Price Done, Terms Defined – Versatile Star to Finally Join Man United

Louis Van GaalRed Devils’ manager Louis van Gaal did well to seal the deal for Memphis Depay early on after the end of last season.
However, since then, all United faithful have got are rumors and speculations without anything concrete.
According to latest reports, Manchester United have probably done everything to seal the signing of French international Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton.
As per the provided link, United have met the price for the versatile star as Saints have accepted the offer of 20 million pounds that can rise to 25 million.
Moreover, the terms have been defined as well and Morgan is set to double his wages with the Old Trafford club and will earn £120,000 per week. In other news, United star Luke Shaw has fueled Schneiderlin to United news after he favourited a tweet relating to his former team mate’s move.
The Les Bleus star is not only a strong defensive midfielder who would prove quality cover to the back four but has also got creativity and he is the perfect long term replacement of Michael Carrick.
United supporters will be hoping that the latest news is true. Will that prove to be another rumor again? We will have to wait and see.
Morgan Schneiderlin Southampton

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    Why is it taking Van Gaal too long to sanction Otamendi’s move? Is he smoking weed?
    Do this business early and avoid last day rush. Alot of quality players in the market in the areas United needs to strengthen and LVG is not acting?
    It SUCKS!
    That Big Headed man [E Wood] seem not to be doing his Job properly? All the players he signed for us on Dead line day last season didn’t perform. He must learn from his lessons.

  2. Woodward is to be sacked, united is everyday deteriorating why why and why get him off,coz we don’t need him OK,we are ashamed of fans of other teams who are everyday wishing for our down fall…no signings always making bogus, deals yet to be done but will never be done, others are progressing… wood take your time, if I have the power I should have sacked him…toothless wild dog.

    • Nzwala says:

      I dont think E Woodward is to be blamed for anything is this case, man u is avoiding panic buying like liverpool, i think man u have put priorities for this summer and The coach must stick to his plan i remember he mentioned about adding to the squad a long term replacement for Michael, right back, central defender, and a creative midfielder, we need to be patient with Ed he said last summer Man u can buy any player money is not the issue i believe we are going to do it. viva Man U

  3. Bb pin:227C0924 says:

    Am not Impressed with Man Utd this Transfer season at all. Why the f**k do we need to spend up to £35million for Ramos who is 29?
    We are always linked with virtually all the Players in the world but at the end of the Transfer season we always end up signing a FALCAO.
    Ed Woodward isn’t that smart in signing players yet and he must learn that ASAP because we the Die Hard Man United Fans can’t not live to watch another Trophyless season.

  4. abbey says:

    I bet Mr van gaal is really running out of options because am a little bit baffled on whatever reason he hasn’t signed the available players needed by the oldTraford faithful!!! Please can somebody just tell this Ed woodward to do something before its too late…. NO TO PANIc BUYS this time around or else vote of NO CONFIDENCE awaits him gbam! I rest my case

  5. Mandeh Conteh says:

    I have said it long time that Van Gaal is not the type we need at United. He no longer have ambition to succeed. We should have brought in young coaches like Simeoni, Dormound former coach or Guadiola. Presently they are all better than Van Gaal.

  6. Henry says:

    I have also said it before now that am tired of reading Man Utd transfer news,Cuz it really sucks! I can’t make the head or tail of what is wrong with United despite how big they are. Am really getting real Bored,cos other top teams in england have signed not less than 4 players. Even Liverpool have 7 to their name. Man utd sucks! Woodward is boring! LVG is sick!

  7. Igwe Collinsmary says:

    Man Utd have been linked with over thirty players since the the end of the previous season. Hmn! I won’t hate this prestigious club cos of LVG and his board.

  8. Humphrey says:

    What in Christ name is stopping LVG from making the move for General Otamendi, this guy is better than Ramos, younger and cheaper than him. Manchester united have virtually been rumoured to nearly all the players in Europe but are yet to sign one apart from the acquisition of Depay. Liverpool are in for business this coming season and will surely troop man united to the top 4, if we don’t act fast.

  9. Godwin says:

    It is very poor that before the season ended the fans have been waiting for great news like annoucing new players up to like 3 before now, why would the club want to do every thing expossivly and alow every other club to enter the race and at the end of it the will lost the player,money should not stop the club from aquiring the wright player the to make the club an outstanding club ,the like arda turan and sageo ramos ,koke .bastian .and some top brazilians players are needed in the club, vidal cant help united as a player.the mildfiled

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