FIFA Seeks Life Time Ban for Platini

The UEFA boss’ lawyer revealed that FIFA’s ethics committee requested a lifetime ban from football for Platini over a disloyal and illegal payment.

Platini is suspended for 90 days on corruption charges. He received over £1.35 million payment from Sepp Blatter, FIFA president, who is serving a suspension, as well.

Thibaud d’Ales, Platini’s lawyer, said that the FIFA ethics committee investigators asked for the maximum sanction when they submitted their final report of the case. He added that the requested life ban was excessive and scandalous.

UEFA chief’s lawyer was angry. He said that that the commission lacked of “credibility”. He confirmed that there was no evidence, which would confirm FIFA’s suspicious.

The representatives of the most powerful men at FIFA, Blatter, declined to comment whether the committee requested the same sanction against Sepp Blatter.

The investigatory chamber of FIFA declared that the unit has opened a case against both men. The decision is expected to be announced until the 25th of December.

Platini desires to run for president of FIFA, but until the decision is made, he is forbidden to join the race. However, Blatter said that if he took part in the election, he would be elected as his successor.

Platini is one of the five candidates, who will run for FIFA’s president. The 26th of February is the date when the elections are scheduled.

Both men’s appeals against the 90 days suspensions were rejected on the 18th of November. The governing unit’s Appeal Committee did not change its decision to ban Platini and Blatter form their current posts.

The most powerful men in the world’s football denied the accusations. They said that they had not done anything illegal or wrong. The men added that the contract they had made was a “gentleman’s agreement”.

FIFA’s purpose is to prove that there is no such contract between Blatter and Platini. However, Thibaud d’Ales said a proof that a verbal contract had been made existed. The lawyer reported that they would submit it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). He believes that the case would be handled fairly within a short time.

A FIFA ethics committee’s spokesman did not confirm what was the requested sanction against the two men. The spokesman said that the committee was entitled to make comments, but due to the presumption of innocence and personality rights, it would not announce its requested sanctions publicly.

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