Manchester United Player Ratings – Got Stoked

Mark HughesStoke City finally won a premier league game against Manchester United and it was a former Liverpool man on show to complete visitor’s misery.
Charlie Adam scored two goals, first a wicked deflection, second a top draw strike in the top corner to earn Stoke three crucial points.
Manchester United were hit with injury blows as they had to replace both central defenders in the first half and Moyes made attacking changes.
Mata did provide his first assist of Manchester United career setting up Robin van Persie but they were only level for minutes as Stoke again went upfront thanks to Adam’s stunner.
United struggled to convert chances and in the end the game ended in defeat and more humiliation.
Here are Manchester United player ratings vs Stoke.

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  1. Gabara says:

    I truly do not understand why David Moyes was selected as Man United manager. He is not the right person to manage this big club at all. What sort of selection criteria was used to identify him as a qualified manager? Man United won’t play Champions League next season, but Everton. Mata spoke of speed, then what?

  2. Damian kato says:

    Why would you play welbeck if two of your center backs have gotten injured. With fletcher on bench

  3. John Smith says:

    Hoping moyes will wake up and realize…he is not in wonderland…moyes need to realize his tactical and player he choose are completely wrong…playing janazuj as no 10 with less experience where he more effective on the left..and not playing kagawa in the middle where he can create chances…playing young and claverly (headless chicken chasing ball) loaning zaha where zaha is much better then young….playing jone/smalling on lb where rafael…..and more…what is moyes thinking??, MANU have great player…moyes just cant link the player, it really seeing what AVB did with chelsea and tottenham, coming in and straight changing everything…and it wont be surprise the glazer looking for new manager…after seeing they are losing alot of money, just for one guys and his crew…

  4. Justin says:

    So the Ferguson Fortune years have gone and now we have the Moyes Misery months!
    Sir Alex made a few mistakes in his 26 years at United but suggesting Moyes as his replacement has to go down as the biggest of his life!
    Moyes has never won a thing as a manager yet he is appointed manager of the most successful club in England!
    The whole situation at Old Trafford comes down to this – Too many changes at one time.
    1. Appointing a manager who has won nothing and never bought players who cost a fortune nor handled players who are millionaires.
    2. Moyes then discards Meulensteen, Phelan and Steele who knew the club inside out and replaces them with a backroom team who have never won a thing in management!
    3. David Gill (perhaps the PL’s best negotiator) also moved onand a non-football man Woodward replaced him.
    4. Sir Alex’s rigid management style was replaced with a more relaxed environment AND
    5. The players have let their own standards slip much and now that has seen the club and its fortunes both on the pitch and off it, slump.
    As a consequence, this season, the PL title has gone, an FA cup tie was tamely given away, a League Cup semi-final lost in comic style and barring a miracle of mammoth proportions, any Champions League winning hopes will vanish too (not that the club had any real chance of winning it anyway, fact!) and just to rub it in even further, the possibility of Champions League matches being played next season look more and more unlikely with each defeat.
    Just to rub salt into the wounds, the transfer window has closed with only Mata being brought in and that follows Moyes proclaiming ‘many players want to join United’, so why was Mata the only one then Moyes?
    All in all a total disaster for all United fans everywhere.
    How the Glazers see the current situation and the near future I have no idea but if I was a Glazer, someone’s neck would be on the chopping block and I would start with Moyes!
    Perhaps any other club could just shrug off this season and start afresh the next but I am talking about Manchester United. The standards are high, very high and the current situation is way too poor to be allowed to continue.
    What can be done now the transfer window has closed beggars belief but hopefully something, anything will turn things around before its too late and time is running out, fast!

  5. matale says:

    Clearly Moyes has no clue on how to manage a team of Man U’s magnitude. He always gets his tactics wrong. We outplayed stoke but they were tactically spot on. Moyes must go

  6. Utdfan says:

    Moyes is truly a clueless Loser and it baffles me why he always plays welbeck ahead of chicarito just because he is English cause it’s definitely not for his talent. His first touch is terrible like Rooney which shows English players have lousy ball skills foundation, and more importantly welbeck is truly a Loser like his manager.

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