Arsenal to Sell Alexis Sanchez and Replace with Wonder Star

Alexis Sanchez Arsenal Training KitLiverpool are finding it hard to secure long term deal for superstar winger England international Raheem Sterling.
The youngster is giving the merseysiders tough time and after just scoring 6 goals in the league this season for the Reds, Raheem wants a huge contract.
As Suarez left last season and Gerrard will leave at the end of this season, Sterling perhaps thinks that he is the biggest player in the club and should be paid accordingly but Liverpool will never listen to any unreasonable demand of 20 year old star.
Arsenal are monitoring the situation and now want to sign Raheem Sterling but first they plan to sell a superstar.
Gunners already have ample playmakers in the squad such as the likes of Ozil, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Alexis, Walcott and Gnabry etc.
Among these, Arsenal plan to sell last summer’s top signing Alexis Sanchez to make way for Raheem Sterling who won the European golden boy award.
Wenger is frustrated with the drop in form of the Chilean international as since the turn of the year, Alexis has only scored 3 goals and added 1 assist in the league. Also he has lost focus after the breakup.
Alexis rejected Liverpool first time around and it is likely that he will move abroad with many clubs will be interested. Sterling will fit in on the right side of the attack in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Walcott as backup but Liverpool may only sell in case Alexis joins Anfield.
Arsenal fans will be shocked with this news coming out as Alexis is world class and fan favorite but only a fool will believe this news on April Fools’ Day
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  1. AP says:

    Sterling not in same league as Sanchez !

  2. Daniel moi says:

    Sanchez is the next ballon d’or winner n sterling has not yet reach his league better sanchez to stay.

  3. IAN says:

    Sterling needs to be very careful not to get “too big for his britches”. Using the example of Owen, Torres and Suarez, no player is bigger than the club. Just because you have had a good few months does not mean you have the right to demand an over inflated pay raise. You walk the walk and talk the talk on a consistent basis, then maybe after a time you would be able to command the monies you think you deserve. But not now. Not happy with that? Not interested with that? Then make sure you close the door on the way out!

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