Mihajlovic Deserves a Chance in AC Milan to Prevent Further Disruption

Various speculations related to the future of AC Milan’s manager Sinisa Mihajlovic in the football club have emerged after the disappointing 1-1 draw with Verona at the weekend. According to rumours, Mihajlovic is seriously threatened considering eventual sack talks with the executives of the club.

Still, the head coach of AC Milan shared he was “calm and peaceful” when it comes to his future and explained that he will not allow rumours about his position worry him. After spending less than six months on the position of manager, the Serbian could be given the sack and now is pressed by the uncertainty that has been following the football club recently.

AC Milan, who currently occupy the 7th position in Serie A table, have been pretty impatient to get fast and easy improvement in their results, which led to them rotating through a number of managers in a short period of time.

A total of four head coaches, including Massimiliano Allegri, Clarence Seedorf, Filippo Inzaghi and finally, Mihajlovic, have tried to deal with the team’s problems since January 2014. Now, it seems that the Serbian who was appointed as head coach of the club on June 16th 2015 has been going through the same inconsistency issues that his predecessors at the position have faced.

Mihajlovic held a press conference on Wednesday and insisted on his firm position, saying that he remains calm about his job and he could deal with criticism hanging over his head like Damocles sword.

It is true that AC Milan have shown only small glimpses of what they are capable of over the current campaign in their victories over Lazio and Sampdoria, but the club’s happiness with its success was all too brief, not to mention that these issues increased pressure on Mihajlovic.

As minor a relief it could be, the team of AC Milan has managed to come out victorious of its last four consecutive games in all competitions. Unfortunately, this does not make things better for the Italian club, because its last three outings have been difficult to which, and the results turned out to be frustrating. The club is considered to have missed several excellent opportunities of putting more pressure on their competitors and have been anchored to the bottom of the Serie A table, slowly approaching the the relegation zone line.

The 46-year-old Mihajlovic left the team of Sampdoria, where he spent less than a year, to join AC Milan. Regardless of the fact that he insists he feels calm about his future with the team, he would probably be given a little more time before any final conclusions on his work can be made.

In addition, taking into account the fact that there has been some uncertainly in the management of the club and three other coaches preceded Mihajlovic at the job, it is questionable that the current coach is the only one to blame for the situation. It is true that the under-performance of the team must be put to an end, but it is also a fact that it is impractical to throw money at a problem and expecting immediate results.

AC Milan have had undoubtedly some major squad flaws over the past three years, and this is a problem that can be simply fixed over one transfer window. On the other hand, making further investments of time, money and most of all, patience in Mihajlovic could work out, especially considering the fact that the winter break knocking at the door is the perfect time for the club’s squad to regroup and certain difficulties in the players’ collaboration to be ironed.

Replacing Mihajlovic as head coach over the season will surely result in further destabilisation and troublesome changes, not to mention the fact that the manager’s eventual successor would probably have the same fate.

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Toby Sinclair

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