01:00 Carolina Hurricanes – Pittsburgh Penguins

Last night was a bad night for favorites in NHL.

I expect better results tonight.

Carolina suprise lastnight against Penguins with 2-4.

I play thet game on Pittsburg and will repeat:

Penguins play very good this season..but last few games does not go so well.

In last 5 matches tehy are lost 2,both from Islanders … and then get 2 but after OT..and lose last macht against Hurricanes.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins 22 11 4 2 5 78:53 32

Carolina is not good.This season they have a lot of problems and are in a bad series. Lately not play a good game..but thet winn last game against Penguins.

14. Carolina Hurricanes 22 6 1 3 12 52:65 17

I must play again on Pittsburg..because they are so better team than Carolina and for me will be suprise if Carolina winn 2 in a row.

Pittsburg dont play very good last night..tonight i expect much better game from them. They surely want revange..Good Luck!

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