Lois van Gaal Set to Leave Manchester United

Despite the fact that the manager of Manchester United Louis van Gaal has been reported to be safe from dismissal for now, it seems that the supporters of the club have had enough and have reached the limit of their patience. As a result, the current head coach of the Red Devils has very little support left.

The truth is that the fans were happy when he was appointed at the beginning. There was hardly anyone pleased with the appointment of David Moyes as a successor of Sir Alex Ferguson, and Van Gaal seemed as a good option at a time when there was not much of a choice when it comes to first-class managers.

At the time when Louis van Gaal was appointed at Manchester United, Carlo Ancelotti was engaged at Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola was joining the ranks of Bayern Munich, and Jurgen Klopp was at Borussia Dortmund. One of the possible replacements of Sir Alex Ferguson was Jose Mourinho, but as a matter of fact, he was not very well-accepted mainly because of his dull tactics, his innate inclination to take part in any court drama as well as the failure to promote young players.

So, after spending three campaigns without even silverware on their record and playing the worst football for decades, Manchester United fans are not too picky now. Unlike the time when Moyes was appointed to the manager’s position, now the desperation has already set in within the ranks of the team and their supporters.

It is true there were some fans and critics who then supported the less successful manager in the face of Moyes, in spite of the fact he had not won a single trophy in his career for his 15 years of coaching, probably seeing the young Ferguson in him. The problem was that at the time when Sir Alex first arrived at the Old Trafford, he had won several league and domestic titles, as well as a European Trophy.

Still, the best part that was left at the time when manager David Moyes had been booed over his tenure with Manchester United was that as much as fans criticised him, they always stuck together when it came to supporting their team. Unfortunately, the great atmosphere at the Old Trafford over the recent years came to an end, after the club’s supporters faced another unacceptable situation, or should we say, a series of such situations.

The ugly truth is that the “Theatre of Dreams” is long gone. All the emotions, goals and exciting turning points at the last seconds of the games – all of this came to an end. It is the “Theatre of Absurd” what is now left of the club, which was once part not only of the European but also of the world’s football elite.

It seems now that the very soul of Manchester United have been crushed, because the club that can be seen at the field is not able to bring the excitement it is supposed to. And it is Louis van Gaal who can be pinpointed as the major, if not the only, culprit of the current state of the team.

Unfortunately, it was no other than the manager of Manchester United who stripped the team of its “personality” and turned it in a mediocre club, who is simply not able to bring any emotion neither to its fans, nor to its enemies. Once feared on the ground, now the Red Devils are no different from the others, since they have lost their mind of being champions, as well as the faith they are special. Van Gaal should be credited for trying to bring all of this to the team and his success varied, but at the end he failed glamorously.

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Brandon Reid

Brandon Reid holds a degree in Journalism. He has 5 years of experience as a sports journalist in a local newspaper. He is passionate football fan and loves everything related to the game. Оn the top of that, he likes going out with friends and swimming. Brandon’s experience is highly rated in BettingID’s team.

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