Qatar Sports Investments Negotiates to Purchase Stake in Miami United FC

According to some media reports, Qatar Sports Investments that currently holds the majority stake of the French grand Paris Saint-Germain is negotiating to purchase a stake in Miami United FC.

Last week, a local media has reported that that the former captain of England’s national football team David Beckham was buying some shares. It seems that Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovic, Qatar Sports Investments, etc. have been greatly interested in such a purchase.

The proposed new Major League Soccer franchise Miami United has confirmed the negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain’s majority steak holder in an official statement, and it seems that Qatar Sports Investments is currently discussing the purchase of an equity stake. According to the statement of Miami Beckham United’s statement, the football club has become a target of interest of several potential partners.

The football team have explained in their statement that David Beckham, Marcelo Claure and Simon Fuller are currently considering various options as they would like to bring in some additional resources as well as international experts on all levels that would attract players, staff and supporters from all over the world.

According to Miami Beckham United, finding a potential partner that shares the club’s vision of making a qualitative squad that would bring pride to the club. In addition, the team explained that they are doing their best in order to perform well at home at a time when they have been focused on completing the purchase of two privately-held properties as well as a parcel owned by a third county.

In 2011, the Qatar Sports Investments, which is part of the Qatar Investment Authority, purchased 70% in the French Champions Paris Saint-Germain. The majority stake holder of the French grand have been primarily focused in making large investments in the football club in order to turn it into one of the leading powers on the world’s football arena with some of the best European players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Angel Di Maria and Thiago Silva starring in its ranks.

David Beckham himself was in Paris Saint-Germain in 2013 after leaving the team of LA Galaxy at the end of his career. In December 2015, Beckham confessed that he would like to attract his former team-mate from Paris Saint-Germain Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Miami United FC. Currently, his club Miami Beckham United are currently focused on getting to 2018 MLS season.

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