Man United Manager himself Confirms that He's Clueless

Man United David MoyesManchester United fell to their 8th league defeat of the campaign and once again David Moyes broke another record.
This time Stoke won their first ever premier league game against the Red Devils, their first win in 3 decades.
With horrific first half of the season, Manchester United’s hope of retaining title was already over. However, now the hope of qualifying for the final Champions league spot is slowly but surely fading as well.
Liverpool will play West Brom today and if the merseysiders end up earning three points, they will go 9 points clear of the English champions in 4th place. Not to forget, Liverpool have a far better goal difference as well.
Anyways, United lost again and as ususal Moyes thought that his side deserved to win. At least, he confirmed one thing himself that he is absolute clueless as the former Evertonian claimed:

“I don’t know what we have to do to win.”

Obviously now he has no place to hide with Rooney and Robin van Persie back playing alongside record signing Juan Mata.
The real problem United have faced this season is in the midfield department, but Moyes easily said that they are not signing anyone. Expected from one someone clueless.
The fans wondered what he will have as a solution and the answer was another clueless one.
When United badly needed a CM during the game, Moyes sent Welbeck and brought his best player Rooney out of the comfort zone to play in central midfield.
After that change, Rooney’s attacking threat was negligible, yet Moyes complains about not knowing what happened.
United supporters are already fearing the worst, the chances of playing in next year’s Champions league are diminishing quickly.
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  1. Rob Macgregor says:

    Let me help him…… ,which will help the team……Mr Moyes..your tactics are banal….your belief is zero… inspire no one….not even yourself…..your backroom staff should be renamed background staff……you look petrified before and during the games……you play players out of their best position……and you wonder why it’s not working for you………A prediction for you Dithering Dave and The Hobbitt Woodward……Defeats this season will be well into double figures….Fellaini will return and make us a bigger laughing stock….a bottom half finish seems likely………We will scrape through to the quarters of the CL……go out on a dodgy decision….and claim ‘we played well’…..just more puerile bilge, to take the attention off yourself……..and where did we finish last year……

  2. Symor says:

    Manchester united is an English national team! players like Young, Welbeck, Smalling and Carrick have no quality of playing manchester, why playing them?? Moyes should be sacked as soon as possible, we don’t want him anymore.

  3. Symor says:

    Moyes was definetely a wrong choice. May be he was choosen to play an English players who are out of their best. He left out Vidic, Kagawa, Valencia, Januzaj, Fellain and Chicharito.

  4. Rems says:

    Some1 asked me how come Zaha has 2 assist on his 1st start @ cardiff and cleaverly still has zero yet on moyse startin line up?
    I also thought he would bring in fletcher after the jones injury, instead he moved rooney deep into midfield, the were times in the 1st half where I felt moyse or mayb rooney himself would shift on da wing just for 10min to allow mata to play in the no10 role(dats how u rvp scored)
    And I must say welback and young missed clear cut chances, then u knw it ur midfielder were nt productive whn RVP has less than 3 shots @ goal.

  5. Aussiehopper says:


  6. Iyke says:

    Moyes deservs to be sacked, he doesn’t know the rules in Man U and could not alow d officials to help him instead he sacked them. Secondly he failed to sign the calibre of required players after he has boosted of strengthen his squad. Why must he bench Rafel and Valencia against stoke? When he knows they have superb combination. He always patronise welback who is a flop at the goal point. Man U will loose many fans cos of Moyes and I will have to quit Man U and take it as a history we cant bear th sham anymore.

    • arbenloogi says:

      someone like you and with your comment shows the many fake acquaintaces of a successful person. now we r having just one terrible season in as many as what? 27 years (that’s if u’ve even started supporting mufc since 1986) and then you want to defect, shame on all of you plastic,unfaithful sycophants. give the man moyes 1 or 2 seasons b4 u start insulting him. none of u are as qualified as him. he’s been voted league manager of the year 3 times for his laudable achievements and was appointes because he ticked all the boxes in line with the mufc philosophy. you all are just bunch of empty barrels who think they have an opinion because you watch football. please if you have nothing constructive to say about mufc you can defect to other prospering clubs no one will disturb u, just leave our mufc alone.

  7. Akeem babatunde lawal says:

    U got three errors in dat club, fergie, he is a pretty good liar . moyes , he is a midtable coach and nothing more. Ed woodward, he’s so daft, stupid and incompetent . These pple are making man utd a laughing stock to other clubs and it all started by fergie , honestly he’s not a complete and genuine legend .

  8. TAJ AZIZ says:

    The plyers are paid to perfome they dont obviously they are to blame they seemto have an attitude they are sabotaging their team and moyes some one is behind this leave moyes alone

    • John Smith says:

      yes player are paid …..but when come to tactical the player follow how the manager want the team to played…you got rafael but you put smalling, you know mata played well in the middle and yet moyes put him wing…you got janazuj, kagawa, valencia and yet moyes played young and claverly (headless chicken chasing ball)….who pick the players, the tactical for evry games….dont me glazer family…they had played i think more then 30 games…and still moyes dont know his XI…dont blame moyes well…then we blame SAF for choosing moyes…”No, its not SAF fault” just that moyes still in wonderland thinking he to good, sacking the backroom staff and putting any player can win any game…

  9. sunday olugbade says:

    I think man u need to act fast before is too late, it seem David Moyes has nothing to offer man u than to break all the record that has been keeping for so many year

  10. Raymond says:

    Moyes has not learned any lesson atall, imagine he just buy one player when we need more than 4 player in the team, we need a comfortable DM like alex song, why moyes refuse to spent money when it matter most nd we get only mata only, player like young, smallin, nani, vidic, ferdinand, carrick has nothing to offer us again. still moyes are still parade them their time has past. i think moyes do us no good execpt bad this season team that fight for league now struggle to attain top 4. moyes should be sack before we are fightin for relegation for GOD sake’s

  11. Gabara says:

    Fire the coach. He has confirmed that he is clueless. He is not sure of what he is doing. To SAF I say you were good in identifying talented players but not good in identifying your replacement. You will be a better legend if you can apologise to the millions of fans who feel offended by your choice of your fellow Scot as your replacement. Fire David Moyes immediatelly!!!

  12. i think all came from great fergie 4 not convincin guardiola that much! Instead he went on 2 apoint his felow britäinian country man 2 cum nd finish up d kindred stingy issue meeting @ old trafford, thoú after all d stupendious record he kept at old trafford den he went on and brought in an hilarious moyes 2 spoil everyfin. And my advice 2 all man.united fans is nt 2 put d blame on clueless moyes instead we shud put all blames 2 sir fergie!

  13. In the know says:

    Moyes should go and take his minions with him The man has never won anything in his managerial career so why was he given the top job in football SAF should never have been allowed to pick him or any other replacement . It’s time United started to listen to the fans as I believe most fans want him out quickly and a manager who can attract big name players in ASAP won’t be long before all our main sponsors pull out and we go bust.

  14. john martins Eze says:

    Am really disappointed in Moyes. Am sad.

  15. Eric says:

    We took on a mid table manager and he has done his best, we are mid table, that’s how far we will go with Moyse, Tony Pulis has done a better job at palace in less time with a team in decline ( don’t want Pulis ) We need a manager who has won trophy’s and title’s. Chelsea sack managers that win title’s and cups, Moyse would be well gone if he were at Chelsea.

  16. Ross says:

    Moyles should never of sacked the backroom staff and brought in is own. How the hell he thought he could keep continuity by doing so is his first mistake. Also from an outsiders view it looks like Moyles has took something out of the players, either by his management of the players or his training ground tactics. The signing of Fellani should of sent all the warning bells screaming. Am I the only who watched Everton fans Boo him for not tracking back when he lost possession and how many fouls he gives away by clumsy unnecessary challenges in dangerous areas. Mata will hopefully keep him out. Oh and Mr Moyels if your reading this please teach Rafael how to look over his bloody shoulder, too many times somebody can wander down left side unmarked and unchallenged. Simply not good enough

  17. Utdfan says:

    Well fergie wanted Moyes cause he is the perfect puppet but what he didn’t realize was that moyes was a moron as well when he sacked Rene and the other back room staff for his mid table talented coaches. Now this idiot has spoiled a working model….. No one taught him that you should not make whole sale changes to something that was not broken !!! M=Moron and O=Outstanding as a YES man !!! MOYES

  18. Abraham chale says:

    i dont blem moyes but the one who chose him as a manager with no record .he cannot even see what the world is can kagawa be out of a game like this whiles english good for noting players like welbek wil be playing.this is a game stop tribalism and save ur job.thus the same thin fergie did by chosing u so stop.ffffkkk

  19. Reza says:

    Moyes must resign and go back to basics of football – it’s an evidence – he’s managing one of the biggest clubs of the world, reining champions – and yet he admits his incapacity to find the winning solution! What a prick! You just have to consolidate your defense to give the necessary boost and confidence to the other lines.

  20. hazir gashi says:

    I do not like to watch anymore Man. Utd. play without Januzaj!
    Mata is good, but Januzaj is super.
    You can not compare the Drums with Violins!

  21. LUKAS TONIE says:

    MOYES is changing manchester united to MANCHESTER DIVIDED. I wish morinho came in!

  22. Blatt Sepper says:

    A manager admitting he doesn’t know what he has to do to win doesn’t instill confidence in the fans, a manager who keeps saying “we played well” when all around him are trying to tell him different is in denial.
    His two signings haven’t been needed, he bought Fellaini, who to be honest isn’t United quality, he can’t play AM, and he can’t play DM or CM, he doesn’t have the pace or the stamina, so he buys Mata, a player who’s ideal role is No10, we already have three players capable of playing in that role, so he pushes Mata out wide.
    Mata is great going forward, but not s good in his defensive duties, the reason Mourinho let him go.
    The time to “stand behind your new manager” has gone, eight defeats in 24 league games is mid table form, for any hope of CL or Europa league qualification we have to win our last fourteen games, and hope other results go our way, I can’t see that happening with out present form, and games against City, Arsenal and Liverpool coming up.

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