Chelsea to be Handed with Six Points Deduction

Chelsea Jose MourinhoManchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City will be ecstatic with the news that Chelsea will have 6 points deducted in the premier league.

The title race will then be blown wide open as Blues who have 6 points lead over Manchester City having played one game less will now be level on points.

Not to forget, Chelsea’s star striker Diego Costa is out injured and Blues will no longer remain favorites to seal the spot.

The six point deduction is being handed to Chelsea taking into consideration fair play.

Chelsea have been complaining all season about the unfair treatment against them and unfair rules of governing body and hence it is time to set things straight.

In December 2014, Mourinho complained how Financial fairplay rules are unfair and are not really helping Chelsea.

In January 2015, Captain John Terry came up and cried that Chelsea are being targeted and referees are unfairly treating the Blues.

In February 2015, Manager Jose Mourinho once again had issues and complained about the unfair treatment and decisions that were going against Chelsea week after week.

After so many instances where Chelsea football club have suffered unfair treatment, it is baffling that the Blues find themselves comfortably ahead in the title race with a game in hand as well.

Hence to make things fair, Chelsea have been handed with a fair play deduction and that insanity can only make sense on April Fools’ Day.

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Dusko Cakovic

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  1. ben panagani says:

    This great!!!!!!!!!you fooled.

  2. Abu says:

    Hi that’s April fool, we Gunners we can make it without the deduction.

  3. Rack says:

    Haha tongue in the cheek. Amazing really how Chelsea have moaned all season even when they have been top. Fair play deduction rofl

  4. Dennilson says:

    I knew it and no one can fool me on my birthday

  5. Benjamin G says:

    The deduction will soon be done when they lose to Arsenal and Man United

  6. peter says:

    Well if this is not a fools story all well and good. I am sick of Chelsea always complaining on the pitch, at the ref in big numbers. They are one of the worst teams for trying to get another player always sent off and the diving at times really puts me off them. OK so they are not the only team in the league but certainly one of the worst.
    What a great chance now for Arsenal and United.

  7. Chris o says:

    Mourinho will sue FA, sue premiership,sue England, sue Britain, infact sue Fifa and make a great deal of April fool…

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