Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal Ownership: A Remarkable Rise Among the World’s Sports Titans

Key Takeaways:

  • Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has seen a significant boost in his sports team values.
  • His NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams, is now the fifth most valuable sports team globally, with a worth of $6.9 billion.
  • Kroenke’s financial success extends to other teams, including the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets.
  • His overall sports empire has made him the second richest individual in sports, valued at $14.4 billion.
  • Forbes’ rankings highlight the financial strength of the NFL, with many of the top 50 most valuable teams coming from the American football league.

Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal Resurgence and Sports Empire

Arsenal fans have witnessed their club’s resurgence under the ownership of Stan Kroenke. With a rejuvenated squad, manager Mikel Arteta, and substantial investments, the Gunners are once again competing at the highest level in the Premier League. However, it’s not just Arsenal that’s thriving under Kroenke’s stewardship.

The Los Angeles Rams – A Remarkable Turnaround

Stan Kroenke’s Los Angeles Rams have achieved something remarkable. Forbes ranks them as the fifth most valuable sports team globally, with a staggering worth of $6.9 billion. Kroenke acquired the Rams in 2010 for $750 million and controversially relocated the team from St. Louis back to LA. This move, in terms of finances, proved to be a masterstroke. The Rams clinched the Super Bowl title in 2021, a change in fortunes that Arsenal fans can only hope to see mirrored in their club.

More Success Across Different Sports

Kroenke’s influence extends to other sports franchises. The Colorado Avalanche, under his ownership, secured the NHL’s Stanley Cup in 2022 after a 21-year championship drought. Additionally, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets celebrated their first-ever championship victory this year.

Astonishing Valuation Growth

The valuation of the Rams is even more astonishing when considering Kroenke’s initial purchase price of $750 million, reflecting a remarkable 116% increase in the last five years.

Kroenke’s Position in the Sports World

Stan Kroenke’s financial success in the world of sports is evident in his current ranking as the second richest individual in the field, with a valuation of $14.4 billion. He trails only Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, who is valued at $14.5 billion. This places Kroenke as the 120th richest person globally.

NFL Dominance in Forbes’ Rankings

Forbes’ rankings underscore the financial might of the NFL, with 30 out of the top 50 most valuable sports teams originating from the 32-team American football league.

Global Ranking of Most Valuable Sports Teams:

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $9 billion
  2. New York Yankees – $7.1 billion
  3. Golden State Warriors – $7 billion
  4. New England Patriots – $7 billion
  5. Los Angeles Rams – $6.9 billion
  6. New York Giants – $6.8 billion
  7. Chicago Bears – $6.3 billion
  8. Las Vegas Raiders – $6.2 billion
  9. New York Knicks – $6.1 billion
  10. New York Jets – $6.1 billion
  11. Real Madrid – $6.07 billion
  12. Washington Commanders – $6.05 billion
  13. Manchester United – $6 billion
  14. San Francisco 49ers – $6 billion
  15. Los Angeles Lakers – $5.9 billion
  16. Philadelphia Eagles – $5.8 billion
  17. Miami Dolphins – $5.7 billion
  18. Barcelona – $5.508 billion
  19. Houston Texans – $5.5 billion
  20. Liverpool – $5.228 billion
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