Marotta and Galliani in a Clash before the Serie A Derby

The outcome of Saturday’s derby between Serie A rivals, Milan and Juventus, is of crucial importance for both teams. Both Juve and the Rossoneri are bent on winning the game, and are under enormous pressure.

The match will take place at Juventus’ Stadium this Saturday. Although the outcome is yet to be seen, the battle has already started off the football field. Both Milan and Juventus experienced some difficulties at the start of their campaigns, but now are back in shape and are eager to demonstrate it this Saturday.

Milan’s vice president Adriano Galliani and Juventus’ general director Giuseppe Marotta are both hoping their teams will win the Saturday’s game. The two met at the Facchetti Award ceremony, where Bologna’s coach, Roberto Donadoni was honoured with the award.

While receiving his seventh Facchetti award, Donadoni himself, turned the public’s attention towards the Juve-against-Milan showdown, as he stated it “represents the essence of football”. The coach couldn’t help himself and shared he was still “tied to the Rossoneri colours”.

Meanwhile, Galliani and Marotta seemed determined to gain psychological edge over one another, before the important game’s start. Marotta appeared to be more aggressive than his opponent, as he didn’t hesitate to place stress on the importance of Juventus winning the match. The team’s general director also hinted the Old Lady was the fans’ favourite.

Marotta stated Juve are determined to return at the top – they’re focused on reaching the third place in Serie A. He went on to say Juventus’ coach, Massimiliano Allegri, has been under excessive pressure as of late.

His opponent, Milan’s vice president Galliani, was less bullish in expressing his hopes of the Rossoneri winning the game. Galliani merely stated he would be content, if his team managed to maintain its current position and continue on its positive streak. So far Milan have collected a total of eleven points in the last five games. “Over that stretch, we are third in Serie A”, said their vice president. Galliani stated that if Milan had ended in a draw against Lazio and had managed to win the game against Atalanta, things would have turned out perfect for them.

Juventus must step up their game, if they want to regain their Serie A champion title. Currently, they are only two points behind the Rossoneri, whose focus is primarily on the European berth.

Both teams have too much to lose, but judging by Marotta’s words, Juventus will be far more devastated, in case they fail to win the game.

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Toby Sinclair

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