Congrats Moyes – You've Finally Distorted Man United's Squad

Moyes Manchester UnitedSince the arrival of David Moyes at Manchester United, the English champions have only become a laughing stock.
The former Everton manager knows only one style of play and i.e the Everton way which has led United in a position where he normally led Everton to.
Moyes has himself proved on many occasions that he is clueless because he does not know what the team has to do to win a game.
Those who are hoping that Manchester United can still finish in the top 4 this season are surely hoping against hope because under Moyes, the Red Devils are going nowhere.
Humiliated in every competition and the performance against Olympiacos in the last Champions league game was the worst we have seen from United in decades.
The Scott has been breaking records for all the wrong reasons this season and has turned Old Trafford into a fortress for visiting teams. Fans have their heads turned but now even players has lost it.
Finally, David Moyes has been able to distort the Man United squad as well. Many congratulations.
Star striker Robin van Persie came out to openly criticize his team mates and manager’s tactics after losing against Olympiacos.
In reply to that, Javier Hernandez came up with a statement that you are nothing without your team mates.
Although, he has denied that the comment has got anything to do with RvP but the timing is perfect and does suggest otherwise.
If sanity prevails, Moyes should not be Man United’s manager next season, but sadly, the fears are there that he might just be right here.
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  1. Stephen Trousdale says:

    As much as I give toss what happens to man scum united or give a toss about moyes he not on the pitch so you have to blame the players if they can’t change the way they player and the money they get to be in that team they shouldn’t be in on of the top clubs in the football world

    • ter says:

      you reason like a cow dung, Mr man. wasn’t it same players who strolled to the league title less than 6 months ago? added fellaini & Mata minus Anderson? so what else had changed if not dithering Dave?

  2. #mufc says:

    Stephen , you’re as clueless and headless as David moyes and yourself. The coach gives the tactical instructions not the captain or any other player . So David has to change the team to a team with a very dangerous attacking team ..of course without cleverly

  3. James Tarawallie says:

    Moyes should use Rooney and Chicharitto as his main strikers and use RVP as a substitute because he has proved hinself some games ago.

    • roshan says:

      Do not substitute yourself for the manager. he is the chosen one. remember beckham was not spared . moyes is the boss let him decide now. Rvp has to comply & then complain that also not in public.the board has given full power to moyes . let the board decide at the end.

  4. Daniel says:

    Rvp is right to voice out his frustration in d team, mind u, rvp is a profesional player, unlike, cleverly or young and smaling. He has every rit to say his mind. There is a big conspiracy in man u team presently, which is d serios problm d team is havin. Man u ned a courageous manager to lead them, if nt, man u ar going down witout no bouncing bak. Jux watch and c it hapening.

    • roshan says:

      Players have no right to voice out in public. they are mere employees of manu if they are not satisfied or if the club is not satisfied with their performance the door is open. as for moyes his fate has to be decided by the board by end of the season. we are only supporters , if performances remains as such we have to resort to an empty stadium. mind u brothers no one is above the club not even the best player s of the world the club has the right to hire and fire.

  5. Victor says:

    Even if Moyes is given Barca, he will still fail. He should admit that the job is big and resign b4 being sack. Waiting next season for transfer window with Moyes is a waste of time as he is busy searching for bench warmer or reject as his main target. SACK HIM NOW

  6. yo says:

    11pts clear last season with the same players.yeah one more year cant get that bad and be
    6th or 7th place in the league.
    same players +mata,man theres something wrong out there moyes cant get the best of the players you cant blame the whole things on these guys if united was fourth or 1 or 2 points closer,me and fans like me would not be that mad
    so go moyes
    i would really like to see managers like jurgen klopp eric cantona could have manage united or blanc or rijkaard
    moyes aint no good man enough humiliation you know how many tough teams left till the end of the season we gonna in 10th place man out of ay european competition

  7. Ridwan Sulaiman Jami'u says:

    I really agreed with you, Moyes is clueless ad moreover why could sack the assistance manager of Sir Alex C Ferguson when he has alot of many year experience under Sir Ferguson. He suppose to use him as his chief advicer to him. Congrat Moyes you spoil all the record sir Ferguson proclaime. Moyes must and have to be sack, he is not the choosen one and moreover i put the blame on Sir, Alex for not bringing compitent coach, the brought us a coach that does not owned any trouphy in his carrier as a coach and again he came from his country, that does not be so, beouse is not politics, we the fans are not happy with the current situation. Moyes is not compitent and has no clue as a coach why does bench Kagawa and Flecher on bench when they are the only player who perform better in the mid-field. Even a blind person can coach Manchester United than Moyes itLs becouse, Man United has a standard first eleven player but moyes routesion cause alot of damage and disgrace to all United fans.

  8. Steven Chua says:

    There is no hope for Man Utd as long as Moyes is still there.No point bringing in new players until you solve the core of the problem.

  9. Hamisu says:

    Chicha is right to say that! I blame RVP

  10. Geshi says:

    I have stopped watching MU games because I can’t bear watching MU getting smoked by teams at the bottom of the table!

  11. Samson Adejoh says:

    There’s no discipline and that is why they play any how. And again, they play very slow, they no longer player counter football. Any club is winning them this time.

  12. Kadira haye says:

    It’s not to look sides we know the problem of the club all those are playing with the first team are nothing except the GK m.carrick.mata.rooney.&RVP even rooney and RVP are the weakiest we can say but moyes gives achance those are the dulliest in the BPL evev not in only united like A.valencia C.smailing Vidic including A.young so that’s our problem b/c for uor last winning of the tittle the former boss used Degea rafael evens ferdinand(jons) evra carrick cleverly(jons) nani(kagawa) welback(valencia) Rooney RVP but now except 3or4 players all others you but on the sabstitution where NANI,KAGAWA. Why do you give chance only those are the dulliest

  13. J.Anthony says:

    I have been a MU fan since early 1980s. I have watched them play with delight wining matches after matches. For this season, thing has changed from bad to worst and this in my opinion this could be due to various factors:-
    1. Players are getting old and slow physically & mentally. They can’t compete in the morden game locally or internationally.
    2. The players moral is down and is evident as they want out next seoson.
    3. Other teams are getting better with world class players, that’s why even the bottom ones can beat them at home.
    4. The change in managing teams and selection of players may constribute to the defeats.

  14. Henry says:

    I strongly believe moyes is grossly incompetent. Its like putting a volkswagen engine in a ferrari. Football is a result-oriented business, moyes has really hurt utd brand. If we say we are one the best we should be looking at madrid, bayern ,d barcelona. Would they put up with moyesyou cannot talk of stability whn you are loosing to westbrom and co. Even if u give him the best players he ll still fail. The best thing , cut your loses, sack him and move on. ineptitude. Y

  15. buggy says:

    Bunches of phil neville and round,what do you expect?,,,we don’t have wings,#young#nani and #valencia bunches of useless,,
    Nobody I said none should tell me its transition,,,
    SAF 26yr @Man-united,,.MOYes 11yrs @everton
    Moyes “transition”@Untd,,,Martinez “we’ll keep give our best”
    Nonsense,,transition my foot,, #GGMU

  16. Sanyaolu temitope says:

    Moyes has is own fault, we can not just continue to blame him, most of the player were nt serious,they are very lazy, thanks to mata that comes in and give the attack some in the league, rooney n rvp are nt playing thr heart anymore like they did under ferguson… They hate moyes bcos of his training. Moyes can go, for rvp he has no rit to talk to his mate like that, he misses our chances against Arsenal and olympiakos.. He has nting to say in his mouth.

  17. Ekil M. Ekile says:

    Personal i dont want to watch manutd paying, and i believe Moyes is not a right person to manage the team, he would sacked earlier than later. Under the coach we cant get top 4, the way team is playing no goog formation but defencing minded.

  18. lee says:

    there just fucking shit david moyes most useless cunt ever born man u board are all mugs if they keep him on next season man utd will be relegated if moyes is in charge mark my words

  19. Isiaka kazeem says:

    Evryone’s has got point here bt,we need 2 ask ourselves,are these nt d set of players SAF tutored 2 win EPL last season? Is it true dat these player just became bad overnight? If yes,why or wat made dem dat bad dat we’ll nt be competin in any front?………… If sanity prevail,I dnt expect Moyes 2 be our manager in d next game. Anyone who think dat dis is an unjust criticism should tell me or name Moyes X11. Wat happen 2 d team dat played against Palace,only for Moyes 2 say dat d players need rest. Help me ask him,wat wuld d players b doin ds wknd wen we’ve got no game? Wat av d players been doin in Dubai last month. Honestly,d man is clueless,emotionless,tacticless, nd all sort. I thank him for wat he’s done,bt Moyes shuld pls,RESIGN cos d board ar nt tinkin abt sackin d Manager yet.

  20. obinna nwabuisi says:

    Moyes is tactically incompetent,he does not command respect from his players,maybe he is afraid of them. Moyes has never for one day lavished any of his players,rather he will tell u every day that they were unlucky to lose,just look at morihnoh,he will bench u if u mess up,how can rvp talk rubish in d public when he cannot score a goal in an open net againt olypiacos,if he wants to go,the door is widely open for him,united fans will never miss him,but the truth of d matter is that,as far as moyes remains at old trafford,man utd football will always remain a shamble, united all the way.

  21. DARSQO says:

    WE as MUST are going to approach FA & prob sir Alex,Glazzer family for the bribe they may have eaten from this flop so called moyez b’se they pretend to have united @ their hearts whc is not the case b’se cappable managers such as mourinho,klop,klinsman to mention but few were all willing to take over but because of some people in the mng’ts jalous couldent allow them,what i want to let sir Alex&Glazzers know is that football is not politics,either business nor family property as we are seeing now! so if u cant SACK MOYEZ we will do it our selves in away not interesting wait for this!

  22. Syed zulkifli says:

    David Moyes will use his time at MU to go travelling and watch football games on the pretext of scouting for players. He knows right deep in his heart that he cannot bring any success to the club because he is incompetent and an average tactician. What better way to spend money other than be at MU and spend unlimitedly unlike when he was in Everton. Fans can forget expecting any trophies if he continues to manage the club. It was a wrong decision to appoint him for this post. He should be tested to lead the under 19 team

  23. Mo says:

    The reality is dawning! I saw after 2-1 victory against palace the defects. It’s of Slow aging spine and over hyped newcomers. The manager has a defensive mentality and not a top tactician, motivator and nor does he have an aura. 5 1/2 years contract 30 million. Its a case of at least 6 new top players without champions league football. Next year revenue nearly doubles when BT take over rights. Liverpool meanwhile… are back in town!

  24. victor says:

    Sometimes I wonder why some ignorant fans are so mouthy and clueless. The question here is, is moyes the right man for united? Answer the question. Is Alex Ferguson the right man for united? Answer the question again. Now, when ferguson took over utd, most of these our newly mouthy and clueless utd fans were not even born. It took Ferguson 5yrs to really get things moving for him. Give moyes time he ll surely turn things around afterall Ferguson was given all the time and support. Glory glory utd.

    • Bismark Lambon says:

      I dont agree wit u victor. Fact is, when fergie took over man u, it was a struggling club, it wasnt even a world class club like it is today. Fergie needed all that time to build man u into a fearsome world class coach. Moyes on the other hand was handed a world class club, wit all the finances and excellent facilities, he has no excuse not to excel. Pelligrini and morinho both took over man city nd chelsae at the same time as moyes, even pep at baryan too, but can u compare the performances of these other coaches to moyes’? Ans the question. Moyes simply has no idea what he’s doing in man u. He absolutely has no clue how to run a big club. He shd have the balls and admit that this job is too big forhim. Give him another year and we wud be relegated, mark my words.

  25. Bismark Lambon says:

    I have been a man united fan since my elementary school days, (late 80’s) and i must say that its sad watching my beloved club go down the drain in terms of performance. The aura of invincibility that surrounded man u has decipated in just a season. The truth must be said, moyes has to go, the shoes of SAF are too big for him. I dont know what the board and SAF were thinking when they put a man who’s never won a trophy in his career as a coach in charge of man u. Every thing is going wrong for the club, and i believe the worst is yet to come should moyes stay incharge. Abt the comment by rvp, i think the man is only frustrated and i believe he’s not the only one. Man u hasto improve and get back to winning ways, but for that to happen, clueless, tacticsless moyes has to go and has to go now. God bless Man u. GGMU.

  26. dude@manu4life says:

    I believed dm would be the perfect choice i still want 2 but reality is showing he is not,sadly so.He has shown why he dont have trophies, fans can blame players as much as u want but there performance and results is all bassed on how well a coach and his staff prepares the team, saying we lack new players is dm and staff to blame the time and money was there the just dont have the experience and because they all of a sudden got a huge amount of money they want to over pay for players honestly 27mil fellaini ?he is agood player but i dnt even see 27mil or even 10mil performance on the pitch.UTD buys a big name here and there but normally we buy wot others dnt see and make them stars but dm staff looks where all the others are looking.They got no clue of wot it is to maintain a top 4 team and for them to learn it will take decades honestly,”u cant expect a winning go-cart racer to win a formula 1 race”.

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