Giovanni Bosi Replaces Schelotto as Palermo Coach

It was announced that the new coach of Palermo is Giovanni Bosi. The latter took over the responsibilities of Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Palermo has experienced a series of setbacks recently as this was the third coach appointed over a relatively short period of time.

Palermo started the season under the guidance of Giuseppe Iachini who was sacked in November and replaced by Davide Ballardini. Another dismissal followed in January and Schelotto was appointed as a coach.

By the time he was waiting for UEFA’s final say on the matter Schelotto was also backed by Giovanni Tedesco who was also appointed as a head coach.

Schelotto was in charge of the team for less than a month. He was appointed on January 10th but yesterday, it was confirmed that he did not have the necessary coaching qualifications, required by UEFA.

Schelotto’s coaching credentials were not approved by UEFA’s officials due to the fact that every European coach must hold a UEFA – issued license or an equivalent document compatible with the coaching convention of UEFA.

As for non-European coaches, they must have at least five years experience with a top club in order to get their coaching credentials verified by UEFA. However, Schelotto failed in meeting that requirement as he had only three years spent with the Buenos Aires club Lanus. As a result, he and his backroom staff were prompted to resign.

In a special statement, Maurizio Zamparini announced that due to the difficult situation caused by UEFA’s reluctance to recognise Schelotto’s coaching licence, the club had to part ways with him and find him an adequate replacement. It was also said in the statement that the technical management is now a responsibility of Giovanni Bosi who can also rely on Francesco Sicari’s assistance as far as athletic preparation was concerned.

As for Bosi’s professional path, Italian media often defines him as a career journeyman who has been managing different clubs in the top three Italian divisions. The last club he has been coaching was Treviso.

Last month Bosi was in charge of the derby between Palermo and Udinese where the Eagles achieved a victory. His first official match as a coach will be on Sunday when Palermo meets Torino at Renzo Barbera.

Currently, Palermo occupies 15th place in Serie A, which is a pretty unfavourable position that fuels the relegation zone fears.

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