Not Again? – Moyes wants Him to Replace Vidic at Man United

Phil Jagielka EvertonManchester United are in turmoil at the moment and we have reached a point where the season just cannot get better.
Unless, the Red Devils come up with a miracle and not only eliminate Olympiacos but also win the champions league.
Even miracles do not seem to happen under a manager as average as David Moyes.
Manchester United have a very weak squad, mainly the defense has been pathetic to say the least this season and needs heavy reinforcements.
Captain Vidic is all set to leave the club at the end of the season and chances are there that more veterans like Evra and Ferdinand may also depart.
In such a scenario, United must sign world class defenders to bounce back next season or else the suffering will continue.
However, according to reports, David Moyes wants one of his very own Phil Jagielka of Everton to replace Vidic at Man United. Not another Evertonian again?
United have started playing the way Everton played under Moyes and that connection is getting way too painful now.
No denying the fact that Jagielka is more than a decent defender but world class? No, never?
United need top quality players to improve the squad and more importantly, young ones.
The idea of replacing your veteran defender Vidic with another veteran one Jagielka is completely insane.
Moyes should actually get the sack before he makes such horrific signings for the club even when he will have a lot of $$$ at disposal.
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  1. Samson Adejoh says:

    Why everton again? He lack managerial ability and should be replace by Kloop before he does more harm to the team.

    • roshan says:

      we will be left to change the name to Everton united. so next year we all will become fans of Everton United or just like our friends of amateur club united of manchester. Glazzers are you listening. Or Sir alex will come back with a new formula comprising of sheringam and ole to save the season.

  2. eric tomusange says:

    Moyes is a joker.He has no idea of what he is doing.the Moyes way can only work at Everton and even at Everton,the club became stagnant.the only solution is sacking Moyes

    • roshan says:

      dear friends give him a benefit of doubt because he was the chosen one and we had so many injuries at the crucial moment, however if manu does not qualify for champion league it is only then he must then be shown the door.

  3. Antarus says:

    United should swap Moyes for Martinez , a much knowledgeable manager to my mind.

  4. Syed zulkifli says:

    It is a forgone conclusion that MU is going down the abyss with DM as her manager. He is not competent to manage MU. Worse still he is not only unlucky fellow but obstinate too.


    I think David Moyes might have not come to build but to destroy Manchester United as he used to do so while still in everton. If fails to report to UEFA CL next season, then i dont see any reason for him to remain a Utd coach!

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