01:00 Ottawa Senators – Montreal Canadiens

It's not something stately and Ottawa played after that boom in the last two months of the regular, all three games I watched and can they cut that deserved Montreal leads 3-0 in the series. They put a brave and somewhat surprising offensive, well Ottawine detect problems with the puck if it is compressed high and that they are forced to seek deep girdles game, were active in all three matches and they certainly were nadpucali I did not expect, I thought Ottawa will dictate the pace and Montreal over the speed go, Ottawa does not act like a team that can escape from Montreal when rule the ice. Ottawa should help fullbacks to attack that in their trips often leave much room as Montreal mainly used. It would be wonderful if something Habsi and the PPA burrow but that they cartons as well as the whole of the season, 5 to 5 are better and more creative, that's the last the game's fourth line with Weiseom and Proust decided. Ottawa is balanced, have a distinct shooters, youngsters Stone and Hoffman are great in rookie season but unfortunately Ottawa from Ryan or Michalek have almost no effect offensively, MacArthur is from experienced and top attackers most active but with them is always a problem that is bald in defense and that Ottawa does not really fit. Goalkeepers're good, Price cacti best in the league even with state of the ice and is not now under constant siege, Anderson last the game great but nothing to him when the attack does not create anything and is more pressure on him than on Price. And when Montreal plays offensively they wins.

I think Montreal tonight ending series. Good Luck!

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