Kevin-Prince Boateng Proves to Be the Right Choice for Milan

Kevin-Prince Boateng remains the only addition to AC Milan club with less than two weeks remaining from the January transfer window. For several years now, the Italian club has been following a transfer policy of selling players before buying new ones, but it yet remains to be seen if the Rossoneri would prefer to get news players or not.

The 28-year-old midfielder has already played for the team of Milan in the period between 2010 and 2013. His second spell at the Italian No.6 club started in January 2016 after his contract with Bundesliga’s Schalke 04 had been terminated by mutual consent. After leaving Schalke, the player applied for entering Milan once again and managed to impress their manager Sinisa Mihajlovic.

What is more, Boateng continued following the same work ethic after being accepted to the team. The second goal in the 2-0 victory of Milan over Fiorentina on January 17th has been considered his most important contribution to the club so far.

The truth is that there have been speculations for Boateng’s return to Milan for quite some time before it finally happened. According to rumours, he had been having some troubles in Germany, which resulted in him deteriorating his form to a state that had nothing to do with him at the time when Milan won the Serie A title in 2011. However, the midfielder has managed to prove he is totally capable of getting rid of his bad luck and convinced even his most fierce opponents that the team of AC Milan have made a great choice of bringing him back to the club.

He has once again proved that he is great in combining both excellent defensive work and fantastic offensive skills. His skills and overall form seem to be the right ones that correspond to the strategy of Milan’s head coach.

In fact, manager Sinisa Mihajlovic truly needed an additional player as an option to play behind the front line after the departure of Suso for Genoa. It was exactly Boateng who had demonstrated his potential in his appearance for Milan against the team of Roma. Still, his greatest performance for the Rossoneri so far has been his play against the team of Fiorentina on Sunday.

Boateng himself commented on his side’s latest victory in an interview published on Milan’s website saying that the win is a really important one for the team. The player also said that the entire squad have been working well and it is high time for their efforts to be repaid. He shared that Mihajlovic had prepared the team well and regardless of the difficulties, the players did a great job.

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Toby Sinclair

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