03:30 Winnipeg Jets – Anaheim Ducks

Winnipeg is deserved to win at least one game, the same situation as them and Ottawa but in them I see the desire to obtain, and in Winnipeg playoff hockey is not played 19 years and one in front of his home crowd victory should be an additional motive. Perhaps it seems that Anaheim leads 3-0 in the series easy and when you look at all the series was egal and could lead 3-0 and Winnipeg. Simply Ducks have more luck in the first race Winnipeg led after 2/3 to Perry seven minutes before the end and equalized two minutes later and brought the lead Ducks; in the second game led Winnipeg, getting a third equalized Ducks to 22 seconds before the end Silfverberg brought victory; the day before yesterday only in the game, had Winnipeg 4-3 to 2 minutes before the end when Kesler equalized in the end and got Anaheim. Here is all somehow tie except that PP Anaheim works extremely well, porters are equal, Anaheim has a better individual names, but they are similar, similar style of play, after all, it would be wrong to Anaheim sweep the Jets in front of a home crowd.

I think home team have much more motive tonight and they dont will not allow 4-0. Good Luck!

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