Utrecht Take Swansea City to Court after a Sell-on Fee Dispute

Michel Vorm’s sale from Swansea City to Tottenham is to be subjected to a court hearing in January 2016. The team of Utrecht is to take Swansea City to the Court of Arbitration for Sport with the allegations that a special sell-on fee was not paid by the Swans after Michel Vorm’s sale in 2014 to Tottenham regardless of former obligations of Swansea.

Utrecht sold Vorm to Swansea for the price of £1.5 million in a transfer carried out in 2011. Now, the Dutch team insists that it had the right to be granted with 30% of whatever price Swansea got for the player in July 2014 after his sale to Tottenham. Utrecht cited a specific sell-on clause in their 2011 deal with the English team.

On the other hand, the Welsh club insists that the transfer of Vorm to Spurs in July 2014 was a free transfer. The latter was also carried out in conjunction with the transfer of Ben Davies who plays as a defender, with Gylfi Sigurdsson, who plays as forward, going the other way. The hearing will be held at the Court of Arbitration for Sport on January 29th, 2016.

Volm’s contract with Tottenham is for a period four years. According to a spokesman of the Swansea, the transfer was carried out and concluded “correctly under Premier League rules, which is why it “was approved by the Premier League and also FIFA via their TMS.”

Regardless of the Swansea City’s statement, the question why Vorm, who had two years remaining on his contract at the time of the sale, was given a zero value in the transaction. Last summer, the transfer was reported to have been investigated by FIFA after the organization received a formal complaint by the Eredivisie outfit.

The Eredivisie case, however, has already been dismissed by FIFA, which once again gave some grounds to Swansea head coach Garry Monk to claim that the team had not break any rules by completing Vorm transfer.

This is not the only problem the Swans are facing. The Welsch club has been dealing with increasing speculations concerning its manager Garry Monk’s position due to its poor performance. The team that has been lately suffering lack of form, but it is now forced to deal with more serious allegations considering the Vorm’s case that is taken to court.

Still, Garry Monk commented on the situation, saying he is not worried. He also added :”We’re a perfectly run club and the decision earlier in the season from FIFA showed it was all okay.”

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