Dybala Compared to Former Juventus Star Tevez

Juventus continue on their recent winning streak, as striker Paulo Dybala, bagged an impressive goal this past Saturday, assisting Juve in their 1 to 0 win against AC Milan. This is the third successive victory for Juventus as the team enjoys a recent recovery. The Old Lady’s chances of cementing their Scudetto champion title are increasing.

The derby was hosted by Juventus at their stadium. Alex Sandro’s cross in the second half of the game, enabled striker Dybala to net the crucial goal, despite Gianluigi Donnarumma’s efforts to block it. The Rossoneri did their best to score a goal and end the game in a 1 to 1 draw, but their efforts proved to be in vain.

Though Buffon’s performance was impressive, it was 22-year old Dybala who decided the outcome of the game. Dybala’s immaculate performance this past Saturday caused many to draw parallels between him and another Juventus player, namely Argentine footballer Carlos Tevez.

Tevez was transferred from Manchester City to Juventus in 2013 and went on to become one of the Old Lady’s strongest forwards. Tevez’s style of play was extremely versatile and dynamic. However, this past summer the Argentinian decided to leave Juventus and return to his home country, thus opening the spot for Dybala.

Dybala himself admits Tevez has had a tremendous influence on his style of play. The striker relates how he used to watch video clips of Tevez to study his technique and style.

Since Tevez’s departure, Juventus have struggled to retain their position of Serie A champions. Their current position in Serie A is untypically low, and many are quick to attribute the fact to the absence of Tevez. Nevertheless, Juve recently stepped up to their game and are on a winning streak once again. Their last win against rivals Milan was settled by Dybala, who joined the club in June, this year. Towards the end of the game, the 22-year old Argentinian was substituted, but the thundering ovation he was sent away with, spoke for itself.

Nicknamed “The Little Priest”, when he was still playing in his native Cordoba, Dybala played for Palermo, prior to his £25million transfer to Juventus. He stands out with a unique dribbling style, agility and laudable technical skills. Dybala’s ability to protect the ball is yet another thing that sets him apart.

After the Saturday derby, Dybala shared with journalists, he was especially pleased by the opportunity of working with Juventus’ current coach Massimiliano Allegri. Juve’s coach, on the other hand, addressed the remark of Dybala’s former Palermo coach, Maurizio Zamparini. Several weeks ago, Zamparini stated the Old Lady was misusing Dybala’s free spirit.

In response, Allegri pointed out it would be a great mistake to assume Dybala can bear the same responsibilities at Juventus, as those he took upon, while at Palermo. At least not at this point in his career with the Old Lady. Allegri stressed the young striker is not yet ready to become a leader. Nevertheless, Dybala is among Juve’s leading goalscorers this past season. The 22-year old Argentinian has been featured as a starter eight times and has managed to score six goals so far.

Comparisons were also drawn between young Dybala and yet another Argentinian football star, namely Sergio Agüero. Maybe next time when both players end up on the field with the Argentinian national team, the more experienced Agüero may provide Dybala with some advice on how to fill the void, Carlos Tevez had left after departing from Juventus.

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