Zidane Says Real Madrid Could Not Lose any More Points

The head coach of Real Madrid – Zinedine Zidane – applauded his side’s great effort and concentration. He also commented on the squad’s performance after the 6-0 win of the Spanish grand over Espanyol on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu, saying that coming out victorious was not as easy as it looked.

This was the third home victory of the club since Zinedine Zidane took over the position of manager as Rafael Benitez’ replacement last month. Real Madrid currently occupies the third position in La Liga table, with a four-point gap from the current leader Barcelona, and only one point behind the runner-up Atletico Madrid.

Five goals came after a hat-trick of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose total goals in La Liga rose to 19, and another three goals netted by Karim Benzema and James Rodriguez. The sixth goal for Real Madrid was netted by the Espanyol debutante Oscar Ruarte who scored a late own-goal.

At his news conference after the game, the Whites’ manager explained that he felt quite happy with the total of 16 goals his men scored in the first three home games of his tenure. He also said this is great achievement that should not be underestimated and he appreciates the hard work and concentration of the entire squad.

Zidane also said that Real Madrid started very well in January, which is the most important thing, but still insisted that what they were doing was not as easy as it looked.

Besides the fantastic home performances of Real Madrid, which ended with a total of 16 goals on their record, Zidane’s only away game so far did not ended so well, as the squad dropped two points in their 1-1 draw against Real Betis on January 24rd. The draw raised some questions what had been the reason why the Whites did not manage to beat the struggling team of Betis, so Zidane commented that the club could not afford another slip against Granada in the upcoming game on February 7th.

Real Madrid’s manager said that the squad is primarily focused on their own position in the ranking, considering the fact that La Liga is not over yet. He also revealed that his men are working on their play, concentration and intensity at the field, provided the difficult upcoming opponents. He, however, shared that the entire squad are aware of the fact they could not enjoy the luxury of losing any more points after the 2-point drop against at Real Betis.

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