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Instadebit Sports Betting According to statistics, 96% of Canadians have a chequing account and 68% utilize their online banking on a weekly basis. A large portion of sports betting fans from the North American country also prefer to conduct their financial operations to and from bookmakers relying on fast and secure transfers via their online banking.

Gigadat offers an incredibly trustworthy, convenient, and secure platform incorporating more than 250 of the leading Canadian banking institutions and credit unions. The brand’s team of highly-knowledgeable experts strives to deliver a frictionless payment environment that can successfully facilitate interactions between Canadian consumers, financial institutions, and online merchants.

Gigadat’s team of experts has succeeded in reaching that goal, taking into consideration that the company has been endorsed by more than 320,000 e-merchants and over 32 million users.

Gigadat’s solutions that are much sought-after by Canadian consumers are Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online. While the latter facilitates convenient online deposits, the first one can be used for withdrawals as well. The Express Connect e-Wallet is yet another product delivering users with great flexibility for their online transactions.

The range of the current review spans Gigadat’s way of functioning, the related fees, and other important features and functionalities that sports betting fans might be interested in.

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How Does Gigadat Work

How Does It Work Every Canadian having a bank account is familiar with Interac e-Transfer. Interac Online is also supported by some of the leading banks and credit unions within the country. There are some major differences between the two products, which bettors should be aware of. We are going to describe them in the following lines.

A major specific of Gigadat solutions, which punters should be informed of, is that Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online do not require additional registration. This is due to the fact that in order to use those products consumers should simply hold an account with one of the financial institutions cooperating with Gigadat, and have their online banking activated.

Furthermore, we provide information regarding the digital wallet solution, Express Connect e-Wallet.

Interac e-Transfer

E-transfer As we already pointed out, Interac e-Transfer is a method facilitating direct deposits from users’ bank accounts, as long as they have activated their online banking services. Furthermore, the specifics of the method require consumers to have a valid e-mail address or a mobile phone number.

To initiate a deposit to a bookmaker, punters should be logged in to their sports betting account. They should head to the Cashier section, where they need to search for Interac e-Transfer from the listed payment methods. They are supposed to enter their online banking account, select Interac e-Transfer, and type in the recipient’s e-mail or phone number. Next, they are expected to enter the amount of money they wish to deposit, as well as a security question.

The last step of the depositing process could be skipped by opting for the Autodeposit function. After you approve the payment, you will be redirected back to the bookmaker’s website. Typically, Interac e-Transfers are handled quite promptly, enabling sports betting fans to start wagering in no time. Yet another undeniable benefit of Interac e-Transfers is the fact that they support withdrawals as well.

The process of withdrawing through Interac e-Transfer is similar to that of depositing. Bettors should go to the Cashier of the sportsbook, select the method, and enter the amount they wish to withdraw. Once bookmakers complete their internal verification procedure, they will send a security answer via text message or by e-mail.

Checking the status of your transactions is enabled on Gigadat’s website, under the section E-Transfer-Status.

Interac Online

Online banking Interac Online has also become a preferred banking method by bettors due to its incredible ease of use and decent availability. The payment processing solution is a banking method that sends funds directly to the sports betting operator making use of Gigadat as a processing platform. Unlike Interac e-Transfer, where transactions are conducted by the relevant financial institution, Interac Online features a more direct approach.

Yet another major difference between the two products lies in the fact that while Interac e-Transfer can be utilized both for deposits to and withdrawals from online sportsbooks, Interac Online facilitates deposits only.

Furthermore, Interac e-Transfer is supported by all Canadian financial entities, whereas Interac Online’s acceptance is of a more limited nature.

When it comes to the speed of transactions, Interac e-Transfers take a bit longer to complete (up to 30 minutes) in comparison to Interac Online deposits, which are instantaneous.

Express Connect e-Wallet

e-Wallet Express Connect e-Wallet is yet another financial tool allowing consumers to store their funds online and pay e-merchants without having to expose their financial or personal data.

To start using this highly-flexible and secure solution of Gigadat’s, users should complete the registration process. The sign-up for an account involves filling in information about the user’s first and last name, user name, password, e-mail, and mobile number.

The methods to replenish the balance of the digital wallet include PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, and a credit card.

In case users wish to withdraw funds via this wallet, they need to link the account to their checking or savings account.

Gigadat combines the latest encryption technologies and a secure login process to deliver maximum security to its consumers.


Fees Punters who would like to utilize Gigadat’s products for their transactions related to sports betting might be interested to know what the brand’s costs are. Whether it is Interac e-Transfer or Interac Online, Gigadat does not charge customers any additional fees for using their payment platform. It functions as a third-party processor connecting consumers and online merchants.

Depending on their banking institution or credit union, users are charged different fees for the online money processing service. Those fees tend to vary in accordance with the policy of the individual institution. As far as the maximum deposit and withdrawal limits are concerned, those also vary. To get a better idea of what fees might be imposed for their online transactions, bettors are advised to get in touch with the customer support department of their bank.

Although very rarely, some sports betting operators may charge their customers additional fees for withdrawals. This should be double-checked in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises at a later stage.

Canadian sports betting fans should also bear in mind that if they have set up an account at an online bookmaker in another currency different from CAD, they will have to pay extra currency conversion fees. However, most Canada-friendly bookies support the CAD currency.

Fee Summary
Operation Time Cost
Deposit to bookie Instant Free
Withdrawal from bookie Instant, after account verification Free
Deposit with card N/A N/A
Withdrawal to card N/A N/A
Deposit with bank account N/A N/A
Withdrawal to bank account N/A N/A


Security Gigadat puts to use a range of advanced technologies to make sure that its customers’ personal information is secured from unauthorized access in the best possible manner. Relying on multiple layers of protection, including security questions, the brand is largely popular exactly for its safety. As a leading online money processing platform in Canada, Gigadat is exceptionally secure and compliant with the financial industry’s regulations.

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is the institution charged with the regulation of Gigadat. It is a national agency, established back in 2000, responsible for the detection and investigation of money laundering. Thus Gigadat is fully compliant with AML practices.

Gigadat also abides by the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce. The company operates conforming to the best business practices for merchants handling commercial activities with customers online.

Furthermore, Gigadat makes use of a proprietary interface, BluSky, delivering its clients with a fully transparent approach.

In case customers need assistance for further queries related to security or any other issue, Gigadat can be reached through a variety of channels, including by telephone at 1-833-216-5300, e-mail at, or via the Contact Us form on the website.

Mobile App

e-Wallet Gigadat in itself does not offer a dedicated mobile application, since it is a payment platform facilitating transactions between merchants and consumers. Gigadat’s clients use the respective mobile applications of the banking institutions, which they have already pre-selected.

However, holders of Interac Debit cards may process their mobile payments via Apple Pay or Google Pay at merchants accepting contactless payments. The Interac Debit cards may be requested from any of the participating banking institutions from Gigadat’s network. Interac Debit on Google Pay and Apple Pay facilitates payments through your eligible Android or iOS device. Below, we will provide a short guide on how to use the Interac debit card to make mobile payments.

First, users should connect their Interac Debit card to their Apple wallet, or respectively to Google Pay. When they intend to make a purchase on a participating app or mobile site, they should place their order to move on to check out. Next, depending on the mobile device they are using, they should select either Apple Pay or Google Pay as the payment method.

As a final step, users of iOS devices should provide their Touch ID for the transaction to finalize the order. Android users should also provide authorization in the form of a fingerprint, pattern, or passcode, in order to complete the order.

It is important to note that the customers’ relevant financial institution determines the number of devices to which the Interac Debit card can be added. They should contact their bank for further information on the topic.

Users of iOS-powered phones might be interested to know that a Device Account Number is created for the card used on their device. It is uniquely generated and differs from the number of their plastic card. This is done for security reasons, so your actual card number is not revealed to third parties.

Users of Samsung Pay may also link their Interac Debit card to their wallets.

Mobile App Features
Send Money yes
Receive Money yes
Top-up from bank account yes
Withdraw to bank account yes
Deposit to bookie yes
Withdraw to bookie yes


Advantages Canada’s leading, nationally recognized online payment platform has a lot of benefits to offer to its customers. It is undoubtedly the number one choice of sports betting fans based in the North American country, and it is not hard to see why.

First of all, the innovative payment solutions, incorporated into Gigadat’s network are widely popular, including among bookmakers who target the Canadian market. They typically provide at least one of the products, facilitating the process of depositing and withdrawing to a great extent. Gigadat works in cooperation with more than 250 of the leading banking institutions in Canada, so the chances users already have an account with one of them are great.

Secondly, customers of Gigadat’s payment solutions appreciate their great ease of use. As already stated, Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online do not require further registration. To make use of those products, they should have subscribed to the online banking services of their bank institution. What is more, Gigadat’s website, which is a great source of information in relation to the brand’s products and their functionalities, is available both in English and French.

Yet another strong point of Gigadat’s products is the speed of transactions they provide. Both Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online facilitate instant deposits to bookies, saving you unwanted delays. While Interac e-Transfers may take up to 30 minutes to be completed, Interac Online transactions are instantaneous.

Security is another obvious strong point of Gigadat’s products since the brand enables safe online payments without the need of disclosing one’s personal information. Funds are transferred through the platforms of Gigadat’s participating financial institutions.


Disadvantages Although Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, and the Express Connect e-Wallet are widely favored by Canadians for all kinds of online transactions, this does not mean that the solutions are entirely void of flaws. There are actually very few setbacks, but still, users should be aware of them.

Maybe the biggest disadvantage of Gigdat’s platform is the fact that it is catering to the financial needs of customers from Canada only. It would be great if the company decides to expand its operations to other markets as well.

Some users dislike the necessity of having to subscribe to the online banking services of their selected financial institution. Others do not like the fact that the Express Connect e-Wallet requires registration. However, these are all minor inconveniences compared to all the great functionalities of the products and their overall ease of use and flexibility.

As we already stated, Gigadat does not impose additional fees on its clients and that is hardly a disadvantage. However, the participating financial institutions have their own fees, which customers should be familiar with.

Last but not least, since Interac e-Transfers occur through the use of e-mail, the security of the transactions may be compromised by online fraudsters.

Countries Where Gigadat is Used as a Deposit Method for Sports Betting

Countries At the time of writing the present review, the line of financial tools, delivered by Gigadat is available to users from Canada only. Currently, there are no other countries where Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, and the Express Connect e-Wallet are available.

In order to make use of any of the brand’s products, customers should have an account with one of the banking institutions or credit unions compatible with Gigadat. Furthermore, they should have activated their online banking.

The network of Canada’s banks and credit unions participating in Gigadat’s platform is a very broad one. Some of the largest financial institutions include DC Bank, First Nations Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, National Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and Royal Bank of Canada, to mention a few.

By concentrating solely on the Canadian market, the brand has been able to identify its specifics and achieve a better understanding of its customers’ needs. Gigadat’s website serves as an excellent source of information on the products of the company, as well as other important features. As such, it is supported in the two official languages in Canada – English, and French.

As per statistical data, published on the brand’s website, in 2015, there were over 18 million online buyers, and this figure is constantly rising. In view of the global pandemic, online purchases in 2020 saw a dramatic rise, not only in Canada but all over the world. And this trend does not appear to be changing. With that said, we cannot deny the importance of online payment processors such as Gigadat and their incredible security and ease of use.

As a payment processor operating on the Canadian market, Gigadat is PCI-compliant and adheres to AML practices. Local regulations are also taken into consideration, delivering an exceptionally secure and compliant environment for online users, participating bank institutions, and e-merchants.


  • Why is my withdrawal taking more than expected?

    Customers of the company should be aware that it does not handle transactions during weekends and on bank holidays. Another probable reason for a prolonged withdrawal might be due to entering incorrect e-mails or mobile phone numbers. Users can check the status of their transfers on the webpage of Gigadat, or ask for further assistance on 1-833-216-5300.
  • What happens if I provide a wrong answer to the security question?

    If users provide wrong answers to security questions three consecutive times, the e-transfer will be canceled. As per the established practices, the money will be directed back to the online merchant and within 24 hours it should be credited back to the customer’s online account with the merchant. At this point, a new request can be initiated.
  • How can I register for the Autodeposit feature?

    The possibility of registering for the Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit varies by the financial institution that customers are using. To receive further information on the topic, they might need to contact a customer representative of their participating bank. To register for the feature, users should log in to their online banking account and navigate to their Interac e-Transfer profile settings. What follows next is adding an identifier to be associated with Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit and choosing the account to which the user wants funds deposited. Then, customers receive a request, prompting them to verify the registration. As a result, the following receipt of funds will happen without the need to answer a security question.
  • Who regulates Gigadat?

    Gigadat is regulated by FINTRAC (the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada).
  • Which are the bank institutions Gigadat works with?

    Gigadat works in cooperation with more than 250 of Canada’s banks and credit unions. Some of the participating institutions are HSBC Bank, National Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, and Royal Bank of Canada, to mention a few.
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