Zidane Is Not Ready To Manage Real

Real Madrid are six points behind Barcelona. Barca won a 4-0 victory against Benítez’s men at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on Saturday.

The embarrassing loss led to many speculations. Coach’s position remains uncertain. Guillem Balagué, a football expert, believes that Benítez was likely to be sacked soon. Real’s manager has lost two of 15 matches since the summer, but the club is impatient, which may lead to replacement. There has to be consequences, because this is how Real Madrid works. However, Balagué added that Rafa was not the only one to point fingers at.

The football expert said that Real’s business plan was very good. They are among the richest clubs in the world. Still, the team won only one league under Florentino Pérez, which means that putting famous names as managers may not be the best idea.

After the game Benítez admitted that Real were stressed. He said that they lost three points and nothing else. Both the club president and the manager have been under pressure. It was reported that only six players wanted Rafa to stay. Real fans called for the resignation of Fernando Pérez.

Zinedine Zidane, former Real and French legend, has been the current manager of the B-team of Real Madrid since 2014. It is earmarked that he would be suggested as a future boss of the first-team.

However, the former Real midfielder has distanced from the speculation and confirmed that he would not take over the team. He said that he was fully focused on being a manager of Real Madrid Castilla. Zidane added that he was happy as the B-team’s coach and was not rushing anything. He found himself in the proper place as their manager.

Zidane confirmed that he was not ready to take over Real, because he felt that there was something that was missing. He was looking to cool down the speculations and added that he had “a long way to go.”

Real Madrid suffered an embarrassing 4-0 loss against Barcelona. Benítez could not succeed in preventing his second defeat at El Clasico. His team was beaten by Sevilla with 3-2 earlier this month.

After the end of the match home supporters waved white handkerchiefs. Cristiano Ronaldo was booed.

As a result of the 4-0 loss against Barcelona, Real Madrid have 24 point and hold the 3rd place at the La Liga chart. Atlético Madrid are two points above Benitez’s men. Villarreal are placed 4th with 21 points. Barcelona is the leader of the table with 30 points.

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