Best of Barca vs Real at Clásicos

Barca and Real will play on Saturday. The Spanish Giants are strong and are fighting for top position at La Liga. There were very memorable and amazing games between the teams at Clásicos during the years.

In 1916 Real and Barca played a Cup replay and the match ended 4-4. After the extra time, the teams finished 6-6. During the second replay Real took the lead with 4-2, but Barcelona protested, because of a referees’ bias.

Twenty years later, in 1936, the Spanish giants met at the final of the Copa del República. Real achieved a 2-1 victory against Barca. Ricardo Zamora saved a shot in the last minute. Zamora was the first Spanish football superstar. The moment of the save was immortalized in probably the most famous football photograph in the country’s history of football.

The biggest win that Real Madrid achieved was in 1943. They beat Barca 11-1. This was the beginning of a rivalry. It was more than a football match, because it turned out as a hostile menace.

In 1953 Barcelona and Real wanted to sign Alfredo Di Stéfano. He was training and playing with Barca, but eventually Real signed him. During that year Real beat Barca 5-0. Di Stéfano scored two goals.

During the 60s Real was the best team in the world. They won the European Cup five years in a row. For the first time Barcelona succeeded in beating Real. Finally, Barcelona defeated Real.

Eight years later Barcelona achieved a 1-0 victory over Real at the Copa del Rey final, thanks to a ridiculous own goal. The match ended with many thrown bottles. The referee spent the night under police protection. Since that game glass bottles were forbidden from the stadiums.

In 1970 the referee was the one to blame once again. Emilio Guruceta’s decisions were considered suspicious. The Catalan club started a protest. The referee awarded Real a penalty. Barca’s footballers threatened to walk away and the audience did not respond well. The police handled the situation.

The game changed for Barcelona during 1974. They beat Real 5-0 at Bernabéu. Cruyff was Barca’s hero.

A year later Real defeated Barca 5-0. Michael Laudrup switched teams. He left Barca and joined Real.

In 2002 Real won over Barca thanks to Zinedine Zidane and Steve McManaman.

Messi took Barcelona to the finals of the European Cup. The team achieved a great victory.

The game on Saturday will be intense and it is of great significance for both teams.

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Morgan Bray

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