Neymar Follows the Steps of World’s Best

Neymar is a brilliant player that performs at a level, similar to Ronaldo and Messi. This weekend is the perfect time for him to prove it. Barcelona is playing against Real on Saturday at Bernabéu.

This month Barca achieved 3-0 victory against Villarreal. The match was beautiful and intense. Neymar’s performance will always be remembered by those who were lucky enough to see the piece of magic. His coach said that the Brazilian’s playing was “the sort of thing that makes football the beautiful game”.

Neymar has outstanding football skills and instinct. He was with his back against the net and managed to control the cross with his stomach. After that he instantly flicked the cross over his head to escape from Real Madrid’s marker. Then he turned around at 180 degrees in order to meet the ball and shot towards the net.

The whole stadium met the goal with astonishment. Before it more than 70 000 people were echoing “Messi”, but after the magnificent performance of the Brazilian, the audience started screaming “Neymar”. They sang the same song, but the name was different. The score was a symbolic moment for him.

Neymar scored 11 goals at La Liga. He is the top scorer at the league and is with three points ahead of Ronaldo.

Messi has a knee injury and was out of the field, so the Brazilian replaced him. Neymar did a great job compensating for the absence of the Argentinian by achieving 10 scores during the past 7 games.

Neymar has been scoring just for fun since he was 17. Now, he is only 23, but his football career is impressive. The total amount of the goals he scored is 249; 136 for Santos, 67 for Barca and 46 for Brazil. The number he reached is more than Messi’s (186) and Ronaldo’s (127) goal career, when they were at his age.

The Brazilian has attracted much attention, because his performance during the last few weeks was electrifying. The deputy editor of newspaper Sport, based in Barcelona, Albert Masnou believes that Neymar is playing better than the top player of Real Ronaldo.

One of the greatest players at Barcelona, Ronaldinho, said that Neymar was a phenomenon. He thinks that the Brazilian could be the world’s greatest.

During the past few weeks Neymar has shown that he is good enough to play right next to Messi.

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Morgan Bray

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