Hertha Berlin Climb to Fourth Place in German Bundesliga

Hertha Berlin managed to hold on its the fourth place in the national Bundesliga on Sunday after facing Hoffenheim. The team sealed their winning over Hoffenheim that currently occupies the 18th position in the league with only one goal during a heavy blizzard at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

The match started in clear conditions and perfectly-looking pitch with a minute’s silence to honour the 129 victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. The French flag was also displayed in tribute to the victims.

Snow began to fall just after the kick-off at the stadium, and the referee was soon forced to call for an orange ball. The blizzard threatened to see the game called off because the grass on the pitch was hardly visible by half-time.

The unfavourable weather conditions made the game extremely hard, especially considering the fact that the snow has made the penalty area lines and even the outlines of the pitch were barely visible for both players and referees.

Hertha Berlin actually got lucky when it comes to the winter weather, due to which the defender of Hoffenheim Eugen Polanski headed the ball into his own net while trying to clear a free-kick. Although that the pitch was cleared over the break, this remained the single shot over in the match, which left Hoffenheim at the foot of the Bundesliga table.

The snow made even the one and only goal in the match pretty controversial, but still, the technology did its job and proved that the goal crossed the line. This proved to be enough for the team of Hertha Berlin, who were not lucky to score another one within the match. Although that the full clean-up operation during the break made things better, players of both teams struggled through the half time.

The head coach of Hertha Berlin – Pal Dardai – commented on his team’s performance on Sunday, saying: “For a coach, 1-0 is always nice, but it’s not so nice for the spectators.” He also shared that the game had been very difficult. According to the head coach, despite the one goal, there had been several goal chances.

This was not the only Bundesliga match on Sunday. Later that day, Ingolstadt defeated Darmstradt 3-1 and climbed to the 8th rank. The result was considered a fantastic result for the team of Ingolstadt, which literally turned the game around after the captain of Darmstadt Autac Sulu headed the visitors in the ninth minute.

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Tyler Potts

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