03:30 Minnesota Wild – St Louis Blues

Before 3 season LA in the semifinals, before two seasons again LA but inquarter finals,last season in the quarter finals against Chicago ..and every time St. Louis had a good regular season and was at the top of the west. This season could see a similar scenario, somewhat reminiscent of the San Jose 7-8 last season – top when not to, and then a playoff choker. Every time it is a great team, great centers, solid attackers, the guard names and every time a whale swans. To begin with perhaps to opt out season who their first goalie and whoever backup, thus constantly have two equal goalkeeper and a week before the playoffs do not know who will start with them. And every time you goalies, who have excellent stats through the regular season, they are not the odds in favor of St.Louis. Halak / Elliott, Miller / Elliott, Allen / Elliott … let take one for the main and spot. The last few seasons St.Louis was the notion of defense this season, Hitchcock decided to loosen and open play, but in this series does not work because the St.Louis was outplayed in all three previously played matches. And all of you the more I think that a lot of these offensive fullbacks, Shattenkirk, Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester … just do not play good enough defense, Gunnarsson is still the best classic wooden stay-at-home-back, thus constantly see that one of the fullbacks St.Louis dropped somewhere. Attack holds line Tarasenko-Lehter-Schwartz but they are not at the beginning of the season must have been the forefront, realistically Oshie and Steen have suck season, Berglund for just a giant prick season, Backes is somewhere lost in defensive tasks. And this trio worse however is not the best with defensive. Minnesota is great, play same all games, they have different play than St.Louis but while these are chasing the ice and banging these create chances, agile on the puck, crowding the front of the goal and create a game. They have a great Dubnyka the bagpipes, a young but good defense and attack that is able to create chances and preklizavati and "top" two-way backs St.Louis. OK, matches are very hard, you'd think a man that fits the guests but in the first game are nothing izgenerirali with 21 shot, played an excellent first third of the second game and the day before yesterday 17 shots, of which half was totally harmless … come on and Minnesota entertains them with the puck such that these do not know the right to fart in defense or squeezed in the attack and at the end of the three matches mainly Minnesota attacks and St.Louis what arrives to make forward. After all three matches so far have been hard with an average of about 48 shots all together and Allen received eight goals from about 80 strokes, with 90% defense and attack such neagilnim guests can not count on success. It can be a little change but the question is how much will change now guests style and top wing this season are not able to keep the puck as it once was and Backes, Berglund and Stastny would sometimes need to point and in front of goal in the game 5 on 5 for a change. But for it to St. Louis should be in the third of Minnesota and these are rare Fridays to my grandmother said that.

For me , Minnesota is balways favorite home and I must take this odd 1,75 for winn in regular + overtime.

Good Luck!

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