Football Legends Support Arsenal for Winning the Premier League Title

Jason Cundy, a former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur defender, has recently announced that he truly believes Arsenal is the next winner of the Premier League title. According to him, the team can take pride in having performed really well and has exceeded his expectations.

Arsene Wenger’s team is currently taking the second place in the Premier League standings. The Gunners have won eight out of twelve matches, which ensured them the second place in the Premier League standings with Manchester City being the leader.

Needless to say, Arsenal is determined to win this year’s title. The Gunners have not won the Premier League title since 2004. However, Manchester City is definitely going to maintain the pressure on them and the battle for the trophy is expected to be fierce. The turn of events made Cundy comment on the situation.

During his show “Jason Cundy Kicks Off”, Cundy said that Arsenal players are in an excellent form and he was convinced that their chances of winning the trophy this season are pretty high.

Apart from Cundy, yet another football legend backed the attempts of Arsene Wenger’s men to win this season’s Premier League title. John Barnes, a former Liverpool player, has recently announced that Arsenal is the club that is to win the top-flight trophy. Yet, a great number of fans questioned the ability of Arsenal to provide a sustainable title challenge in accordance with the Fair Play regulations during the season.

However, John Barnes went on to say that what makes Arsenal stand out from the main rival Man City is that the latter seem to have kind of a “soft spot”. He added that Man City may play really well but when it comes to defeating opponents in crucially important matches, they “drop silly points”.

What is more, Arsenal’s chances of winning the title are further boosted given the demise of Chelsea. It is a well-known fact that the team is currently having serious issues, which resulted in being three points away from the relegation zone.

It seems the next two weeks are critically important for the Gunners. They are going to play against West Brom after the international break. Then, they are to meet Dinamo Zagreb and their only hope for qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League rests on defeating The Blues in a match that is to take place on 24th November at the Emirates Stadium.

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