Arsenal Angle – Jack Wilshere the Next Captain

Arsenal Wilshere PumaOver the past decade, Arsenal have been renowned for selling their best players and the captains for huge sums.
Captains like Vieira, Henry, Fabregas and Robin van Persie did help Arsenal earn some $$$ but the moves have only backfired as Gunners are still in search of their first silverware in 9 agonizing years.
After the departure of Robin van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen was handed the armband but unlike his predecessors, the Belgian international’s form drastically dipped after that.
Soon, the former Ajax star found himself warming the bench as Mertesacker and Koscielny formed a brilliant defensive partnership last season.
The scenario continues even now, the captain has only featured in 13 league games this season and could only start 7 of them.
Vice-captain, Arteta has been leading the side for major part of the season but even the veteran Spaniard is past his best and this year looked completely out of his depth.
With both Vermaelen and Arteta linked with a move away from Arsenal in the summers, Gunners must hand the captain’s armband to someone with leadership qualities and more importantly loyalty to serve Arsenal for the years to come and not depart like others.
Jack Wilshere is the ideal man to become the next captain of Arsenal. Although he is still 22 and can be rash at times but perhaps the armband will make him more responsible and that is the only piece of the puzzle missing.
In your Opinion, Who should become Arsenal’s next captain.
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  1. I think Thomas Rosicky deserves the captainship because he is the oldest and more mature,and is highly commited to the team. Thomas is very good and experienced in the pitch of play and also has leadership qualities

  2. panther says:

    Vierra was finished when Arsenal sold him as was Henry. Fabregas was allways going to go back to Barcelona and RVP was a good forward but lacked leadership quality. As for Wilshere being the next captain, he has to establish himself as a first team starter when every player is fit. Ramsey should be the next long term captain because he is more disiplined than Wilshere he’s a better player than Wilshere and unlike Wilshere he shows leadership qualities.

    • Roger says:

      This is idiotic.
      Vieira was not finished, won us the FA CUP in 2005, and left when he was 28, won a few league titles , Arsenal won nothing after that.
      Henry and finished, eat your words. He is still better than every Arsenal striker lol. Had two brilliant seasons for Barcelona. Won the treble scoring 26 goals and added 12 assists in 42 appearances. unbelievable for you to call him finished.
      Robin van Persie lacked leadership :s how. In his only season as captain, he single handedly led Arsenal to 3rd place finish scoring 30 goals. If that’s not leading from the front then what is…
      As far as the future captain is concerned, Ramsey or Wilshere be the one

  3. Gooner says:

    If anyone should be the next captain, it should be Per Mertesacker. From an article I read recently, Per acts as the leader on the training ground even when Vermaelan is training, as he starts more often than Vermaelan. He’s a regular starter, as he will have played 50 games in all competitions this season if he starts any of the next 3 games. He is constantly shouting orders at people on the pitch and is very vocal. His game reading and awareness is unmatched. He’s 30 years old next season which offers him experience, and has just signed a new contract extension that should keep him at the club for the next 3 years at least. He has experience as captain also, as he has captained the side in games when Arteta and Vermaelan have both been injured or on the bench. He has respect for players on both sides of the pitch. He has only gotten one red card in his entire Arsenal career, so he’s unlikely to get into confrontations with the ref. Jack Wilshere is injured a lot, is a little immature and rash, and may not even start next season if he can’t pick up his game. He’s not vocal and lacks experience. Ramsey is too young also, even though he has captained Wales at International level. Give Ramsey two years to develop fully so he’s not hindered by the extra responsibility. Ramsey or Wilshere for vice Captain? Sure. Per deserves the captaincy, though.

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