Three World Class Stars Very Close to Man United Transfer

Manchester UnitedThere will be several decent stars available for free in the summer transfer window and as per reports, three top quality stars are very close to Man United transfer.
Red Devils need to reinforce their defense and midfield and the trio mentioned below can surely strengthen their squad. More exciting is the fact that the players can be brought for a free transfer.

  • Sami Khedira
  • Nigel de Jong
  • Daniel Alves

German international Sami Khedira has had a torrid campaign mostly being a bench warmer for Real this season.
Metro suggests that United are edging closer to sign him on a bosman as the former Schalke star will likely opt to move to Old Trafford. Khedira is one of the best holding midfielders around.
Another holding midfielder is the one who has excelled under the management of Louis van Gaal for the national side, Nigel de Jong is also wanted and reports claim that Van Gaal has ordered his signing and the former City star also prefers Man United move.
Last but not the least is Barcelona full back Daniel Alves, who will also be out of contract at the end of the season.
According to reports, Manchester United could announce the news of Alves capture in the next few days.
United spent heavy sums last summer to bring in top players. This time around, the Red Devils can sign these three top quality players for absolute nothing. Will surely be amazing business for the Old Trafford club if they can actually complete the deals.
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  1. spirit2020 says:

    It’s a good news for manutd fans world wide

  2. Lacazette says:

    Better Sign Khedira Ahead Of De Jong Bcoz Is Young And Has Same Experience Like De Jong

  3. Benardoyat says:

    Bring them the early the better

  4. Paul C. Ezekiel says:

    Man United is one of biggest clubs in Europe, these 3 players are waste product, Man United need them not. Let Van Gaal look for reasonable players not these dead woods.

  5. patrick paul says:

    Half bread is better than nothing, go for them, yes man utd is one of the best club’s in europe but we are now facing a major problem and if these players can help manage the team till we get better players then am in support. Go for them LVG

  6. vanprecious says:

    Love to see them at united for free and buy other top quality.

  7. Kelvin Bravo says:

    I don’t think is a good news for Man utd…Man utd is one of the best team in Europe whereby man utd need better and quality players and young not someone who are going to terminate their career.
    Players like Pogba,Veratti,etc… not some bunch of woods!
    Young players will do that job where they have more years ahead to rejuvenated their play.

  8. Lamito phil jones says:

    Working around for nothing,is better than sitting down for nothing.

  9. Nasim mahmud says:

    Who said they are waste products?Well,if even they are such players to terminate their career soon whats the prblm…..?U r getting them for free….so u can try them out….isnt it my dear fans?

  10. Kevin Mc'Oyugi says:

    The uniteds are one of the best club in Europe, ups n down is normal in football what they need is maximum motivational suppot and time amidst the funs.

  11. Godie Godie says:

    Actually United is one of de best teams in Europe n its not a bad ideal to bring dese three players as long as dey re for free.

  12. Awoyemi steven says:

    In as much as they are coming for free,let’s try them.I understand every man utd fans’ feelings,but 2 out of the 3 are not that bad(Alves is still active:he’s still an indispensable player in brazil national team and bacelona aswell.Nigel de jong too is still very aggressive as ever, though getting agey but still good in the defensive midfield(he plays well for his club and national team),so,they are good.Khedira is the only one I have a negative reasons for:imagine a player that have been condem to bench both in the national team and club side.)So,as per me,I support 2 out of 3.

  13. Vannysammy says:

    Cash or land them, let focus on other issues ahead. half his better than nothing, call them waste products, rotten woods, bunch woods or whatever we need to get ready for champions league next season. so go ahead LVG

  14. Guy de Simon says:

    United need to focus on the long term which means and always used to mean players 25 or under.
    Van Gaal´s biggest problem to date has been Van Persie, When he was out injured Utd clicked. Van Gaal´s downfall will be his dutch friendships. Sorry, But Persie must not enter into the equation for the last premier league matches.

  15. Obi says:

    Those clamouring for these players are not united fans, man u is a big club where talent is developed not where tired talented players are assembled, pls van gaal if u dnt know how to sign players then seek for SAF advice or ask Quiroz. We need budding talented youths not old men wtout pace who cnt even chase d ball when necessary.

  16. Obi says:

    Van gaal please bring in these players, pogba,hummels,depay,de bryune,harry kane,bale,(we dnt need ronaldo better messi).

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