Ancelotti Considers Ronaldo One-Off Professional

Ronaldo is a synonym of true professionalism. He has been working at Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti for two seasons. Together they won the club’s 10th Champions League in 2014.

The coach has been working with some of the world greatest football players at Juventus, Chelsea, Paris St-Germain and AC Milan, but no one is as dedicated and committed as Ronaldo is.

He is that kind of a footballer who will not go home and rest after a game. On the contrary, Ronaldo will take an icy bath, which will help him recover from the match and will go training right away.

It is a fact that Ronaldo has a cryotherapy chamber, which is installed at his house in order to recover quickly from games. Moreover, the previous assistant of Ancelotti said that a physiotherapist massaged Ronaldo at 6 am after a trip.

Ronaldo is said to be one of a kind professional, who gives the best of his talent. He has a strong football instinct that a few people have, he has perfect technical skills and precise passings. The Real Madrid boss claims that he enjoyed watching Ronaldo more than any other player and he surpasses even Zinedine Zidane.

Earlier this year he has been named World Player of the Year for the second time. This is an outstanding success and one big thank you for the tremendous work that Ronaldo has been doing for many years.

Soon he will be turning 31 and because of his age he is suffering a slump, but Ancelotti is 100% sure that Ronaldo will be back to his strength and perfect form very soon.

Ancelotti says that Ronaldo is “a player who’s a one-off in terms of professionalism and responsibility”. He claims that he has a unique, one of a kind talent and literally squeezes everything he can from it. Dedication and commitment like that are not seen often. Ronaldo has such a flair that only a few football players have and this is why he is the best.

Ronaldo challenges himself every day and this is why he has been the best football player in the world for many years and everyone knows his name. He has countless rewards, medals and admirations, and he achieves great success only because he pushes himself to the limits.

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Morgan Bray

Morgan Bray has been in the sports industry for over 10 years now. He has 4 years of experience as a freelance web blogger and 7 years of experience as professional football analyst for local sports magazine. He likes to spend his spare time with his family. With all his experience and knowledge, Morgan is highly respected by every member of our team.

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