Juventus Under Investigation: Alleged Unethical Agent Deals

Key Takeaways:

  • Juventus is under scrutiny due to allegations of engaging in suspicious dealings with agents, including paying them for their involvement in deals they weren’t actually part of.
  • The investigation, known as ‘Agentopoli,’ is being conducted by the Secretariat of the Agents Commission.

Unveiling the Investigation

Juventus is facing an investigation following revelations from the ‘Agentopoli’ inquiry. This investigation revolves around a series of invoices related to player deals. It has come to light that certain agents received payments despite having no actual role in these transactions. The accusation suggests that these agents were included as intermediaries in deals solely to settle pre-existing debts.

Prominent Names Involved

Several well-known figures in the realm of Italian football have been implicated in this investigation. These agents include Davide Lippi, Gabriele Giuffrida, Giuseppe Galli, Vincenzo Morabito, Michele Fioravanti, and Tullio Tinti.

Legal Proceedings

The involved agents have been asked to provide their defense briefs, with a deadline for submission today. Subsequently, the CAS (Sports Agents Commission) will deliberate on whether to impose sanctions on those implicated.

Extended Investigation

The ‘Agentopoli’ inquiry into Juventus remains an ongoing process, expected to extend until 2025, with no final ruling imminent. The investigation will delve deeper into these allegations, shedding light on the extent of any unethical agent deals involving the club.

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