Pérez Fully Supports Benítez

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Rafael Benítez, 55-year-old, has become manager of Real Madrid in the summer. After the 4-0 defeat by Barcelona fans wanted him fired.

A board meeting followed on Monday. The club president Florentino Pérez said that Benítez had “all the support and confidence”. He added that Rafa had just started working in the club, so everyone should let him do his job and he would achieve his goals.

The club president rejected that Ronaldo had told him he was not happy with Benítez being a manager.

Pérez was also under the radar of angry fans on Saturday. He said that he understood their disappointment. He asked fans to show their support to the players and the team, because Real needed it more than ever.

Real are playing on Wednesday against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. Sunday the team has another game against Eibar in La Liga.

Benítez replaced Carlo Ancelotti during the summer. His team has not been defended until earlier this month at the game against Sevilla. Real was beaten once again by Barcelona on Saturday. Real are six points behind Barca. Atletico Madrid succeeded in replacing Benítez’s men and are two points ahead at the La Liga chart.

Graham Hunter said that there were two reasons why Pérez did not fire Benítez: there was no one who would replace him and the coach was likely to be the one who would be criticised, when things were not perfect.

The game on Saturday was not the first time when Benítez’s managing skills were put under question. He was criticised for the 1-1 match against Atletico Madrid. After that the team was defeated by Sevilla.

Moreover, the coach has been accused that he failed in developing nice relationships with his top players.

It was reported that the team had lost faith in their coach and they thought that his tactics were not comprehensive.

Sergio Ramos, Isco, Karim Benzema and James Rodríguez are not happy with the manager. Ronaldo is having a difficult time with him, as well. Moreover, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are linked with transfers during the following season.

Solace for Benítez is that he is not the only one who is being heavily criticised. The post-match critics were focused on Perez, as well. Fans accused him that he meddled in the selection of the team and constructed a lack of balance within the squad, because of his transfer policy.

Zidane, Real Madrid Castilla’s coach, was suggested that he would replace Benítez. However, the French legend cooled down any speculations and said that he was happy being the B-team’s coach.

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