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As far as placing bets on European football is concerned, Colossus Bets is the right place to be. This online bookmaker specializes in football pools and has much to offer to fans of this popular sport. It seems like its name has been picked for a good reason, as the jackpots you can win, if you place your wagers there, are truly colossal.

The website is built around pool betting, which allows for greater profits. To win, punters are expected to correctly predict the outcome of several important football matches, that are about to take place in the following week. To a certain extent, pools resemble lotteries, as punters must pay a fixed price in order to enter the pool and then are supposed to make a prediction of what the matches’ outcome will be. Individual pay-offs largely depend on the number of punters, placing bets, as well as the number of winners.

But the huge jackpots are not the only reason why fans of European football frequent Colossus Bets. There is an impressive number of bonuses and promotions, offered by the bookmaker, to further increase your chances of winning. You placed a losing bet? There’s no need to be disheartened, as Colossus Bets offers rather substantial consolation prizes to lift your spirits.

Punters, who visit Colossus Bets for the first time, can rest assured they’re placing their wagers at a fully reliable, secure and respected online bookmaker, licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Colossus Bets’ Pools

At first glance Colossus Bets differs greatly from other web-based bookmakers. First of all, because bets here are placed on one sport only – major European football matches, and second – bets are pool-based, as was explained above.

As soon as you enter the website, at the left hand-sight of the page, you will see all the pools that are open or are currently running. These change from one week to another. To a large extent, the pool games are all based on the traditional football pools, which emerged in the early twenties of the last century.

The website’s layout may come off as a bit of a surprise to those, who have never participated in pool games before. But in fact, betting is rather simplified. Bear in mind, you’re required to open an account with Colossus Bets first, in order to join any of the pools. Fortunately, registering with the bookmaker is easy and does not require much time.

Once you’ve registered and deposited money into your account, you’re ready to place bets in your first pool. Colossus Bets offers several options – punters can wager on Pick 3, Pick 5 and Pick 8 pools but don’t forget these change each week, so there’s always the possibility of betting at Pick 6 or Pick 4 pools, for example. When you click on one of the pools, say the Pick 3 pool, some information, concerning the leg is displayed. In this case, the leg consists of three separate matches, you can place bets on and attempt to predict the outcomes of.

Some bets require punters to select the correct score in each of the matches. In others, the correct outcome must be predicted – possible outcomes include Draw, Away Win and Home Win. Combination of these two options (outcome and final score) is also possible. You mark the outcome and then select a final score, for example Home Wins with 1 to 0. As you can probably see, even though pools greatly resemble lotteries, a good amount of skill and knowledge are involved in order to win. In order to make a correct guess, punters must be familiar with the skills and the abilities of the teams.

Colossus Bets offers great flexibility, as it gives punters the opportunity to mark any result they like – in case you disagree with any of the suggested final scores, you can always go for Any Other Home (AOH), Any Other Draw(AOD) or Any Other Away(AOA) by clicking the respective box for any other matches.

Beginners, who experience difficulties in deciding what their selections should be, can greatly benefit from the Smart Pick option (the button looks like a dice of some sort and is located beneath the pool’s name). This option suggests a ticket from the more likely scores.

When you choose a pool game, you’re supposed to select the number of bets (they’re called “lines” at the website) and the size of your stake. The maximum a single bet/line can cost is £2. For the Colossus jackpot prize (reaching up to £10 millions), you’re expected to correctly guess the final scores of seven matches.

What happens if nobody guesses correctly? When nobody wins the pool, the amount of stakes, that have accumulated, will be carried forward into the next equivalent series of matches. Stakes are accepted until the beginning of the first match of the pool. The latter is then closed and cannot be bet on – however, it’s frequently updated, as you can see by visiting the pool’s history. Punters can track the progress of their bets by clicking on the Ticket tab.

Mobile Betting

In many cases, football fans are itching to keep track of their bets and the pools, they participate in, but must leave their homes (and their desktop computers) for various reasons. The good news is, you’re given the opportunity to track your pools, while on the move, as Colossus Bets is available in mobile format as well. This allows for even greater flexibility – you can fill your tickets to partake in a pool, while waiting for the train or the bus. This is of crucial importance since, as was previously mentioned, the pools are closed as soon as the first game of the series kicks off. If this happens, your chances of participating in the pool will be ruined.

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this from ever happening. All it takes is downloading the free Colossus Bets application from the bookmaker’s official website. The app is compatible with iPhones and Android devices and allows you to make your picks and cash in your profits while on the go – any time, any place you like. There are always pools to pick from, each and every day – downloading the app onto your tablet or smartphone will ensure you never miss anything.

The app’s design is rather stylish, as it boasts the Colossus Bets trademark colors – orange and black. But style is not the only advantage, it has to offer. Downloading the app provides you with some very convenient cash-out options, as well. Once the matches from the pools you’re in have begun, you’re given the opportunity to cash out your winning bets, directly from the app. Keep in mind, however, you can cash out only when the games are not in progress – during the half-times or between matches.

But that’s not all – punters can partially “sell” their bet and keep the rest of it running. This enables them to gain some profits to bet with, while winning a more humble amount with the rest of the running bet.

Overall, downloading the application is totally worth your time and can be extremely helpful. However, you can access Colossus Bets directly from your smartphone’s or tablet’s browser, if you choose to do so. Then you must simply log into your account and you’re good to go.

Bonuses and Promotions

As was said above, punters get the chance to win some colossal jackpots. What’s more, Colossus Bets provides them with the opportunity to win big even with a losing bet, as there are special consolation prizes. The latter are available on certain pools only, such as the £10 million “Colossus”. To hit the entire jackpot, you’re supposed to guess correctly seven scores. However, punters who have managed to select five or six correct scores, share prizes from the Consolation Prize fund.

But that’s not all. There is a special welcome bonus for newcomers. They’re eligible for a bonus, matching the bets they’ve placed, 72 hours since their registration. This way they’re given up to £100 to bet with for free.

Referring one of your friends will also earn you a little something. The Refer a Friend scheme entitles you to a 5% cash-back of the amount of money your friend has bet and 2% of the sums they’ve deposited and won. This bonus is valid for a period of twelve months from the date your friend first registered. In case they manage to hit the £10 million Colossus jackpot, you, alone, will be granted the handsome reward of £200,000.

To refer a friend, you must send them your unique RAF code, which they’re required to enter in the “Bonus/Referral” field upon registration. Everyone who registers with Colossus Bets is provided with their own RAF code as soon as their account is created. To find yours, log into your account and visit the “My Account” section. Then open your details section and you will see your RAF code, displayed on the top right hand sight of the page. Each month (for the next year), your RAF payments will be transferred directly into your Colossus account.

It makes sense you’re not allowed to refer family members or people, you share the same address with, for obvious reasons.

You can pick between various time-efficient, secure and easy-to-use payment methods, to place your bets. Colossus Bets accepts PayPal, Skrill, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa as methods of depositing money into punters’ accounts. Withdrawals, on the other hand, can be processed via bank transfers, credit/debit cards and PayPal.

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