Luis Suarez Demonstrates Excellent Form and Development

Luis Suarez has always been considered as much more than an average football player. The last thing that can be said for the striker who is both loved and hated is that he can be left unnoticed. Right on the contrary, has has managed to become one of the most notorious players who have ever set foot at the pitch both because of his fiery temper and his excellent play.

The 28-year-old player who originates from Uruguay is widely known for three separate occasions being found guilty of biting his opponents, not to mention the racial abuses towards Petrice Evra at the time Suarez has been playing for Liverpool. He was also dismissed in a match on the 2010 World Cup because of deliberate handball and is known as a player who is used to exaggerating contact in order to provide his team with unfair advantage.

All this left on the background, Suarez is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the world up to date. In addition, he has got even better after his transfer to Barcelona in 2014, providing no less than his best form at the pitch.

He even managed to become one of the most influential players not only for Barcelona, but on a global scale as well. With Lionel Messi used as the undeniable attacking weapon, Suarez and Neymar were also given enough chances to prove themselves in action.

The player signed a contract with Barcelona in the summer of last year. While playing with the Liverpool outfit, he scored the unbelievable 82 goals in 133 appearances only. In addition, the striker has won both the Premier League player of the year award and the Golden Boot award at he time when in Liverpool before signing with Barcelona.

The Spanish grand’s coaching staff and board of directors, as well as the new team-mates of Suarez have given him a warm welcome. Now the 28-year-old striker has even managed to surpass his former glory and enjoys the full support of the entire club.

The high-class game of the Uruguayan was once again demonstrated after he managed to score the winning goal in the final of the Champions League regardless of the fact that he was penalised not to play for the Spanish team until late October. In addition, Suarez can boast for his 25 goals and 21 assists in all competitions while wearing the outfit of Barcelona. This excellent form remained truly mind-blowing by the end of the campaign.

Thanks to his great scoring skills, undeniable flair for the game and his relentless desire to play as if this is the last match in his life, Suarez managed to become a true leader in one of the best and most praised football clubs in the world. He is obviously motivated by his endless desire for success, which makes him to work on his constant improvement, so that it is practically impossible for the others to predict how much better can Suarez get in the years to come.

The striker has been rumoured to be seeking an exit opportunity from Barcelona for some time now. However, he categorically denied these speculations and announced his desire to stay in the Spanish grand “for many years” regardless of how large an eventual payment from another club may be.

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Morgan Bray

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