Asian Handicap Betting

sportsAsian handicap betting is one of the most commonly used betting methods. In the past, it was predominantly used in Asia and Far East countries but now, it is incredibly popular in Europe as well. In a nutshell, Asian handicap betting means the punter has to decide whether their favourite team will achieve a victory or not. In other words, the team needs to overcome the handicap so the punter can turn a profit.

Asian handicap betting is also known as Asian Line Betting and it is mainly used for betting on football events. However, it is applicable to other games including but not restricted to hockey, rugby, horse racing, greyhounds, etc. You can place an Asian handicap bet on every sport where two teams compete against each other and there is a possibility of a draw result.

It is important to note that each bookmaker sets its own handicap betting rules but in general, the handicap is intended to provide both teams of equal chances of winning by adding a certain number to the underdog’s goal tally. This means that the same number is deducted from the goal tally of the team you have wagered on.

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Types of Asian Handicaps

What makes Asian handicap betting method even more popular is the chance to wager on In-play sports events. In case you are convinced that the event will provide you with excellent cash out opportunities, you can place your bet before the match. If you want to play it safe and place a bet that is adequate to the fast changing match circumstances, you can place an Asian handicap bet during the match.

It is essential to note that when you place an Asian handicap bet on in-play events, you are betting only on the remainder of the match. The goals scored after you place the bet will count towards the outcome of your wager. Any goals scored before you have placed your bet, would not be considered towards the outcome.

The diversity in abilities of the teams that compete against each other means that the punter can expect the team they wagered on to achieve better results. As for the other team, it is given a head start or a handicap by the team expected to win the derby.

This therefore, means that the team, expected to win needs to overcome the handicap and a certain number of goals is deducted from the final result. The handicap is added to the underdog team’s end result. If team A is considered the weaker team, starting points are added to its scoreboard before the match commences.
The handicap for the favourite in the derby is indicated by a minus and the handicap for the underdog is preceded by a plus.

For instance, the underdog team starts the game with a 0.5-0 score. The possibility of a draw is eliminated. In order to win, your favourite team needs to score at least one goal. Any other result is beneficial for the underdog win.

It is important to know that you cannot add a handicap to the final score of the underperforming team and deduct it from the favourite at the same time. You have to choose one of these two options.

Another factor for Asian handicap betting popularity is the fact that it eliminates the draw possibility and enhances punter’s chance of gaining a profit. Check out the types of Asian handicap bets below:

Asian handicap 0

football handicap bettingThe 0 Asian handicap means you bet on a team to win. The draw possibility is eliminated and both teams have even chances of winning or losing. You get your stake back in case of a draw result. If your team wins, you turn a profit. If it loses, you lose your bet.

Lets presume that you are interested in placing a bet on Chelsea – Liverpool 0:0. None of the teams is given an advance and there is not a possibility of a draw result. The home odds are 1.90 and the away odds are 1.95. Your bet on Chelsea amounts to $100 at 1.90 odds. If Chelsea win, you receive a total of $190, which means you have gained a $90 profit. In case of a draw result, you receive your $100 stake back. If Liverpool win the game, you lose your $100 bet.

Some bookmakers offer Level ball or Draw no bet options, which is the same as 0:0 Asian handicap.

Asian handicap -0.25 or 0,-0.5

This type of Asian handicap betting is also known as split or double handicap. In other words, your bet is split into two separate bets. The first half of the bet (0) is placed on the result. Draw result is not included. In case your selection wins, you also win. In case the underdog team wins, you lose your bet. In an event of a draw result, you will have half of your stake refunded.

The second part of the bet (-0.5) provides you with the chance to gain a profit if your selection wins. If the opposite team wins or a draw result occurs, you lose your entire stake.

Lets presume that you bet on Manchester United vs Paris St Germain at home odds 2.00 and away odds 1.90. You bet $100 on Manchester United to win, so the game starts at 0-1/4. Paris St Germain is given a handicap of half a goal before the match commences. If Manchester United win, you get a profit of $200. ($100 bet x 2.00 odds equals to $200). You receive $50 back if the match ends tie. In case Paris St. Germain is declared the winner, you lose your $100 bet.

Asian handicap -0.5

The -0.5 Asian handicap means your selection gets -0.5 goals deducted from the total. If the team you have selected wins, you also win. In case of a draw result or a loss, your stake is not refunded.

Example: You place a bet on Barcelona vs Juventus at home odds equal to 1.85 and away odds amounting to 2.00. You believe Barcelona will be the winner and bet $100. In this case, an advance of half a goal is given to Juventus before the beginning of the match. If Barcelona wins, you win a total of $185. (your $100 bet multiplied by the 1.85 home odds makes $185). In any other case, you lose the entire amount of your bet.

Asian Handicap -0.75 or -0.5,-1

This type of bet also splits your bet into two and it is displayed as -0.75 or -0.5,-1.

Half of your stake is put on the -0.5 handicap. You win this half of the bet in case your selection achieves a victory and vice versa – you lose half of the bet in case the team you wagered on loses or there is a draw result.

Asian handicap -1

sports betting odds sheetThe -1 Asian handicap gives your selection a -1 handicap. This means that you will win if your favourite team scores at least 2 goals. You will receive your stake back if the team you have wagered on manages to score just one goal. You lose your steak if your team is defeated or the end result is a draw.

Example: You bet on the match between Juventus vs Bologna. The home odds are 1.80 and the away odds are 2.05. You believe that Juventus will be the winner, so Bologna is given an advance of one goal before the match kicks off. In this case, Juventus needs to score 2 goals or more to win the match. In case of a tie or loss, you do not get a refund of your stake.

Asian Handicap -1.25 or -1,-1.5

Once again, your bet is split in two parts and it can be displayed as 1.25 or -1,-1.5 depending on the bookmaker you use. The first part of the bet (-1) will bring you a profit if the team you wagered on scores at least two goals. If it scores just 1 goal and it ensures the victory, you will get this half of your bet back. If your selected team loses or a draw result occurs, you lose this half of your stake.

As for the second part of the bet (-1.5), your selection is given a -1.5 handicap. Your team needs to score at least two goals in order to win. In case your selection loses, draws or wins by 1 goal you lose this half of your stake.

Asian Handicap -1.5

The -1.5 Asian handicap is where your selection is given a -1.5 handicap. You will win your bet if your selection wins by 2 goals or more. You will lose your bet if your selection wins by 1 goal,draws or loses.

Asian Handicap -1.75 or -1.5,-2

This type of betting splits your stake into two parts- (-1.5) and (-2), respectively. The first part of your stake (-1.5) brings you a profit if your selection scores at least two goals. This half of your bet is lost in case of a draw, loss or win by one goal only.

The second half of your bet (-2) wins if your team scores at least three goals. In case it scores two goals, you get that half of your stake refunded. You lose your steak if the team you have wagered on wins by one goal, draws or loses.

Asian Handicap -2

This type of betting gives your selection a -2 handicap. You win if the team you wagered on scores three goals or more. In case the team wins by exactly two goals, your stake will be refunded. You get no refund if your preferred team wins by 1 goal, draws or loses.

Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

punters flat betAlthough the most prominent bookmakers offer competitive odds as well as various types of betting, Asian handicap betting is getting more and more popular for a reason. First of all, it provides each and every punter with better chances of turning a profit as compared to what traditional betting offers.

The fact that the draw outcome is eliminated is yet another reason for its rapid growth on European markets. There are only two outcomes you can wager on and only two possible selections (home team win or away team win), which makes the betting process less complicated as well. Even if your selection does not score the required number of goals, you get a refund.

As far as bookmakers are concerned, the Asian handicap betting is both a blessing and a curse. In point of fact, Asian handicap markets are run on quite a low margin due to the following reason. The Asian handicap betting minimizes the risk bookmakers take and enables them to request larger positions in high profile sports events. However, there is another side of the coin. Asian handicap betting can deduct from bookmakers’ profits.

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