Real Madrid Tops Deloitte’s Football Money League Ranking

Real Madrid have topped the Football Money League ranking compiled by the accountancy firm Deloitte. The Spanish grand has been announced as the biggest moneymaker not only in La Liga, but also among the European top 30 clubs for 11th consecutive year.

One of the partners in the Deloitte sports business division – Dan Jones – commented that the planned redevelopment of Real Madrid’s stadium would probably help the club maintain the matchday income growth in the upcoming years.

The Spanish grand has announced a revenue of €577 million in the 2014/2015 season, regardless of the fact the club did not manage to win any trophies over that campaign. The overall revenue generated by the top 20 football clubs in the world, which turned out to be all European ones, increased by 8% year-on-year to €6.6 billion. The ranking is dominated by nine Premier League teams and include English, Spanish, Italian, French and German teams.

According to Deloitte’s official statement, the second place in the ranking is occupied by Barcelona. The latter’s revenue amounts to €560.8 million, leaving Manchester United at the second position with an income of $560 million at a time when the Premier League’s current No.5 team has been having some difficulties on the pitch lately.

The senior manager of Deloitte – Tim Bridge – said that regardless of the fact there was a reduction of Manchester United revenue year-on-year, the club still remains in the top three Football Money League, which is a proof of the stability of the team’s successful business model. Bridge also commented that in his opinion it would not be a problem for Manchester United to return to the top of the ranking in the upcoming year.

The French champions Paris Saint-Germain occupied the fourth position in the ranking after the club managed to generate a revenue of €480.8 million. On the other hand, the Bundesliga No.1 team – Bayern Munich – fell to their lowest position in the Football Money League with a €474-million revenue.

Some of the largest Premier League clubs are also part of the ranking, partly due to their wonderful results, partly due to the fact that they were all helped by a 10% increase of sterling against the euro. Manchester City have occupied the sixth place, while Arsenal have managed to surpass Chelsea becoming seventh. Liverpool who generated a revenue of €391.8 million, are ninth. The tenth position is occupied by one of the biggest Italian clubs – Juventus, with a €323.9-million revenue.

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Morgan Bray

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