Overhauls Expected in Real Madrid and Barcelona

There is a rumour that Real Madrid may sell their top footballers in the summer. Merengues is thinking of replacing Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo with Robert Lewandowski and Eden Hazard. Also, the football club considers another action for David De Gea.

Selling the top players of the Spanish football giant is a major change. If Fernando Perez lets go of Ronaldno now, he will sell him for an enormous price. The president of Real should do it sooner, because Cristiano will be 31-year-old and his value may drop dramatically. Merengues have a couple of promising talents, even without Benzema and Ronaldo. However, buying new footballers as good as them is easier said than done.

Real Madrid are lurking into signing David De Gea, 25, who is a keeper at Manchester United. The player said that he is happy at Old Trafford, but Merengues still wants him. There is a clause in Gea’s contract that he can transfer without the problems and dramas from the last summer.

The Spanish giants show interest in Jamie Vardy. Barcelona and Real Madrid sent scouts to matches to analyse several footballers, including the promising Vardy. His contract at Leicester City ends after the next season, which mean that he may be at a good price. He will be on the market, if a Champions League club makes an offer.

Currently Vardy is with minor groin problem and will miss England’s friendly against Spain. If everything goes well he should be back in action in the friendly against France on Wembly.

Only time will show if Jamie Vardy will choose a move but it is sure that the interest of the big European clubs will keep rising as he is the second premier league player to score a goal in nine consecutive matches and the first English player to do that. He stands on top of the BPL top scorer rankings and that is definitely something that a lot of clubs look for.

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Morgan Bray

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