Italy Slips to Ninth in Latest FIFA Men’s Rankings

Key Takeaways:

  • FIFA releases the most recent men’s rankings, revealing significant changes in the top 20 positions.
  • Italy, in the early stages of the Luciano Spalletti era, has fallen to ninth place.
  • The Azzurri currently rank second in their Euro 2024 qualifying group.
  • Portugal has surpassed Italy, with Italy’s draw against North Macedonia impacting its ranking.
  • World champions Argentina maintain their top position.

Italy’s Ranking Falls to Ninth

In FIFA’s latest men’s rankings, Italy has been positioned at ninth place. This shift in ranking reflects Italy’s ongoing transition under new coach Luciano Spalletti, following the departure of Roberto Mancini in August. Mancini had led the team for an eventful five-year period.

Euro 2024 Qualifying Campaign

Currently, Italy finds itself in the second spot within their Euro 2024 qualifying group. They are trailing the group leader, England, by six points, with both teams having seven points. The upcoming matches against Malta and England in October hold significant importance for Italy’s journey in this qualifying campaign, as they aim to outperform Serhiy Rebrov’s spirited side.

Ranking Impact of Draw Against North Macedonia

Italy’s recent draw against North Macedonia has played a role in their descent in the FIFA rankings, allowing Portugal to overtake them and claim eighth place.

Continued Dominance of Argentina

Despite the fluctuations in rankings for other teams, world champions Argentina maintain their position at the top of the FIFA men’s rankings.

Top 20 in FIFA Men’s Rankings for September 2023

  1. Argentina
  2. France
  3. Brazil
  4. England
  5. Belgium
  6. Croatia
  7. Netherlands
  8. Portugal
  9. Italy
  10. Spain
  11. USA
  12. Mexico
  13. Morocco
  14. Switzerland
  15. Germany
  16. Colombia
  17. Uruguay
  18. Denmark
  19. Japan
  20. Senegal
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