Messi Prepares for El Clasico on Saturday

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid Castilla’s coach, expects that the top player of Barcelona Lionel Messi will not return for El Clasico on Saturday.

However, the Barcelona star is going back to full training after he tore his left knee’s ligament on the 26th of September.

It is not decided whether Messi will participate in El Clasico at the Bernabeu. The club said that they would confirm it until Friday. Zidane, who is a former Real Madrid midfielder, hopes that the Argentinean will not be in shape and will miss the league game.

Messi did not play with Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers. But he may be set to be included in this weekend’s game against Real. He is in much better shape and his knee’s ligament is recovering very well. Messi is doing everything to perform at Saturday’s match.

Zidane confirmed that everyone wanted to see the Barcelona star back on the pitch. But from Real Madrid’s perspective, he could not say that seeing Messi on the field would be good news for him. Still Zidane is convinced that Real has a chance of winning.

Luis Suárez and Neymar replaced Messi’s absence. Barcelona was not affected by Messi’s injury and they lead Real Madrid with three poins before El Clasico.

Zinedane Zidane said that Barcelona needed Messi, and any other team would have been pleased to have someone like him on their side. He will boost the power of Barca.

Zidane also added that that Toni Kroos, who left Bayern Munich for Real Madrid, was doing a great job at Los Blancos. Kroos was used to play German football, but he quickly adapted to the beauty of the Spanish style. “By now, it’s hard to believe that he’s actually German.” He also added that Kroos was perfect for the team.

Striker Karim Benzema may not play on Saturday, because he could not complete the training session on Tuesday. He was not able to play since the 8th of October, because of a problem with his hamstring. Benzema was expected to participate at the league game, but since he is not fully fit, he may miss it.

The participation of the goalkeeper Keylor Navas is also unclear. He is recovering from a muscle problem.

The captain of the team Sergio Ramos has a shoulder problem and did not play at the Spain’s internationals this week. However, he is not expected to miss the game against Barca.

Miguel Cardenal, Spain’s Secretary of State, said that the security on Saturday will be enhanced. The game will go as scheduled.

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