Mihajlovic to Decide on Boateng’s Return to AC Milan

Former Milan midfielder, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s fate is soon to be determined, as the player is expected to rejoin the team for his final “audition”. AC Milan’s coach Sinisa Mihajlovic will announce his final decision after the friendly tournament Trofeo San Nicola, that is to take place today. This is a pre-league tournament and is generally played by three Italian teams. This year, the participants are Bari, Milan and Italy’s Internazionale.

Boateng started his career in Italian football, when he signed with Serie A club Genoa, in 2010. Almost immediately, the Ghana international was transferred on loan to AC Milan. Soon after, the two clubs agreed on a co-ownership deal, but in 2011, Milan decided to permanently sign Boateng for the following four years. His contract expired in June, this year.

Boateng then joined the German team Schalke 04, but his relationship with the club has been rather rocky. Towards the end of the last season, the Ghana international’s relations with the Germans fell apart. Milan offered him to use their training facility, Milanello, as a form of gratitude for his previous contribution to the team. Boateng has appeared at the San Siro in 74 Serie A matches, netting 10 goals for the Italian team.

Boateng remains under contract with his German side, Schalke 04, and at the present moment it is impossible for him to change to another club. It appears Mihajlovic decided to re-evaluate his decision on Boateng and is possibly considering to add the midfielder to his team, during the next transfer window. It is speculated that Mihajlovic plans to secure Boateng for a minimal fee.

The midfielder was more than happy to accept his former club’s offer, and has been training at the Milanello with the Rossoneri ever since. His training with Milan will come to an end on December, 31st. However, the Milanese team’s coach, recently experienced a change of heart. Mihajlovic is currently considering the option of adding the Ghana international to his squad.

The player will be featured in the friendly tournament against the Italian club Bari. The match will be held today and will provide Boateng with the opportunity to tip the scales in his favour, by proving his potential.

Boateng is firmly set on passing the test and signing a permanent deal with the club, during the January transfer window. The player himself has expressed hopes, he will be given the opportunity to re-sign with his former team.

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