Mario Balotelli Returns to Milan after Adductor Injury

Mario Balotelli, who has been sidelined due to an injury that was the cause of him being kept sidelined since September 2015, has made progress in his recovery and resumed light work at the training ground of AC Milan.

The 25-year-old Balotelli used his Instagram account to share his progress by posting a photo of himself appearing at the training ground. The photo was accompanied by a the word “Finally”, demonstrating how the player feels about his long-awaited return to Milan.

As already explained above, the striker has not been part of his team’s games since September 27th because of a serious adductor injury. It was exactly the injury which held him back from play for more than two months. Balotelli was forced to undergo an operation, which had been hoped to have resulted into resolving the physical problems he has experienced recently.

Still, getting back to action is not a fast and easy process. Resuming light work at the training ground was actually the first step on returning back to action, but Balotelli is actually expected to be back at the pitch within a period of two weeks. The striker is said to be due to take part in Milan’s match against Hellas Verona that is to take place on December 13th, but in fact, it is more likely for him to be back in the squad for the club’s trip to Frosinone that is scheduled for a week later. This is also the team’s 2015 final fixture.

Mario Balotelli has only one goal scored since he came back to Milan on loan from Liverpool. This, however, is considered a relatively poor result considering the fact that the injury has sidelined him for four matches only. Still, the player has demonstrated to have become more mature, especially considering his controversial days in the past.

Although that the striker is technically a player of Liverpool, he is rumoured to be dreaming of a move to the Spanish grand Real Madrid. The speculations have been confirmed by Balotelli’s team-mate at Milan Diego Lopez, who shared that Mario is really keen on becoming part of one of the largest football clubs in the world.

Lopez has also praised his team-mate’s abilities, his excellent qualities and great technical skills. He explained that Balotelli is dreaming to be playing side by side with players such as Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, fueling the rumours that the striker is aiming at securing a move to Real Madrid.

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