can join Betway. The betting brand is well known across punters in Europe, as well as other parts of the world. Betway has been licensed in a number of jurisdictions, with some of its licenses including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Among the various sports covered by the bookmaker, there are also the categories Boxing and UFC & MMA. Both sections offer punters to make various bets, including moneyline, total rounds, will the fight go the distance, to win by decision, and to win by finish. Unfortunately, these sports are not among the selections that offer in-play betting. That said, you can try many of the other sports categories available at Betway and choose to make either pre-match or live bets.

One of the great features of Betway, also available on some boxing and UFC/MMA bets, is Cash Out. It allows bettors to withdraw a part of the profit of their stake before the bet is fully settled. This either allows punters to enjoy a portion of their winnings or enables them to cut down on their losses.

William Hill

William HillYet another major name in the betting industry has made our list of reliable sportsbooks for boxing betting. William Hill is a well-known name among betting enthusiasts, with the brand always catering to the preferences of different bettors. The sportsbook has been licensed to operate in numerous jurisdictions thanks to licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority to name a few.

In the sportsbook section of William Hill, you will notice two different sections that can cater to the preferences of fans of professional fights. The first one is Boxing, giving punters the chance to bet on numerous popular boxing events, while the second one offers odds on UFC fights. In addition to making an outright winner bet on every fight, members of William Hill will also have the chance to explore a vast variety of future bets that can be very rewarding and fun.

In addition to betting on professional fights, William Hill also offers a wide range of other sports one could bet on. What is more, both pre-match and in-play odds are available in a number of sports categories. Those who enjoy live betting will also be glad to know that some of the games covered in the in-play section can also be streamed live.


BetfairBetfair is also a bookmaker you can trust whenever you wish to bet on professional fights. This is a trustworthy betting brand, with numerous punters choosing to wager their money with this exact sportsbook. Betfair is operated by PPB Counterparty Services Limited, which is a company licensed by a number of licensing bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Boxing is one of the sports covered by Betfair, with the sportsbook offering pretty good odds on various professional fights. Bettors can view all of the upcoming fights they can bet on and choose the outright winner to place their money on. As you take a look at the boxing fights covered by Betfair, you will notice that some of them might even allow in-play betting. Members of Betfair will also have the chance to make a number of special boxing bets and opt for a thrilling wagering experience.

There are also plenty of other sports to explore as a member of Betfair. In addition to some boxing events, other sports also allow in-play betting that many punters would enjoy. This, however, is not the only feature Betfair members would enjoy. On some bets, members of the sportsbook will be able to request a Cash Out. It will allow them to withdraw a part of their potential profit before the bet is fully settled.


LadbrokesAnother very reliable sports betting brand that fans of boxing and MMA would appreciate is Ladbrokes. The sportsbook offers its patrons a superb betting experience that will also be extremely fair and safe. The brand operated thanks to several licenses by major regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar.

To cater to the preferences of different punters, Ladbrokes offers competitive odds on various sports. Boxing, as well as MMA-UFC, are among the categories you can see at Ladbrokes. Punters will be allowed to make typical outright winner bets or choose from markets like total rounds, method of victory, round betting, and more.

Other sports also offer a wide range of betting markets that many bettors would appreciate. What is more, some sports also offer in-play betting, making the entire experience more exciting. Punters who find live betting interesting will be glad to know that they can make their in-play wagering experience even more exciting. Some sports events that offer in-play betting will be available to stream in real-time, allowing bettors to watch the games they have placed their stakes on.


bet365We are moving down our list, presenting you with another trustworthy sportsbook that can help you enjoy a great boxing/MMA betting experience. Members of bet365 will have the chance to bet on a vast variety of popular sports, enjoying a fair and fun betting experience at any time and place. The bookmaker has been licensed to operate in a large number of countries, with different major jurisdictions like the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission licensing the operations of bet365.

Those who enjoy betting on professional fights can head to the Boxing/MMA section of bet365. It offers great odds on some of the most popular upcoming fights, with punters having the chance to pick from numerous betting markets. Method of victory, round betting, total rounds, and fight to go the distance are just a few of the options this category is offering.

In addition to boxing/MMA, bet365 has plenty of other sports you can place your wagers on. You can enjoy both pre-match and in-play betting, with many sports offering bettors the chance to play bets as games are being played in real-time. To make the whole experience even more riveting, some events that allow in-play betting can also be streamed live.


UnibetPunters will also be able to enjoy a top-notch betting experience if they join Unibet. The betting website allows its patrons to dive into a fun wagering time, with the sportsbook section of Unibet offering odds on a variety of sports. The brand has been licensed to operate in various jurisdictions, with the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority being just a couple of the bodies that have licensed Unibet.

If you enjoy placing bets on professional fights, then you can head to Unibet’s Boxing or UFC/MMA sections. These categories will allow punters to view all of the upcoming fights covered by the sportsbook, offering bout odds on a variety of professional fights. It is also worth checking if there are any scheduled fights that will support in-play bets, allowing bettors to place their stakes as the fight is happening in real-time.

If you are looking for other options to diversify your betting, you can also check the numerous other sports covered by Unibet. In addition to competitive pre-match odds on numerous sporting events, Unibet is also offering in-play bets on some sports. Unibet also offers live streaming on certain sports, enabling punters to place bets on events while they also watch the action evolve in real-time.

mr.playIf you are on the lookout for a bookmaker that will allow you to fully enjoy your boxing/MMA betting, you can head to This sports betting website is a top destination for punters who enjoy betting on various popular sports, including professional fights. The brand operates under licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. Both of these jurisdictions are known for being strict with their license holders, ensuring fair and safe betting.

To explore the odds on professional fights, you can head to the Boxing or MMA category of the sportsbook. These sections will feature odds on various international professional fights. What is more, punters will be able to bet on different betting markets such as the method of victory, total rounds, round betting, and many more.

Do not miss out on checking other sections of as well. The sportsbook offers pre-match odds on a vast variety of sporting events, with some of them also enabling in-play bets. While the website does not offer live streaming, thanks to live statistics, bettors are constantly updated on the actions that take place during the game. This enables easier decision-making while placing in-play bets.


BetsafeBetting enthusiasts can have the time of their lives if they decide to start betting with Betsafe. This sportsbook has made sure that every type of bettor is going to have plenty of wagering options to choose from. To be able to offer sports betting to punters based in different jurisdictions, Betsafe’s operator has been licensed by the Republic of Ireland’s Regulatory Bodies and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Betsafe provides competitive odds on a variety of sports, including Boxing and MMA. If you head to any of these sections, you will see odds on a wide range of international professional fights. In addition to betting on the winner of a fight, you will also have other betting markets to choose from and make bets like total rounds, method of victory, fight goes to decision, and many more.

If you want to try a different type of sports betting, you can also check the other sports featured by Betsafe’s sportsbook. You can choose from numerous popular and less conventional sports and choose from a myriad of betting markets. In addition to that, some sports will allow you to make in-play bets as games are being played in real-time. What is more, some events can be streamed live while one is making their in-play bets.


22BetIt is easy to enjoy a great sports betting adventure if you are a member of 22Bet. The betting site is in operation for quite a few years, making the brand well-experienced in offering a top-notch sports betting experience. The brand is owned and operated by Orakum N.V. which has obtained a license from the authorities of Curacao.

Offering a diverse betting experience is definitely one of the strong sides of 22Bet, with the sportsbook section of the website boasting odds on numerous sports. Among the options covered by the bookie, there are quite a few virtual sports that one could bet on. These include virtual Boxing Champs fights that can offer a different type of betting experience. Of course, you will also have plenty of other sports to explore and choose to bet on.

As a way to make one’s wagering experience even more accessible, 22Bet has been optimized to run without any issue on almost any mobile device. On the official website of 22Bet, you can also see a download link for a 22Bet mobile app that can be installed on different smart devices to enable fast and easy bets on the go.


10betBettors who are looking for competitive odds on boxing and MMA can also check 10bet’s sportsbook. This bookie is catering to a wide range of punters as it offers odds on a variety of popular sports. To be able to offer online sports betting, the website’s operator has been licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as Ireland’s Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

When going through the different sports available at 10 bet’s sportsbook, you will notice that Boxing and MMA are among the covered options. Whichever category you prefer, you will be able to choose from various bet markets. The types of bets you can make on professional fights include match winner, fight to go the distance, round betting, and many more.

As a member of 10bet, you will also have the chance to make real-money wagers on many other major sporting events. To make one’s experience even more riveting, the bookmaker also offers live betting on some sports. This is a fun feature that will allow you to make bets as fights/games are happening in real-time. To help you keep a track of the fight/game, 10bet offers live statistics on some events, constantly updating you on the actions that take place during the fight/game.

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