Capello Advises Juventus to be Patient with Pogba

Fabio Capello, former professional football player and current head coach of Russia’s national team, recently interceded for Juventus’ central midfielder, Paul Pogba. The player is not in top form as of late. Capello, who used to coach both Juve and Milan back in the day, is convinced Pogba needs some time to adapt to his new responsibilities and position at the Italian team. The 22-year old was moved from Manchester United on a free transfer in 2012. Last summer, the Spanish club Barcelona was willing to pay €80 million for the player’s transfer.

Back then, Juventus’ officials declined the offer and appeared reluctant to part with their central midfielder. They went as far as conceding with the player’s request of wearing the No. 10 jersey, previously reserved for Carlos Tevez.

This season, the French player managed to net only two goals for his team and assisted another four. Not particularly impressive, considering he was featured in about 20 games. Despite his recent poor performances for the Old Lady, Pogba remains one of the most promising young footballers in Europe.

According to the former Juventus coach, the drop in Pogba’s performance can be explained with the burdensome responsibility, he’s been faced with. Capello places stress on the departure of Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal. The two midfielders left Juventus this summer, and now Pogba is forced to deal with the responsibilities all by himself.

However, Capello insists the midfielder needs more time to adjust to his leadership position. The former Juventus coach is certain the 22-year old has plenty of potential and skill to offer. He goes on to say the player’s slow start was predictable.

Tomorrow Juventus will host rivals Milan in an important clash. The Old Lady is currently only two points behind the Rossoneri. Juventus will compete with Milan for their fifth successive Scudetto title. Naturally, the outcome of the derby is of extreme importance for Juve. The latter experienced a rather slow start at the beginning of the season, but now are about to cement their position again. They won their last two games.

Nevertheless, Capello believes Juve must retain their old determination and hunger, if they are to continue on their Scudetto winning streak. Then the former coach compared Juventus to their biggest rival, Milan: “Milan are growing game by game.”

Capello couldn’t help but demonstrate his partiality towards Juventus. It seems to him, he said, they’ve already found the way to get back on track and win the title for a fifth time in a row.

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