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RealDealBet is one of the most successful online bookmakers in the world. You will gain unique and spectacular sports betting experience, because the website offers more than 60 000 sports events every month. Also it covers over 30 global sports that you can place 200+ bets. Its solid reputation does not come as a surprise, because the team behind the scenes is one of the best professionals in the betting industry, they have over 10 years of experience and are dedicated and committed to provide you with the most brilliant production and performance. Not to mention that the legendary boxer Evander Holyfield, 5-time World Heavyweight Champion, is in a partnership with RealDealBet.

RealDealBet is an absolutely safe and secure online betting destination. The web-based platform is licensed by the Government of Curacao, which mean that it is completely reliable and convenient place to make sports bets. You can enjoy the spectacular world of sports betting and have your peace of mind.

If you happen to have any problems and have any question the professional support team will be more than happy to give you a hand. It is a good thing to know that there is someone who can be there for you and give you the right answers. The support team is available 24/7 and you can reach them via live chat, phone, email or fax.


RealDealBet will provide you with outstanding selection of international sports, a wide variety of bet types and the best and earlies odds. You will gain betting experience incomparable to any other. The website is launched in 2015 and for so little time it has become one of the best online destinations to place bets. The web-based betting platform has the greatest coverage of global football, basketball, tennis, boxing, cricket, MMA, rugby, soccer, winter sports leagues and many others. You can enjoy live action on any international sport and you definitely will have a great time betting at RealDealBet.

Football or soccer action attracts millions of committed and dedicated punters, because it is the most popular sport in the world. You can enjoy a great selection of international football/soccer events on which you can make more bets than everywhere else. You have the opportunity to place bets on goals, corners, penalties, corners and more.

Tennis fans are offered the best betting odds available on the Internet. Moreover, you will benefit from the wide selection of bet types in order to make your tennis betting experience more exhilarating. You can follow the progress of your favourite tennis player to every significant tournaments such as the Great Slam, Davis Cup, Wimbledon, Fed Cup and many others.

If you love watching the Euroleague basketball or the NBA, you will have superior betting experience at RealDealBet. You will find so many opportunities to place bets and the most competitive and detailed betting odds. You can watch live basketball matches from college competitions to top international leagues.

Baseball fans will have an extraordinary betting experience, as well. Every punter can enjoy a great variety of baseball events such as MLB and WBSC Premier. The best part is that you are able to choose from many ways to place bets and to take advantage of the best betting odds on the Internet.

If you have love and passion for ice hockey, you will have a lot of fun betting at RealDealBet. The website offers you unbeatable variety of opportunities to place bets and to benefit from the most detailed and superior betting odds. You can enjoy betting on the top ice hockey competitions and leagues such as World Championship, Finnish SM Liga, Norway GET Ligaen, AHL, NHL and many others.


RealDealBet will provide you with outstanding experience when it comes to racing betting. Lovers of high speeds, sports cars and bikes will enjoy a great variety of international sports events of motor racings and cycling. All you have to do is to place bets on your favourite racer or cycler and hope that they will be the first. You have a great chance of winning a lot of money, because you can take advantage of the earliest, most competitive and unbeatable odds in the betting industry. This gives you the opportunity to predict who will be celebrating victory. The team of experts is absolutely dedicated into providing you with the best possible betting, so you can enjoy a wide variation of bet types in order to inject extra thrill into your experience at RealDealBet.

Motor racings are one of the most thrilling racings, because of the high speed, sports cars, difficult and different routes. Not to mention that millions of people follow and place bets on sports events such as Formula 1, Nascar Sprint Champ or the World Rally Championship. You can enjoy a great variety of bet types, which you will not find in any other website. Moreover, RealDealBet offers you to benefit from the most superior, professional and earliest betting odds on the Internet. The website guarantees that you will gain the best possible motor racing experience.

Cycling is among the most competitive and enjoyable racings all over the world. This type of sport attracts only the most committed fans, who follow their favourite cycler, watch every competition and support him or her. RealDealBet gives you the opportunity to place different kind of bet types on cycling events such as Tour de France, where the excitement cannot be compared to any other feeling. Also, you can take advantages of the best betting odds, which will help you make the right decision. You will have so much fun betting on cycling at the online platform.

Mobile betting

RealDealBet gives you the opportunity to use a mobile version of the website. You can easily access the website via your smartphone or tablet. The best part of the mobile version is that it offers absolutely the same amount of sports and events as the website, so you can enjoy more than 30 global sports and every competition from college leagues to top ones. It is compatible to the leading smartphones and tablets. You can take advantage of the best and most competitive betting odds and place 200+ different bet types, which will add even more excitement. You will not miss an event!

The mobile platform is really simple and it is easy to place bets via your smartphone. All you have to do is to login with your username and password, if you have an account at RealDealBet. New punters can easily make a registration and start enjoying the amazing world of betting. After that you only need to enter at your mobile device’s browser and you can place your first bet via your smartphone.

The layout is simple and clean and you can easily find and see anything that you want. You are able to search sports and events from the search option, you can choose to see sports in alphabetical order from A to Z or you can choose them from the top menu. The selections of the events include Live Now, Upcoming and Highlights.

To sum up, the mobile version of DealRealBet is as exciting and thrilling as the website. You can easily see and find any international sports and events. It offers the same number of competitions, betting odds and type of bets as the online platform. You can enjoy placing bets on your favourite teams, players, cycler, racers and etc., regardless of your location. All you need is a phone and Internet access.

Bonuses and Promotions

RealDealBet is the best online destination to place bets on sports. Even from the start you will feel like you are a champion. The website offers you an amazing welcome bonus, which will double your first deposit. You have to open a free account which will take only a few minutes. Then, you need to make your first deposit and enter the special bonus code RDB100. After that you will receive a 100% bonus up to €100. For example, if you deposit €50, you will get extra €50. There is no better welcome bonus than those at RealDealBet.

Moreover, you can benefit from many other promotions offered at the online bookmaker. You can use the €25 Enhanced Reload, which will give you a bonus match of 50% up to €25, so you can reload your account with the exclusive promotion. Another great offer is the €50 Combo Bonus, which gives you the opportunity to double your deposits up to €50. When you enter the bonus code, you need to roll over your deposit once on combos of a minimum three selections and the 100% match bonus is yours. You can enjoy many more promotions and bonuses on monthly and weekly basis.

In order to enjoy the spectacular world of betting at RealDealBet, you have to make a money deposit. The website offers a couple of payment options, which are absolutely safe and secure. You can make deposits via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer and EcoCard. These payment alternatives are completely reliable, so you do not have to worry. You can use them to withdrawal your winnings, as well.

In conclusion, RealDealBet offers you amazing betting experience, global range of sports and racings, 200+ bet types, the best betting odds and 100% safe and secure money transfers.

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