Sports Editor – "Impressive" $91million Star Keen to Agree Liverpool Move

Jurgen Klopp DortmundLiverpool want to sign a new midfielder in the summer transfer window and Naby Keita has been in the lime light for quite some time.
Earlier in the day, we covered a report (via BBC) claiming that the Merseysiders are ready to break their club transfer record to sign the 22-year-old Guinean international, who is rated around 70 million pounds ($91million).
An interesting story on the subject has been told by Ed Malyon, who works for the Independent as a Sports Editor.
He told BBC 5 Live that Leipzig want to hold onto the African star but keeping him will mean that the German club will have to face certain risks. He claimed that Keita has a release clause of 48 million pounds, which could be activated next summer.
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Ed said that if Leipzig play good enough next season and Keita performs well then it will not come as any surprise if Bayern Munich opt to sign the midfielder by activating the release clause. Over the years, we have seen Bayern sign top quality players from the Bundesliga clubs.
Therefore, Malyon thinks that Leipzig are tempted to sell him (abroad) this summer but Liverpool have to splash a fee worth 70 million pounds to secure his signature. He added that the player wants to move to Anfield as well.

“From what I understand the player is keen. The player wants to move to Liverpool.”

Moreover, Ed claimed that Naby is a “very impressive” player (BBC) but also stated that his price tag is way too high. In your opinion, should Liverpool pay 70 million pounds to secure his signature.

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  1. eddy the eagle says:

    personal i dont think that any player is worth one million let alone seventy million but its the price we have to pay once a club knows you really want that player and you have the cash

  2. Rick says:

    Pay whatever wil it cost to bring him to #Anfield

  3. SF says:

    I honestly believe that the English clubs have only got themselves to blame for the extortionate prices. Over the last few years especially, our clubs have pretty much paid what has been demanded. Nearly all our managers are foreign and our players will be too soon. I want to buy van dyjk because I do think he is a fantastic player, but what do we know about Keita. I bet if they sell next year to buyern he will be a hell of a lot cheaper than we will pay for him. I think we are just ripped off Germany wouldn,t pay the prices that we do. I do think we will buy him though. How else can we compete with the top six. I would imagine the managers of the teams lower down must be totally demoralised. Crystal palace have got forty million to spend, no wonder they cannot buy Sakko.

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