Celtic FC Takes Steps to Address Sex Abuse Claims Linked to Boys Club

Key Takeaways:

  • Celtic FC is looking to settle legal claims related to historical abuse at Celtic Boys Club.
  • Over 20 former players have initiated legal actions against the club.
  • The club had previously claimed it wasn’t responsible as the boys club was a separate entity.
  • Recent developments indicate a shift in Celtic’s stance as they signal willingness to enter settlement negotiations.


Celtic FC is navigating a complex legal situation involving historical abuse claims linked to Celtic Boys Club. More than 20 former players have initiated legal actions, alleging they suffered abuse while associated with the club.

Affiliation and Claims

Celtic Boys Club, established in 1966, served as a feeder team to the senior Celtic side. Both entities had close ties, sharing players, officials, and facilities. Lawyers representing the former players argue that the boys club and Celtic were intimately connected, making the senior club vicariously liable for assaults that occurred in the youth set-up.

The litigation, led by Thompsons Solicitors, centers on historical claims of sexual assault by convicted individuals associated with Celtic Boys Club, such as Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney.

Settlement Negotiations

Celtic has indicated its intention to enter into settlement negotiations within the group litigation. While the club has not formally admitted liability or made concessions, this development reflects a willingness to explore the possibility of settling the action. Parties involved will request the court to adjourn the forthcoming proof hearing to assess the value of individual cases.

Legal Landscape

Group proceedings in Scots law were introduced in 2020, enabling groups with similar claims to raise a single action in the Court of Session. A hearing for the group litigation had been scheduled for October.

Shifting Position

Celtic FC had previously distanced itself from responsibility, emphasizing the separation between the two clubs. However, recent signals suggest a shift in the club’s position, acknowledging the need to address these historical claims. Discussions between legal teams will take place in the coming months to determine the terms of potential settlements.

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