Andrea Pirlo Rumoured for Inter Milan Transfer

Inter Milan’s vice president, Javier Zanetti, did not fully dismiss the possibility of Andrea Pirlo’s transfer to Italy’s national team. The 36-year old Pirlo plays for the New York City FC as a midfielder. It is speculated Pirlo could be transferred to the Internazionale on loan in January, 2016.

The midfielder played for Inter Milan between 1998 and 2001. Speculations of his possible transfer emerged after Inter won the match against Frosinone with 4 to 0, this past Sunday. The Nerazzurri are currently at the top of the Serie A standings, two points ahead runners-up Napoli. After Inter’s win, the club’s president, Javier Zanetti, revealed his intentions to strengthen the team in the following months.

Zanetti believes it’s still early to talk about the team winning the Scudetto title, but he is very pleased with the Nerazzurri’s current position. Despite that, the vice president stated some improvements can be made, possibly by transferring new players. His statement caused many to speculate over Pirlo’s move to Inter Milan.

Last summer, the Italian football player moved to the United States to join New York City FC. Since then, Pirlo has appeared on the pitch with the American team 13 times. Now that the American season has come to an end, rumours emerged Pirlo could return to Europe to enjoy a short spell with the Italian team.

The midfielder has acquired the status of an Italian football legend. After the end of his three-years spell with Inter, Pirlo played for Milan between 2001 and 2011. Then the footballer spent four years at rival club Juventus.

However, Pirlo’s January transfer to Inter Milan has not been confirmed at this point. The player took a short break and now has returned back to New York, where he is preparing for the next term’s start in March, 2016.

Inter’s head coach, Roberto Mancini, appears to be in favour of the transfer, but disclosed he has not discussed this possibility with the midfielder himself, at least not at this point. Mancini went on to say he greatly admires Pirlo, but had never spoken to him in person. “I don’t even have his phone number,” Mancini said.

Mancini then admitted Inter might be at the top of the Serie A standings right now, but still, there are teams with better squads. He believes Juventus, Fiorentina, Napoli and Roma are all well-equipped for a Scudetto win and in better shape than Inter.

Vice president, Zanetti, on the other hand, shared it is not up to him to decide in favour of Pirlo’s transfer this next January. When asked about his opinion on Pirlo’s possible move, Zanetti answered, he believes him to be “a great champ”, but in his honest opinion Pirlo did not exactly fit Inter Milan. Zanetti went on to say, this question should be posed before Inter’s sporting director, Piero Ausilio. However, Zanetti, concluded by saying anything was possible.

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